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This is a must must must win game and to give a decent performance.


Hutton, Collins, Dunne, Warnock

Petrov, jenas, bannan

nzogbia , bent, agbonlahor

nzogbia is on his last chance for me if theres no performance his out the team.

would like to see clark back in the first team to replace collins but doesnt look like that will happen.

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Assuming Bent and Jenas are fit:


Herd	 Collins    Dunne	  Delph


 	      Jenas     Bannan

 Agbonlahor              N'Zogbia


Don't trust Hutton, Herd looked really good when he played at RB, as did Delph at LB. Warnock's a bit of a liability at the moment.

Collins and Dunne have a decent pairing at the moment. Be a bit silly to split them up to being Clark in. He'll get a chance soon.

Petrov is perfect for protecting the back four. Can conserve energy and use his experience.

Jenas only just starts above Ireland, but if he's not 100% fit then Ireland's in.

Bannan brimming with confidence, first name on the sheet.

Gabby has always been very good on the right wing. Much more effective than on the left. Can protect Herd well from there too.

N'Zogbia still can create something from nothing and he's got to start firing soon.

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This is an expected 3 points. Anything less than a win against this level of opposition will be unacceptable.
have we ever beat wigan at villa park since they were promoted.


(hope we break this hoodoo - taking my boy to his first match!)

didn't think we had. this is a must win game too

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I think Ireland deserves to keep his spot, probably just had his best game for Villa so not the time to bench him. If Bent and Jenas are fit, then N'Zogbia and Delph are the ones to make way for me:




Somewhere between 433/442 with midfielders taking turns to push forward/go wide and Gabby to join Bent in the box as much as possible. Gabby/Bannan can also switch sides.

If Jenas still ain't ready, keep Delph in.

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Maybe no width but get Herd and Warnock attacking (as he was on sunday, and effectively).

This is if Bent is fit, if not bang Gabby up top and bring in Nzogbia, I think this is his last chance but I didn't want to drop Ireland or Bannan (our two best attacking players against QPR) to bring in Bent.

We all know Hutton and Collins will keep their places too.

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As has been said before in the thread, a must win game for me. With Bent, Jenas, Cueller, Heskey and Clark returning to training hopefully we'll have enough quality to pick up the three points. I'm hoping for a big win, but predicting a narrow 2-1 win. It's time to break that hoodoo!

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I've given up picking Jenas in my match XI as he never seems to be fit.





Midfield looks a touch lightweight however and I'm not sure about Ireland and NZog but Delph needs to be benched.

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Jenas in for Delph will make us better if he is fit as he has a point to prove and will add energy and craft to our midfield. I'd also like to see either Clark or Cuellar if fit back to partner Dunne. Good game to bring those players back in as Wigan shouldn't run at us in the same way QPR did. However, even though the opening fixtures have been kind to us i don't yet feel we have picked up enough points so i am another which is in the must win club!

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