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  1. Not been potted yet then? Well played.
  2. In terms of the market, if a player is valued at £100M+ then they’re worth the salary that goes with that valuation. In the crazy world of football that’s easily £200k pw.
  3. Yep, Deano said all along they’d have a proper look at everyone in pre-season before making final decisions. Ash Young was an opportunity signing imo, and Buendia a top target regardless. After the Bristol game I think things will start happening recruitment wise in the midfield area - and there may also be two lists of targets, one for Villa today and a Villa post-Grealish. They probably look quite different. I don’t anyone disagrees with you about getting in a new 6 either.
  4. That’s why we’ll be signing JWP. He’s the most obvious solution to our problem.
  5. Agreed, not first team ready yet but will be excellent in a few seasons time.
  6. He may leave, no question it’s possible. I don’t understand posters who somehow think that’s the end of the world, though? It’s not exactly a black swan event. We’ll have contingencies in place, players scouted, contacts made with other clubs etc. We’ll have a whole sh*t ton of money available, and so what if other clubs know? Do they think we are skint now?! It would be a shame if he goes all plastic fantastic at Citeh but meh, the owners, the structure, the coaches, it’s all in place. Villa are on our way back regardless, it’s a when not an if.
  7. No we won’t. Jack leaving would mean a substantial, expensive rebuild. Might take 5-10 games for the new lads to gel but there’s a scenario where we end up better off across the whole team.
  8. Courts have only just ruled that they have to hand over the paperwork they were withholding. That has months (at least) left to run.
  9. C’mon, can’t I do a pun just once?!
  10. Not sure, opinion is Split.
  11. Seem to remember Mings having huge fitness problems before joining us. We fixed him up pretty well.
  12. If he leaves we’re going to spend so much money rebuilding the team into a more balanced unit. If we added Bailey, Alvarez, JWP and say Bissouma to this squad we’d be a bucket load stronger than we are today, even with Jack. Either way we’ll be in good shape and chasing that Europa spot this season.
  13. Dont worry, even if he wants to go I doubt he’d pass a medical. Imagine dropping an English record £100m on a bloke with crocked legs!
  14. That thread is something else!
  15. Top sleuthing. This is all getting worse than the plane spotting though.
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