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Albums of the Year - 2012


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Narrowed it down to...

1. Stalking Horse - Specters

2. Future Of The Left - The Plot Against Common Sense

3. Mutiny On The Bounty - Trials

4. The Samuel Jackson Five - The Samuel Jackson Five

5. Hawk Eyes - Ideas

6. Young Empires - Wake All My Youth

7. You Slut! - Medium Bastard

8. Sleep Party People - We Were Drifting On A Sad Song

9. Poliça - Give You The Ghost

10. Islet - Illuminated People

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  • VT Supporter

i got one hip hop album this year, watch the throne, starts off brilliantly with some really good songs and then by the end of the album just turns in to songs that are moaning about the misfortunes of black people in america

in other words it went shit

I thought the same.

The good songs on that album are really really good (Otis, Murder for Excellence, Niggas in Paris etc)

But the rest are pretty meh at best.

Incidentally, I've never been much of a fan of seeing any sort of hip hop artist live. Always thought it sounds a bit shit performed live. But Jay Z at Hackney Weekend earlier this year was really good. The Throne make a significant appearance

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  • VT Supporter

Sharon Van Etten - Tramp

Diiv - Oshin

Richard Hawley - Standing on the sky's edge

That's about it for me, pretty dull year. Though, the SVE has been my most played. Beautiful album.

Need to get the Hawk Eyes and Policia album still. Will get today.

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St Etienne

going to see them in a weeks time at the Ritz in Manchester. I still far prefer their early work. Thought the new album was OK, but not fantastic.

First Aid Kit

Went to see them 2 weeks ago, also at the Ritz. Simply superb live. Vying with Isobel Campbell and Feist for Favourite gig status.

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Granted, the Scandinavian post-rock etc might be a bit on the obscure side, but Future Of The Left and Poliça most definitely aren't!

Scandinavian post-rock is certainly not in my knowledgable area. I think I stretch to Constellation records and some odd experimental Boredoms-style Japanese stuff

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Gareth, awesome list man. A lot of those I need to check out, look really interesting.

Not really digging the new Kashiwa Daisuke so I'll list some of my favs from this year.in no real order

The Gathering - Disclosure

Om - Adviatic Songs

Venn Rain - Cymatic Cymbols

Special Providence - Soul Alert

The Mountain Goats - Transcendental Youth

Mount Eerie - Clear Moon

Ilyas Ahmed - With Endless Fire

Submotion Orchestra - Fragments

Atoma - Skylight

Shrine - Somnia

Panabrite - The Baroque Atrium

Loscil - Sketches from New Brighton

Niechec - Smierc w Miekkim Futerku

Hammock - Departure Songs

Liam - MMIX

Hidden Orchestra - Archipelago

Yeah, I've been digging a lot of ambient this year.

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That Om record kicked ass. I'll have to look over what I've listened to this year, and come up with a list. Mostly I've been listening to 90s emo/art rock/hardcore ala Tintoretto, Shroomunion, Patterns Make Sunrise, et al so the stuff I've listened to this year is a bit hazy...apart from the new Kylie Minoise full length. I remember that one real good.

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Diiv - Oshin

Need to give this an honorary nod as 1) had I listened to it more/earlier, it probably would've made the list by now and 2) I wouldn't have even heard of DIIV were it not for the "what album..." thread. And it really is superb.
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