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  1. Awol

    Douglas Luiz

    ‪That’s what you call bonding with the fans, he just couldn’t contain himself. IMO he desperately wants to be part of the Villa family, not just a body in the shirt. He’s young, far from home and away from Bodymoor is probably quite isolated now Wes is in Brazil. Make him feel loved & he’ll run through walls for this team, a key player in the making as he matures and develops.
  2. Jimmy Milner as well - played his first one-two off the moon that game. Edit: Young Bazza already got his first goal against Cardiff for the under-23’s, which suggests he can mix it with the grown ups.
  3. Half a Targett, then. That’s got to be worth a punt.
  4. I like Targett, but he’s as robust as a Ming vase. Having two players equally good vying for the shirt is what we need. It’s no disrespect to Taylor and what he’s done for the club to acknowledge he’s a liability at this level. Teams have targeted him every game he’s played this season because he’s a very weak link. Before people get too sentimental just remember what these guys get paid every week to deliver the goods. What do reckon Clark’s value is?
  5. Marvellous. Older than I expected though and surprised he left Hull on a free. Must have had some good coaching!
  6. Not sure, hoping @Villan4Life will remind me when he logs on! Although I think the guy he mentioned had a British name.
  7. @Villan4Life mentioned a good young LB/LWB in the Dutch league a few weeks ago but can’t remember his name now, reckoned he was well worth a shout.
  8. Dunno what filter they used for that photo but it looks like they’ve all been living in an igloo for six months, even the black lads!
  9. In part I think it’s because when the Premier League started there was very little between us in terms of quality. They went from strength to strength and we, well, we didn’t. I appreciate them losing in almost circumstances, because deep down I’m still bitter and twisted about it.
  10. When they get a new manager in the summer who wants to do his own rebuild, maybe we can grab him. Would him back at VP in a heartbeat if he was available.
  11. You love to see it, and unthinkable not so very long ago. Few wins between now and then and maybe we can finally turn them over.
  12. Not seen any yet, waiting to plug MOTD into my veins at 10:35!
  13. Meanwhile, Ally Samatta sizes up the Leicester defence..
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