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  1. Sshhhh. You mustn’t disturb people when they’re catastrophizing: No-deal Brexit: 'Nothing is going to happen' at Dover and Calais, insists head of French ports  'If both sides do their homework, traffic will be completely fluid,' says the man in charge of Calais ”Dover and Calais will continue to work smoothly after Brexit, according to man in charge of the French Channel ports, who described concerns about the crossing as "bullshit".” But we’re all doomed. Apparently.
  2. Here you go then, from diabetes.co.uk - the experts as it were.. This is called business continuity planning - just in case “People with diabetes that rely on insulinare being reassured that contingency plans are in place, should a no-deal Brexit go ahead.Diabetes UK report that all three main insulin manufacturers – Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi – have confirmed they are keeping additional supplies.The charity confirms all three pharmaceutical firms have gone "beyond the recommendations made by the government" and are stockpiling at least 16 weeks' worth of insulin.” Note, this is a ‘just in case’ measure, over and above the government’s own recommendations.
  3. The doctor who it was later revealed is an active Remain campaigner? No wonder he was invited by May’s administration to contribute. Doctor in row with Jacob Rees-Mogg is Remain campaigner who hates Boris Johnson, social media posts reveal
  4. Oh Stefan. It was confirmed months ago by the manufacturers that there’ll be no disruption to insulin supplies, or any other meds for that matter. Unfortunately Remainer extremists (note, they’re a small but very vocal minority) continue to try and terrify the public by peddling this nonsense, just to achieve their political goals. They’re deeply sick people deserving of our sympathy, & probably some professional help.
  5. Anyone who really thinks we’re going to run out of food and medicine post Brexit should probably seek help when crossing the road. If I didn’t think Brexit was better long term for the country I wouldn’t support it.
  6. Whilst rooting for the death on mass of your fellow citizens, have you ever paused and thought “wow, am I psychotic?” I’m guessing not, but maybe you should.
  7. This is simply wrong, as the many compiled videos of leading figures on both sides saying that’s what leaving meant, demonstrate. I can’t be arsed to have a 3 year old argument with you though, so knock yourself out.
  8. This is such a caricature. By all means have another referendum, after the promise to implement the result of the first one has been delivered. Also what leaving meant was clear: out of the customs union, the single market and ECJ jurisdiction. I’m quite happy to accept that’s a process rather than an event, but it still has to be delivered. If politicians are allowed to chin-off the result of one nationwide democratic vote b/c they don’t like it, the fundamental damage it will cause to faith in the entire system can’t be taken back. I realize some people think that’s a price worth paying, I think they’re profoundly & dangerously wrong.
  9. On the whole I think the public did that in 2016, it’s the politicians who refuse to do so. Jo Swinson for example, has said that even if Remainers lost a second referendum she still wouldn’t accept the result. Without the losers consent democracy simply cannot work, b/c it makes a mockery of the entire process.
  10. Take your point, but having now renegotiated a deal (despite all supposedly informed commentary to the contrary) if it's then blocked by Parliament I reckon he can build a winning campaign on that. Parliament Vs the People has been Cummings strategy all along. With the Jews best mate leading the opposition I think Johnson has a very good chance. The SNP are gagging for a GE too so I think he’ll get the numbers for it.
  11. The EU can’t block the HoC sovereignty, neither can the Benn Act can’t instruct the EU in what to do. Only the UK government can negotiate international treaties, our MPs think otherwise but they are wrong - as the EU well knows.
  12. Very possibly. I can’t see our Remain Parliament passing any form of deal. Will likely take a GE now to get to a resolution, but even then it’s not guaranteed unless Johnson gets a majority.
  13. I don’t think that’s correct - but haven’t read the 64 page pdf yet! It seems that: 1) NI stays in UK customs union, so benefits from future UK trade deals with RoW. 2) NI continues to apply EU rules and regs that ensure no hard border in Ireland. 3) Every four years Stormont gets the chance to opt out of EU alignment by a simple majority vote - meeting the consent mechanism & democratic legitimacy in NI. The problem with 3 is not meeting the double majority required for constitutional change in NI under the GFA, so it may fall under legal challenge anyway. Conclusion: dunno yet.
  14. If you prefer. Fact is May said the withdrawal agreement couldn’t be reopened. So did Brussels, Dublin, Paris & Berlin. Not only has it been reopened but the backstop has been removed which the same bunch of people said could never happen. I don’t like Johnson either, he’s a giant bell. But, he’s done the things that for last two years we’ve all been told couldn’t be done. That’s pretty good going, posh boy or not.
  15. I don’t really care what he believes in his heart of hearts, it’s not a theological test. The simple fact is he led the Leave campaign, won the referendum, became PM & now has a deal that - at the least - removed the backstop. Objectively that’s a pretty good effort.
  16. You’re ahead of me mate, do you have a link to the treaty text?
  17. As the bloke who led the Leave campaign I think it’s fair to classify him as a Leaver.
  18. Not read it yet so can’t offer an informed opinion, but it’s interesting that points that could never be negotiated or removed, like the backstop, clearly have been - confirmed by Barnier. That’s the difference between having a Remainer and a Leaver as PM.
  19. It’s going to get interesting on Saturday. The anti no-dealers will have to out themselves as anti any-dealers. Reckon it’ll be voted down, extension applied for then a GE with clear, unambiguous positions. Corbyn already saying Labour won’t vote for it - despite not having seen it!
  20. Russia is more interested in what’s offshore than onshore - the eastern Med’ is floating on natural gas. If properly developed those fields could offer Europe a viable strategic alternative to Russian supplies, reducing Moscow’s leverage over Germany in particular. Not surprising that Putin’s very keen to either control the project, or act as a spoiler for it if necessary.
  21. Pity the coup against him failed, as quite a few people mentioned at the time. Reuters reporting Erdogan’s latest threats in a televised speech this morning. Apparently if Europe continues to label Turkey’s invasion of Syria as an invasion, he will open the border and drive more Syrian refugees into Europe. Meanwhile the Iranians are mulling sending 1000’s of security force personnel into Iraq to quell the anti-government demonstrations. NE Syria (& our Kurdish partners) are the nexus around which that whole theatre pivots. It effects Iran, Iraq, Turkey & Syria directly. The fact Trump did this after a chat with Erdogan, who has sought & gained Putin’s consent, tells you everything. Bad ju ju.
  22. Media not a great source for this stuff & it’s also pretty difficult for Western governments to admit having built up the loss of the Caliphate as terminal for ISIS. They began preparing a return to waging insurgency even before Mosul was retaken. ISIS are in it for the long haul & maintain support because the underlying social factors that enabled their rise (corruption, political sectarianism etc) remain unchanged in Iraq & Syria. If you fancy digging into it google the Institute for the Study of War, they do great work tracking what’s really happening.
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