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  1. It's amazing how many times we've seen words to this effect posted in this forum in the last 4 weeks and yet ... ! True but we'll see...
  2. It would surprise me if this deal happened. I know Southampton have been signing defenders but I can't see it being to replace Fonte. Especially as he is their skipper. It would certainly give us more options tactically. Richards to RB for example. If it DID happen, I think he'd become only the second Portuguese player to ever play for us, after Fernando Nelson. Pointless stat to some people I'm sure but whatever!
  3. For 6 million I think we done well. Benteke is obviously a beast in the air but so is Rudy. If we can supply the crosses he'll win his fair share of headers that's for sure. People talk about Rhodes but Rudy played less games and scored more goals than him last season. I'm not expecting him to score 20+ goals this season but I think he'll definitely hit 12-15 if he plays regularly and has decent enough service, which would be great for his first season at this level. I do think 6 million will prove to be a bargain. Chant idea (apologies if it's been said already) Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy oooooooooohhhhh Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy oooooooooohhhhh Simple enough chant that I can see people getting behind
  4. Yeah, he was ridiculous! By far the best player I've played against in regards to aerial stuff. I noticed he was on a veteran rank. I think you have to be level 30 to achieve that? I thought we were having some decent games until that happened
  5. In more ways then one Absolutely!
  6. Ronda Rousey That woman is amazing
  7. Yeah, he shocked me too. The only reason he got the first Barao fight was because higher ranked guys were either injured or already in an upcoming fight. Talk about making the most of your opportunities! When the first Barao Vs Dillashaw fight got announced I was like WHAT!?! DILLASHAW!?! SERIOUSLY!?! I honestly couldn't believe Dillashaw was getting a title shot. I remember seeing TJ being on Bisping's team on a TUF series in 2011 or 2012. He lost the finale to John Dodson. Maybe if he did go down to flyweight he would want to try and avenge that defeat. It also wouldn't surprise me to see Dodson move up to bantamweight to challenge TJ, considering the TUF finale between them was bantamweight. There is pretty much nobody else after that so I think it's inevitable that TJ goes to featherweight eventually, whether he's still bantamweight champion or not.
  8. Judging by his Twitter account, I'd say he's happy to be here...
  9. I think he needs to move up to featherweight tbh. He will be small for the division but is definately good enough to be a major contender....and its where all the fun is atm! What a great card it was too. From what I have heard from TJ in past interviews, if he was to move division then there is more chance of him going down a division to fight Mighty Mouse than going up to featherweight. He probably knows he'll be too small for featherweight, as you said.
  10. Let's be honest. This tournament isn't going to happen is it
  11. I don't know if this picture has already been posted today because I can't be bothered to go back through more than three previous pages but here is his Tottenham record under Sherwood. I doubt many would be complaining if he can produce these sort of numbers for us.
  12. It is good to see him back looking sharp and scoring goals. He has definitely been putting a shift in, defensively too. He dropped back and won the ball a few times tonight. Great effort.
  13. It's really pleasing to see Kozak back looking sharp and scoring goals. He works hard for the team, defensively too. I was impressed at how many times he was dropping back and putting challenges in. Fair play to him!
  14. Yeah, I try to see what my opponent is doing too. If we are both boosting towards the ball and I think my opponent is going to get there at the same time as me I usually tend to do a little jump just as I'm about to get to the ball and 99% of the time the ball will go nowhere near your own goal. It is also dependant on what vehicle you are using as well though.
  15. I just hope AVTV is working properly tonight!!!
  16. I'm up for playing tonight from 10 ish, if anyone wants to invite me...
  17. TJ Dillashaw made Barao look like an amateur. The fact that Barao is 33-3 with 2 of those 3 being losses to TJ, it just shows how good TJ is now! I have no idea who TJ fights next though! Dominick Cruz is injured. Raphael Assuncao is injured. Him and Faber won't fight each other. Eddie Wineland lost last night. Who does that leave? Michael McDonald. A man that TJ would run through. Unless he decides to wait for Cruz or Assuncao. Also, I'm not exactly jumping for joy at the thought of seeing Rousey Vs Tate for the third time. They need to get the Cyborg situation sorted out!
  18. When did you watch Lorient then? I'd say I seen them play roughly 8-10 times last season. I also saw him play for Sochaux and Marseille before that. Not to mention watching Ayew play numerous times for Ghana over the last few years. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say I've seen him play about 30 games in total. That is more than enough time to judge a player. As a striker, I can't see it. As a wider player, maybe. I am always willing and hoping to be proven wrong if we sign him though!
  19. I'm really hoping that there is nothing to it and it is just rumours! I honestly don't think he'd be anywhere near good enough for what we need! I'm hearing different rumours that we've bid £7 million, £8 million or even £12 million. Talk about wasting money!!! Good business for his current club though as they only paid £3 million for him last summer I think Another thing, even if we do sign him and he does alright, he's another player that we'd lose during the African Cup Of Nations! I like to think that I'm a good judge of a player and from what I have seen of him, I am 100% against this signing for the sort of money being mentioned
  20. After reading what Hogan said, WWE had no other choice really. I bet Curtis Axel is gutted...
  21. I'll be on tonight. Around 9.30 I reckon. If there are not enough people on to start the tournament games I'm happy to team up with whoever to play against randoms online instead. Feel free to add me (robertevansdj) If your PSN is different from your VT username, please mention VT in the friend request. Cheers
  22. I played against Ingram and Wainy in a 2 v 1 Game 1 - I won 7-0 Game 2 - I won 6-4 Trimpong/PongRiddims, if you're any good at this game I fancy our chances Great video, Gareth Also, for when we get this tournament started, I'm available to play after 9pm most days
  23. It should be a fun tournament. FWIW, I hit platinum on this game last night. I'm not really a big time trophy hunter but it was a very easy platinum to achieve! I'm not amazing at it but I'd say I'm ok. I looked at my online stats and I have about 270 goals from about 350 shots. Considering the game sometimes counts a shot when it actually wasn't a shot, I'd say those stats are not too bad.
  24. robertevansdj If people add me can you please include that your from VT as I don't normally accept requests if I don't know who it is. Cheers
  25. Really fun game this is! (stating the obvious, I know!) I've just been reading back through the last few pages of this. If you still need any players for the group/league that you're trying to sort out then I'm up for getting involved. Just let me know and I'll provide the necessary people with my PSN name
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