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Albums of the Year - 2012


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Ok, here are mine. And in no particular order either:

1. Koï - Maelstöm

2. Crozet - We'll Be Gone By Then

3. Let Em Riot - SlashWave

4. Efterklang - Piramida

5. Panama - It's Not Over

6. Princeton - Remembrance of Things to Come

7. Kindness - World, You Need A Change Of mind

8. Blackbird Blackbird - Boracay Planet

9. Tanlines - Mixed Emotions

10. Poliça - Give You The Ghost

These albums rocked my year..

**** hell, just gave Koï and Crozet a quick listen on their respective bandcamp pages. drooling-2.gif

Don't know whether to thank you or slap you for giving me a shopping list.

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Enjoyed Dexys return to glory album (One Day I'm Going To Soar).

Also enjoyed this year's Alabama 3 album (Shoplifting For Jesus).

Mary Epworth had a very creditable first album (Dream Life).

Got all folksy with the excellent Sam Carter (No Testament).

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