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  1. Yes, can only hope he mends well. Means more to do over summer (I’m assuming AEG is on his way regardless) but until then, a chance for young P-B to step up?
  2. Yeah, this is not a great take. JR offers a lot already with far more to come - imo.
  3. Agree with all of this except for Barkley. Davis on instead and we have a chance, happy to never see Ross in a Villa shirt again, offers less than nothing because he takes up a position that could be filled by someone with work rate. Except for one major mistake I thought Nakamaba did well again. Subbing him for Barkley was crackers. Need to find a way to hold onto top-half finish then add real quality up front this summer
  4. ‘Going forward’ not really needed in this sentence
  5. I want to give Traore a chance but he’s not offering very much at the moment.
  6. Probably should, but trying to be a bit more positive!
  7. Should have played Traore in there. This is better though
  8. Unlucky Ezri. That’s one more effort on target than I expected this half!
  9. Given the financial problems of many big teams on the continent there’s probably more value to be had from there than the Premier League. Neto, Pulisic etc are fabulous players, but if we do spend big (by our standards) on 2-3 v good additions then Europe is likely where they’ll come from. Heard various podcasts over this season saying we were after some surprisingly good targets last summer but couldn’t land them. I don’t expect our ambitions on that front to be any less this summer.
  10. Fair enough, but I’ll explain why I think the opposite: The owners persuaded Jack to stay last summer by promising to bring in players to compete at the top. The dogs in the street know our problems are now with the attacking side of the team, we need more pace, creativity and goals. It makes sense that we’ll go big on at least one winger, a 10 & a striker, more likely established players in the 23-27 yr old range who can make an immediate impact. We may be lucky and get someone like Thauvin on a free, but eg. De Paul, Tammy, Daka level players are £40M all day. It’s what
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