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  1. The UK position is that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, so they can 'agree' on a provisional figure but there won't be a commitment to pay it until HMG is satisfied with the shape of the future trading arrangements. Not 'what the EU wanted' but a realistic position for both sides. Ending the rule of the ECJ post Brexit is a showstopper on the UK side, if that is dropped it'll be because Brexit's been abandoned completely - which seems unlikely.
  2. +1. They want extra territorial authority for the ECJ in the UK, which is obviously a non-starter. Will be interesting to see what the full proposal is next Monday, until then the EUeratti are sounding off because they like to be heard.
  3. Similar approach to ethics so might work...
  4. Qatari nationals are involved in funding these groups but it's very difficult to prove whether the government is directly involved or not. The same is true of rich Conservative Muslims in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and chiefly, Saudi Arabia. The bait and switch number these countries have pulled by blaming Qatar is to distract Trump's attention from their own extensive guilt, with the corollary benefit being a potential chance to loot Qatar and stamp out an independently minded political rival. They wouldn't have embarked on this course without the nod from Trump on his recent trip (who knows what they promised him in return) but if Saudi & UAE attack Qatar it will pull in Turkey, Iran, Egypt, maybe Pakistan plus major non-regional powers. Qatar supplies half the world with natural gas which makes it a systemically significant player.
  5. They aren't meant to be accepted, it's about creating a casus belli to annex Qatar and all their lovely gas reserves. Unless Trump unambiguously reigns the Saudis & UAE back in very smartly it could easily start the biggest conflict since 1945 - and make the US the worlds primary exporter of oil.
  6. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Seems a surprising number of people think the law doesn't apply to people they deem to be undeserving. Dont want to detract from the point of this thread any further but it's been an eye opener.
  7. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Oh. You're actually serious. Wow.
  8. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Give me an example mate and let's talk about it.
  9. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    I value the rule of law, plain and simple. If you want to go after the kleptocrats, corrupt politicians and general filthy money London is swimming in then I'll hold your coat and cheer you on. Until then the law is the law and can't simply be tossed aside when 'we' (whoever that is) decide it's inconvenient. Edit: and to add the point that keeps being ignored, put them in hotels at the taxpayer's expense. The state doesn't need to seize private property.
  10. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Yes I do! By all means spend the money to put them up in hotels, or rental properties, until new permenent homes are found for them. Doesn't matter what it costs they deserve every support from the state. BUT, government screwing with private property rights is a really, really bad road to go down legally, ethically and economically. We are not Venezuela.
  11. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    We have every right, do we? Who is 'we'? This is some scary shit, exactly the kind of revolutionary socialism I've always thought Corbyn was about underneath - no respect for the law or due process, just might is right. 'We'll take your stuff* because we can'. F*** that. *note, I've got no stuff worth taking so this isn't about self interest.
  12. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    How far back are we going? The Normans, the Vikings? Saxons? Romans? You appear to be saying property rights are meaningless, or only applicable to people deemed deserving of them - by whom you don't mention, although I doubt that group of decision makers believe the same rules would apply to them. That's communism, not just common ownership of the means of production but no private property either. There's no value in repeating the same thing over and over so I'll leave it with it's all well and good to change the law, but it's not okay to simply abandon it as many people here are calling for.
  13. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    I don't know what she said, how's that relevant to the argument about not stealing private property?
  14. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Put them in hotels, don't steal people's property. It's not complicated.
  15. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    All of that is true, the authorities have f'ed up and are way behind the ball. It appears they are now trying to catch up and I hope if people are guilty of negligence they are hung out to dry. But you still can't go around confiscating people's legal property on a whim.