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  1. You know how this works. You post the picture and the VT artists will sort you out a treat.
  2. Much respect to whoever it was at Waterstones that put this window display together.
  3. choffer

    The Film Thread

    Working from home today. Didn’t get much done this morning as I was watching this. It really struck me how much I missed the show and the characters in it so I loved watching El Camino but I think I need to watch it again as I was all too excited to work out if it’s any good. Felt like a longer episode rather than a film but still loved it.
  4. As if arresting 91 year olds isn’t enough, they’re now hassling molluscs.
  5. The absolute racket that is Industry Awards. You pay to nominate yourself, you book a table at the awards dinner and then there's normally a one in three chance that you scoop an award. Absolute nonsense. Our marketing team are currently being lauded for landing three awards at a recent "ceremony". They're like the cats that got the bloomin' cream. The fact that they were the only nominees in one of the categories and that one of the other awards was for a social media campaign that literally nobody in the business had even heard of is of no concern to them. Evidently they are experts in marketing themselves. Tosspots.
  6. I'm familiar with the concept of a DP but a triple?!?
  7. Why don't you decide to still be his best man but because it's for your benefit, rather than his? Make the day about you rather than him. (And I don't mean shag the bride).
  8. Only if you're pfe. Wait, this is @lapal_fan we are talking about, innit? Everything is pfe.
  9. Such a shame you posted this so late, Mr P. We’ve just booked the Dog and Duck in Lambeth for 2pm.
  10. It made me laugh that he genuinely said "put wor boots on" during the post-match interview on 5Live yesterday.
  11. I got all excited for a minute as I've wanted a dog for ages and it had never occurred to me to get a dog-sitter every day. A quick google suggested it'd cost me around £700 a month in dog-sitting. I guess I'll wait until I win the lottery then.
  12. Would be interested in a London-based meet-up if there was sufficient interest.
  13. A friend of mine gave up last night. It’s a decision he is not in a position to change his mind on. However bleak it may seem, however hopeless, ending your life is not a reversible decision. There is help, even in what seems an impenetrably hopeless situation.
  14. I find it genuinely staggering that anyone would need a coordinated campaign to know that he is a lying toad of a man. The fact he still has people in his thrall in this country astounds and disappoints me in equal measure.
  15. I just came here to post exactly that, @snowychap. The sheer mendacity of that man is staggering.
  16. Same for most of the South Sea Islands. It really is disgusting how many of their best young players are poached to go play in other countries to qualify for that nation. For every Tuilagi, there are hundreds of others brought over and then cast aside if they don’t quite make the grade. Young lives ruined and home nations negatively impacted.
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