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  1. If City wins it doesn't matter, there's no achievement in what they do. It's just a write off
  2. Will still be played as Nations League is a tournament on it's own, not just a euro qualifier. It's the lower divisions that teams might drop out of the play offs as those are to settle qualification spots for the euros.
  3. rosenthal

    Ørjan Nyland

    Joined at 40, was solid and kept his place for a season and a half until Lloris took over. Retired at age 44, said he had no issue with still playing games, but that it was tough for his body to throw himself around daily at the training ground.
  4. in stead of transfer fee to Schalke there'll be a sign on fee to agent and player - thought to be £14m So if Zaha come complaining, they could still point to Meyer earning less than him.
  5. You can still do outgoing transfers while under an embargo. Anything else would be unfair and damaging to players at said club. However, often clubs with transfer embargo will not sell players as they have no opportunity to replace them.
  6. That's the choice he make these days. Will it be 2-3 months or 2-3 years.
  7. Size of the fee probably not as important in their discussions as how much is up front.
  8. If he goes Spurs, he'll get England caps in the fall.
  9. England will look bad on paper, but maybe there'll be a balanced motivated unified team there for once.
  10. Don't forget that they played more games back then too, Shearer was slightly ahead in overall goal ratio at same age as Kane, but he had never hit that 1 goal per game ratio Kane now is on and never did. If Kane have two more seasons after this with the level he's been at then he'll have equalled Shearer's peak years as far as goals goes. Kane: 2014/15 21yo 34 - 21 2015/16 22yo 38 - 25 2016/17 23yo 30 - 29 (best season goal ratio ever in the Premier League history) 2017/18 24yo 9 - 8 Shearer: 1991/92 21yo 41 - 13 1992/93 22yo 21-16 1993/94 23yo 40 - 31 1994/95 24yo 42 - 34 Also worth to mention that one of Alan Shearer's records are about to fall coming months. He hold the most Premier League goals scored in a calendar year, 36 goals back in 1995. Spurs have 12 games left in 2017, Harry Kane need 7 to equal Shearer, 8 to take the record for himself. Two greats of the game though, no doubt about it.
  11. He need to keep his current performance level. But as a goal scorer he's so far the best the Premier League has seen with the highest goal ratio of them all - english and foreign. Michael Owen actually never scored 20 in a league season. Kane comes off 21, 25, 29. And with 8 so far might very well go past 30 if he can stay fit this season. Will be interesting to see what kind of tournament he'll have with England next summer.
  12. Will take him 5 years imo, then Shearer's PL record after 8 or so.
  13. The 21 he played last season probably, he's after all only recently hit form this season after many months with injury 97% pass completion first half, 20% more than Henderson
  14. A Spurs fan will know that England need Harry Winks far more than Dele Alli.
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