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  1. Where’s this intensity been for the last 90 minutes?
  2. Awol

    Racism Part two

    Really? Your life chances in this country are based on money, not ethnicity. I don’t know how to saying any clearer than that.
  3. Awol

    Racism Part two

    Not naive, I know we’re not on the same page most of the time but I don’t start from a position of bad faith - not with you at any rate. I see this as part of something much bigger than 15 seconds of whatever, but as part of an attempt to delegitimatise anything and everything of which the present moment disapproves. Philosophically I see that as profoundly misguided and dangerous. And, truth be told, l’m still boiling inside at seeing that cretin trying to set fire to the union flag on the Cenotaph last weekend. Not enough to still resist getting involved, but angry beyond words.
  4. Awol

    Racism Part two

    Fair to say we disagree about this on such a basic level there’s nothing to be gained by going back and forth. I think everyone, whatever their background, deserves a fair shot. The real determinant of that isn’t the colour of their skin, it’s the content of their parents’ wallet. You’re buying what BLM Is selling, I’m not. Ciao for now.
  5. Awol

    Racism Part two

    Indirectly they have. A small number of far-left activists and outright race grifters have been given licence to act like animals because of it. The BBC and the rest of the wokerati have gleefully jumped on board in a frenzy of censorship. Anyone offended by John Cleese parody of British neurosis about WW2 can just do one. It’s pathetic.
  6. Awol

    Racism Part two

    I’m glad to hear it. Do you think pulling shows from Little Britain to Fawlty Towers is a calm, measured response to a guy being murdered by police 4000 miles away? How far does it need to go before people pause and say, “well, I’m against slavery and murder but I can’t support cancelling Poirot”?
  7. No, I consider him to be a neo-fascist. That why I called him one in this thread today. He should probably be in prison, and by Monday he probably will be. Hooray for that. Edit: and statues are part of the cultural milieu that constitutes our history, for good or ill.
  8. Awol

    Racism Part two

    Slavers to Gladstone, Gladstone to Baden-Powell, to Ant and Dec, the Inbetweeners and now Fawlty Towers.. In less than a week. This is absolute genius and the people backing it should get free ‘I love Boris’ t-shirts. They’re pulling him out of the biggest hole a government ever dug itself. Clown world.
  9. Do us a favour, please quote the post where anyone in this thread has advocated Tommy Robinson and his mates turning up anywhere and doing anything? I’ve seen plenty of people calling him a fascist but no one suggesting what you’ve just written.
  10. If you’re a fan of the great man’s book then here’s one for you: ‘Every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered.Books rewritten. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.' Can probably be seen on quite a few shaving mirrors in the morning if you look hard enough.
  11. Yes, but it’s easy to understand. People who formerly thought themselves to be centrist or centre-left cantered off merrily to the far-left in pursuit of Corbynism. From that position the centre-right now looks like the right, and the right looks like the far-right. That’s how you reach the mental frame where anyone objecting to wanton vandalism or destruction of historical monuments can be called Fascists. It’s how you go from slave-traders to Baden-Powell via Gladstone in 48 hours without missing a beat, or even realising how far-left fringe you’ve become. Then you can hypothesise about other posters being on a political journey to the dark-side without a hint of irony or self-awareness. It’s hilarious.
  12. You’re not reading properly, old son. I didn’t say all left-wingers were violently aggressive, same as not all right-wingers are dribbling Nazis. Both are at the extremes of their relative political persuasion.
  13. Awol

    U.S. Politics

    ‘Terrorist Organisation’ is a lazy and unhelpful label for any militant group. Antifa is a decentralized, revolutionary movement seeking the overthrow of capitalism by violent means. Terrorism is a tactic and Antifa certainly use it, But it is not in and of itself an an objective.
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