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  1. Evans also claiming (same article) that we are not looking at Brooks in this window.
  2. Now Bournemouth in for him too - Gregg Evans via Villareport *spit*
  3. Just heard Mark Drakeford the Welsh FM tell BBC R4 that they are spreading out distribution of their Pfizer vaccine supply.... so the vaccinators don’t run out and have nothing to do. The level of sheer bovine stupidity would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. Bloke needs locking up to protect the public from him.
  4. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    Although the declassification was strange I can’t help but think it was an effort to keep Biden ‘honest’ and not step back, but it’s been a bipartisan issue up to now. In terms of the substance of the strategy I was impressed, though it’s very ambitious. US allies in the region should definitely feel reassured - again, if there’s no course change. Russia is a regional problem, but China wants to flip the table and reorder the world according to CCP rules - an order of magnitude worse. The business with Hunter B will be interesting, assuming DOJ/FBI don’t quietly shelve it once
  5. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    Might be worth an email to your MP if anyone has a spare 5 mins during lockdown. UK needs to be lobbying to get this reversed immediately:
  6. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    “...with the finest slave labour”
  7. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    Don’t know if he’s doing that, but China is the one thing his administration has consistently got right from day one. The Dems are unlikely to change much at all on that front.
  8. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    @villakramYou'll enjoy the cutting honesty of the full book review.. Linky
  9. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    Unbelievable Jeff! Cruz must be bricking it (he’s gotta be involved).
  10. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    Yes all true, but a slightly different context. The to-and-fro was about whether the (US) military has the discretion not to obey (legal) orders given by their commander in chief, including using the nuclear. In that situation then not doing so is itself illegal, specifically, mutiny. The line separating the exercise of judgement and mutiny is legality.
  11. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    Like the former British Generals who run to the papers about how short of kit the army is - after retiring. When they’re still in uniform it’s ‘yes, Prime Minister’, ‘cos that’s the job.
  12. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    It’s never happened, except for that time it happened. Cool. Again though, if it’s such a non-subject we might ask why Pelosi floated the idea of mutiny to address it. With Mad Mitch and Liz Cheney now going for him it’ll be very interesting to see if they can get Trump out before the 20th. He’s more than outlived his usefulness to the establishment R party, but this won’t save it. Dem voters hate them for enabling, the MAGA crowd will hate them for folding. What goes around...
  13. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    A good summary of a scenario in conventional conflict, not US command authority for the release of nuclear weapons - well summarised by Chindie a few pages ago. You’re factually wrong about the detail, but right that the reality terrifies people - though perhaps not as terrifying as the idea of ‘kinks’ in the chain of command when it comes to nuclear weapons. Part of their deterrent effect is the certainty of the process to respond on the other side. Back on thread - that’s what makes Pelosi’s intervention so egregious.
  14. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    Welcome to every professional armed forces on earth.
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