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Premier League 2012/13 Top 10 Final Table Predictions


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1] Manchester United

2] Manchester City

3] Chelsea

4] Arsenal

5] Liverpool

6] Tottenham Hotspur

7] Everton

8] Newcastle United

9] Sunderland

10] Southampton

Villa - 12th

Relegated - Reading, Wigan, Stoke

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It is still early days but I don't see Newcastle finishing top six. I think they will be scrapping with us, Everton, Fulham, Sunderland, QPR and Stoke for the top ten places.

I have a feeling Southampton and Reading will do quite well this year.

I hope West Ham struggle and realistically Norwich, West Brom and Wigan might be relegated.

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Bottom 4


West Ham



I'll drive to your house and hand you £50 if we finish 17th this season.

Just dont want to get carried away, we have had 2 very poor seasons, rather be proved wrong than right.

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