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  1. Yes we were poor, individual and team performance. But WT actual F happened at the end?? Put VAR in the bin because that was a Farking joke.
  2. All of this but the likes of Trez & Jack aren’t trying to beat their man, always looking for the pass instead of taking people on. We’re lacking aggression in attack.
  3. No signs yet. Deano needs to straighten them out at half time.
  4. No interest in talking to you until you can manage a little civility, Stefan. Cheerio.
  5. Please see my previous reply to you. I haven’t been exploited by anyone, but thanks for your concern. Anyway, there’s a bit too much friendly discussion round here for my taste. Back to the books for a while..
  6. I’ve wanted to leave the EU since the Lisbon Treaty and debated it endlessly on here long before Brexit was a thing. It’s a shame people like you can’t accept others have reasoned themselves into holding the opposite view to you without being duped. Still, at least you only called me stupid, not a fascist. That’s progress.
  7. You’re aware that the actual negotiation was conducted out of the Cabinet Office, not the Department for Exiting the European Union, right? Maybe you’re not.
  8. We disagree about a course of action. Few people on this board care about this country more than I do.
  9. You don’t need the fullstops, Stefan. I can read. The EU Withdrawal Treaty was negotiated by people who didn’t actually want to leave, hence the outcome being so bad it was defeated 3 times by historic margins. That’s not a deal, it’s a failed attempt to negotiate something acceptable to both sides. You may believe no deal now means no deal ever. I disagree.
  10. People will perform whatever mental gymnastics they choose to justify the outcome/position they prefer. What matters (to me) is we now, for the first time, have an executive determined to deliver on 2016. They may not succeed but I’m pretty chuffed someone is having a go.
  11. We’ll do a trade deal at some point, if it’s not negotiated immediately then so what? May lay down like a dog & was happy to let the EU walk all over this country. Once we are out the imperative of blocking Brexit dissolves, then we’ll have an election and the voters will decide what happens next. It’s ace.

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