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  1. Quick question, if I brought a second hand copy off a mate, would I still be able to play ultimate team? Just with no starting packs? How would it work?
  2. How are you by the way mate? Long time no speak! Agreed, we’ve got IMO the best players on paper (not necessarily the best team) in the league, however the players you need to get out this league will not keep you in the Prem and vice versa
  3. I’m saying I DONT think we’re anywhere near ready for the Prem, if we do go up then 80% of the playing staff are not good enough even to survive in that league
  4. I don’t think we should mate, because not being settled and prepared for the Prem is a fruitless quest imo
  5. I know what your saying mate, I really do!! And half of me agrees! But what I’m trying to say, is all the chopping and changing not going to make things worse? I’m asking the question mate?! Personally I think the ‘quick fix’ approach will not pay dividends in the long run! I know we all long to be back in the big time, but if it’s only for a season then what’s the point?? We will not go down under Bruce, but when we eventually get back up, he & half the playing staff are sadly NOWHERE near good enough to keep us in that division!!
  6. Just to confirm, I’m NOT saying he’s as good as Maldini, just that your footballing brain can buy you 2 yards, regardless of age
  7. Physical attributes aside, he is a mile ahead of anything in this league!! I know it’s cliche, but he’s 2 passes ahead of everyone!! Not comparing him to Maldini, but as footballing brains go, he’s heading in that direction
  8. Premier League quality...just massively short of match fitness! When on his game, he should/will be head and shoulders above anything else in the league!! Massive signing for a struggling Championship club!!!
  9. I would rather stick with for 1 more year and get prepared to go up, than shuffle and change things to rush up and get made to look like arseholes....AGAIN!!! Were bigger & better than being a yo-yo team surely?!?!
  10. Can’t disagree with feck all of this post! Sums football fans in general up! Well said Adam
  11. The lad had scouts from Real Madrid & Inter Milan come to watch him before his first ACL....sadly, he will never live up to what was expected
  12. Yes Hatton was mate, I agree. Not calling a winner as I loved Hatton...but feck me that would have been pure aggression...would have been an amazing fight!!! Or Hatton v GGG (toe-to-toe in the centre of the ring and knock feck out of each other!!)
  13. I know that's what you meant about the body shots mate. Canelo was always going to be a cash cow for someone! Turning pro that young with that amount of promise...he was always going to have a Don King type in his ear. Tell you what I would have loved to have seen....Canelo v Hatton!!!
  14. I think Matthew Macklin would disagree! I hear what your saying and agree GGG has fought whoever was 'next in line' where as Canelo maybe got blinded by the $$$, however as you say he has still fought and beat some decent opponents, I love both their styles (very similar) but for some reason have always been a Canelo fan, either way it's going to be a proper scrap!! Can't wait!!
  15. Canelo will beat GGG imo (I hope), they both have awesome power and aggressive with it! But anyone who has the balls and skill to turn pro at 15 years old deserves a monster amount of credit!!
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