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  1. ‘Faaaamily’. He’d get mugged off by Billy Mitchell. Seed.
  2. On your first para: Travel is not immigration. I expect visa free travel between the UK and 27 so people can simply fly into Heathrow, rather than leopard crawling through the fields of South Armagh. It’s the automatic right to work that is the control mechanism, anyone visiting any country can chose to overstay illegally if they wish.
  3. Sorry, should I have said ‘provisional’ deal? Clearly the EU were satisfied in order to make ... “sufficient progress”. I appreciate that anything less than remaining in the EU will disappoint some people, particularly if they are living in the 27.
  4. Thing is staying in the single market means no control over EU immigration and no influence over the making of laws we must obey. Basically become an EU colony which is the worst possible outcome and one not even Labour are pushing. Politically that’s a dead duck.
  5. We’ve made a big show about wrangling over money, in effect simply fulfilling our moral obligation to pay out the existing commitments under the EU financial framework out to 2020. The deal on citizens is a good one and UK is committed to not establishing a hard border in Ireland - what the Irish do one their side is up to them. But... the money is conditional on UK getting what we want on trade and the 27 will now fight for their own national interests in the future relationship. Objectively we are in good shape to negotiate a good deal in phase 2, imo - however delusional you may think that is.
  6. I think the broader point is those favouring Remain are still arguing on the basis of arguments (proven or not) that failed to carry the referendum - i.e. economic. The arguments that won the referendum were about political autonomy and control (whether one agreed with them or not). To turn Brexit around those are the arguments that need to be addressed and won by Remain, not refighting lost battles with the same failed strategy. In that sense Remain aren’t even on the pitch, imo.
  7. 500,000 extra unemployed vs record levels of employment. Recession vs growth. Collapse in FDI vs increased FDI, increased manufacturing levels, all ‘despite Brexit’. At best it’s too early to call the accuracy of project fear’s predictions of doom.
  8. “The whole process is a complete disaster” Patently false.
  9. If the EU wants to cut itself from the sources of capital that keep the banking system and debt markets afloat then they won’t do a deal on financial services. If they want to maintain the Eurozone, they will. Been back about 9 months, but thanks. Bigly.
  10. No mate, every day is a celebration of our approaching independence. All on track so far as I can tell.
  11. The foresight of Remainers regarding negotiations that haven’t happened yet is equally baffling - though impressive.
  12. Ex ex-pat. North of the wall with the wildlings at the moment.
  13. What he wanted (and got) was attention. Once everyone was talking about him he rowed back within 12 hours, ludicrously denying his own words. He’s irrelevant as Chindie said the timing alone makes a second referendum pretty much impossible. It simply ain’t happening, however much a minority of political scumbags (Blair, Mandelson, Campbell, et al) might want it.