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The Mon-Pardew Beef


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Alan Pardew has refuted claims his Newcastle staff visited the referee's room at half-time of their tempestuous derby against Sunderland.

The match finished 1-1 after a late Newcastle equaliser, while Sunderland were reduced to nine men as tempers flared - not least between the two managers.

Lee Cattermole's dismissal was just one of the flashpoints in a feisty affair and sparked some inflammatory words from Martin O'Neill.

The Black Cats boss said: "Possibly in mitigation we had heard that some of their staff had visited the referee's changing room at half-time.

"Of course, we are not party to what was said, but Lee's mitigating circumstance was that he felt a lot of decisions had gone Newcastle's way in the second half."


But Pardew, whose goalkeeping coach Andy Woodman was dismissed at half-time after a spat with Sunderland fitness coach Jim Henry, insists those claims are inaccurate.

"I can tell you that's completely untrue," said the Newcastle boss.

"None of our staff was allowed in the referee's room. No-one tried to enter it and no-one entered their dressing room.

"I heard that rumour and it's not right."

It was a game that had everything - one penalty scored, another missed, eight yellow cards, two red cards on the pitch and a third in the tunnel, a last-gasp equaliser and repeated confrontations between the respective benches.

So it is perhaps unsurprising that both managers had their own unique take on events.

Pardew added: "Listen, let's not all get carried away here. This has been a great game of football.


"What happens on the bench sometimes gets out of hand, silly things are said. It happens all the time and you just get on with it.

"I have never done that before. It just goes to show that the pressure of the game can get to even the oldest of managers like myself. I was feeling like 58 today rather than 50."

While Pardew may have been aged by the experience, his counterpart O'Neill claimed to have revelled in the intensity of the battle.

O'Neill added: "It was everything that people had told me about, everything, absolutely everything.

"Hostility, which I am kind of used to - that's even from my own fans - fervour, everything, everything.

"In a perverse sort of way, I was enjoying it - it had to be really perverse - but there was obviously disappointment at the end."

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whats everyone opinion? mon is not my number one fan but i found pardews behavaiour pathetic. getting a penalty then running up to mon and his team and going come on is a bit stupid and childish. i swear he did that against wenger years ago at west ham.


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pardew was right to moan about how sunderland were smashing them off the park, wrong in the way he did it and also worng because his team happily joined in, right in the way he tried to put it to bed, MONs wrong for trying to make an issue of it now but i can see why he is trying to defend his player

cattermole is a word removed and could have gone in the 1st minute

but the rags will jump all over this and make it more than it is, from what i could tell from the interviews last night both managers had put it bed

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"None of our staff was allowed in the referee's room. No-one tried to enter it and no-one entered their dressing room."

The second sentence contradicts the first one. You wouldn't know you weren't allowed in unless you had tried to.

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Pardew is a prick.

I'm not entirely sure why either. This Newcastle side aside, he's hardly covered his career in glory. But you can really tell he's absolutely full of himself.

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Pardew is a prick no question, funny that he has forgotten his touchline bust up with Wenger.

Reading the title of this thread just makes me wish that O'Neill's name was O'Toole, that will make no sense unless you watch Celebrity Juice.

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I don't like MON, but I would definitely of lamped Pardew there.

I liked the way MON manoeuvred the 4th official to make sure he was in-between himself and Pardew.

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what a prick pardew is, surely he can be charged with inciting crowd violence? players get booked for celebrating infront of oposition fans and removing shirts, yet his gonna get away with doing something like that, what sort of example does it set?

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