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  1. Okay. So how do you rate the new boys out of 10, and the players they’re replacing? Be interested to see what you think quality looks like. Edit: To clarify that’s: Watkins Vs Samatta - Martinez Vs Nyland - Cash Vs Guilbert - Traore Vs Ghazi -
  2. We’ve already improved 4 of 11 starting positions, Rashica/Sarr and Barkley/RLC makes that 6 new first team players. A bit of expectation management is needed if you don’t see that as a superb window.
  3. Bargain. Disappointed we didn’t look at this, especially for that money.
  4. Two things I believe are true: @Villan4Life can pick a player, years of evidence for that on this board. Drogba was an absolute beast of a striker, sublime even. I can’t name many in the Prem era who were better.
  5. Awol

    Ross Barkley

    Like asking whether you’d prefer oral from Mia Khalifa or Jesse Jane. You’re winning either way.
  6. Sky are agenda driven arse merchants who shouldn’t be taken seriously about anything, especially since they got involved directly in the betting markets. I think there’s a very good chance Rashica will be a Villa player by the end of the window, and I don’t think we’ll be rushing to do business with Werder again any time soon.
  7. Awol

    Ross Barkley

    As raised many times by others, Milner played for us a few hours before his move. I wouldn’t read too much into it mate.
  8. If we land those two it will have been an incredible window. Rashica——Watkins——Traoré Grealish———Luiz———Barkley Targett—Mings—Konsa——Cash ——————Martinez————— That’s a serious team with a few decent options on the bench. To think we could’ve easily gone down...
  9. Bugger. Only reason I can see us not going for him is he’d be competing with Luiz for a start in the DCM role if we’re playing 4-3-3.
  10. Birmingham Mail says so? Pukka gen info then...
  11. Yeah. @AvfcRigo82 said the terms with the player were sorted in August. If Milot’s agent is pulling a fast one then we should spend the money on Liam Neeson to sort it out, he’s good with Balkan criminals.
  12. At least we can stop worrying about a deal being done while VT is down!
  13. Traoré looks like he’ll bring a lot to the first XI, Watkins is class and Ramsey is developing nicely. Good to see Steer back and looking capable. We know the limitations of some squad/fringe players, but shouldn’t mention them out of politeness and loyalty.
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