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Who is the best front man?


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Ok then...How about Nikki Sixx?

Never listened to anything he's done, so I'm not qualified to comment.

Nikki Sixx ?

Are bass players considered front men now ?

I have to agree with whoever knocked back the Liam Gallagher idea. As boring front men go he'd be a winner

Far enough he wasnt a front man, but he certainly had presence on stage.

On the Gallagher thing, its not all about jumping round a stange making a specticle of yourself. He had an aura about him that no-one in England could touch for a decade.

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Chris Martin


On a serious note, it's difficult. Kurt Cobain and Morrissey for me. Morrissey in particular made being very uncool cool without trying to do it... and (AFAIK) completely changed the meaning of what a "rock star" was.

But then Jagger was awesome too...

Matt Bellamy too...

Oh i dont know...

I can tell you who the worst is.... Dave **** Grohl... why on earth did he leave his drumkit?

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Kurt Cobain and Morrissey for me.

I thought Cobain was pretty static and uninteresting when I saw them to be honest, maybe he was having an 'off' night.

Morrissey I agree with though, he was superb.

I'll chuck a vote Nick Caves way. The guy has presence and stage persona in spades. Same goes for Henry Rollins, awesomely intimidating on-stage and one of the nicest guys you could meet off it.

Someone else mentioned Chuck D, for me the double act with him and Flav (in their pomp) was something to behold.

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I was about to say Keef Flint deserves a mention at least.

Hard to look past Freddie Mercury, tolerate him or loathe him and his band, he is one of the best front men ever.

Or the recent years, Matt Bellamy, Alex Turner, Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, et al alltalented frontmen.

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Anyone got a suggestion that isn't Caucasian?

Arthur Lee

George Clinton

Muddy Waters

In no particular order –

Robert Plant

Iggy Pop

Arthur Lee

Mike Patton

G.G. Allin

Eddie Vedder

Ronnie Hawkins

Mike Love :!:

I don't like Queen that much but yes Mercury was a great 'front man'.

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Surely any of the Americans mentioned would qualify as non-Caucasian?


Sorry to go briefly off topic, but i've always thought Caucasian was a term used to describe a person from Europe (and it's surrounding areas within Africa and Asia). Don't get the race/colour thing at all. If someone can be assed to point me back in the right direction, I'm all ears.

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