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So, where do we finish?


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Let's relax and play a simple guessing game. When the season is all over....


....in what position do we end up in the table?


....how many points?


....final goal difference?


Make your guess before the Chelsea match, please. The winner is awarded a warm, fuzzy feeling and perhaps even a congratulatory message in this thread.



My guess:


12th, 43 points, -18



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Just how big a goal was Gabby's last minute winner at Norwich on satuday? Looks like £70M now minimum. Anyway, I'll go


0-2 v Chelsea & 1-1 at Wigan yielding us one further pt  & sadly no clean sheets :(


That will leave us on 41pts & hopefully no lower than16th place.


ps- Would gratefully of snatched your hands off for that position after the Southampton & Newcastle results in January that have left the majority of us all brickin it ever since. :)

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