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  1. I’d take Axel off and bring Bailey on at halftime if it stays like this.
  2. Awol

    Wesley Moraes

    Agree with all that, but (to my shame) I’d take some satisfaction if Mee got physically ruined in a tackle - preferably injuring himself while trying to wreck another career. Horrible, horrible ****.
  3. Awol

    The Royal Family

    Meanwhile HM orders the US national anthem to be played by the Guards Band at Windsor Castle to mark the anniversary. Stay classy Rudy, you f****** goblin.
  4. No, and although it’s early days yet it maybe puts our expectations for some of them as Villa 1st teamers in waiting into perspective. A few might get there, but one or two per crop making it is probably a good return.
  5. Their fans on Twitter saying Ipswich signed some players after the loan was agreed who they didn’t expect to land. That’s limited his opportunities further unfortunately. He’d get more out of training at BMH with the squad than sitting on their bench, if he doesn’t break through before then hopefully we can get him to a different club in Jan.
  6. Awol

    Tyrone Mings

    Mings in front of Martinez is safer than Mings in front of Steer. He’s had a howler today no doubt, but he’ll be better next week. If we’re relying on Steer for 6 or more games this season then it’s going to cost us.
  7. Agree, cannot understand how fans view the same performance so differently. McGinn, Luiz and Cash were fantastic
  8. Luiz, Cash, JJ, McGinn all played brilliantly for me, 8/10. Ings did nothing wrong but couldn’t get into it, Bailey showed some skills but the game was gone by the time he came on, same for Bertie. Konsa played well, Axel not as well, Mings with one to forget ASAP. Too casual in possession, again. I’ll be glad to see Martinez back next Saturday, and hopefully someone will find Watkins’ shooting boots before then (the rest of his game was good, think he needs a goal to settle him down). Deano set us up well and can’t hold him responsible for careless individual errors.
  9. Lukaku clinical, great player. Atwell should never ref again. Night and day between 1st and 2nd half for us, the Mings howler dropped our heads and JJ going off transformed our midfield solidity - badly. Lots of positives though
  10. Feels like we’ve lost some urgency after the second goal. Haven’t got that zip anymore
  11. Played boys, that was a great half and we’re crazy unlucky not to at least be drawing. I’d love to see Bailey at some point but don’t want to mess with this formation. What to do?
  12. Don’t think Ollie is quite on it yet, but it’s coming
  13. Loving Dougie today, the midfield 3 are really at it
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