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Topless kate pictures to be revealed.


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As pervs as some of us on here are I just dont like this! SEND IN THE SAS!!

French magazine to print pics today

Palace officials say the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been left saddened their privacy has been breached by photographs that allegedly show Kate topless.

French magazine Closer says it will publish the pictures today.

Palace officials said the matter "turns the clock back 15 years" - when Diana, Princess of Wales, was still the subject of intense media scrutiny.

The magazine says the images show the Duchess topless on the terrace of a guest house.

The Duchess wore a veil on a visit to a mosque

Its website also showed an image of the front cover with the Duchess in a bikini apparently about to remove her top.

And the publication's editor, Laurence Pieau, wrote on her Twitter page: "We can say that after tomorrow's Closer, Harry will feel less alone ..."

The pictures appear to have been shot using a long-lens camera from a distance and were allegedly taken while Kate and William were on holiday in France last week.

St James' Palace has said it is consulting French lawyers.

A spokesperson said the couple are "very angered" and feel a "red line has been crossed".

The royal couple also attended an official dinner in Malaysia on Thursday

Palace officials told Sky News: "The Duke and Duchess are saddened their privacy has been breached. It's turned the clock back 15 years.

"They woke up to the story this morning (and) have seen the photos, which were taken at a private hotel by a private swimming pool."

The Duke and Duchess were staying in Provence at a chateau owned by Lord Linley, the Queen's nephew, ahead of their current Diamond Jubilee tour of south east Asia and the South Pacific on behalf of the Queen.

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She doesn't really have any boobs does she?

We wait with baited breath to find out! :winkold:

But she is painfully thin, so I wouldn't expect much. Doubt she's had any 'augmentation' either, so probably not much to see.

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Meh. Google images them. They are already there. Not really worth the fuss tbh. Unless they are running the headline "Heir to the British Crown marries pre-pubescent boy"

Move on. Quite literally, nothing to see here.

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First they chase his mother into an early grave and then they publish pictures of his wife in the buff. One might think the French were actively trying to make an enemy of the future king of England..

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