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  1. Awol

    Said Benrahma

    We’re going for some Barca-esque total football approach, aren’t we? Starting to look like Purslow meant what he said in those interviews about going out to win every game. By August this might be the most exciting side in my lifetime.
  2. Awol

    Said Benrahma

    **** the dog. Trezequet - Wesley - Benrahma. Imagine that...
  3. Wesley, Targett, Jota & Guilbert all looking like great business.
  4. Pretty clear from everything coming out of the club that a signing like this wouldn’t even be considered. Sturridge fails every criteria of a new recruit.
  5. Our squad is thinner than numbers suggest, but the 1st choice back four looks promising.
  6. Steer, Bree, Hause, Konsa, Targett, Hourihane, Grealish (C), O'Hare, Jota, El Ghazi, Wesley. Different team 2nd half.
  7. Bournemouth also want Butland (according to Sky report), so we might not want to fill their pockets with cash for Mings before that deal is done - assuming we are actually in for Butland.
  8. I’m saying it wouldn’t be off the table in those circumstances, all would hinge on the approach taken by Dublin - in the hypothetical and hopefully unlikely scenario that Republicans choose violence over democratic means.

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