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  1. Yep, he'd be a great addition, along the lines of Elphick. Would add both strength and experience (including being central part of a team which got promoted from this division).
  2. There's a decent player in there but just too damn inconsistent and prone to disappearance. Maybe he should fully convert to striker, he didn't seem to have the discipline for the position but he's a good finisher. Anyway, good move all round. Should do well for Celtic 'cause the defences up there ain't gonna be too great and Celtic are going to be dominating against most of them which'll keep him involved. And we've done well to get some money for him and shift another player who is strongly associated with the horror of last season (even if not the worst culprit) That's 8 players
  3. Very concerning if Samuelson is indeed involved. What we know so far does have a few similarities to the Reading takeover: http://www.getreading.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/zingarevich-dream-ticket-who-turned-7207377
  4. Richards is probably on 40k a week minimum. Which equals at least £6m in wages over the next 3 years. If we can get someone to take him off our hands on a free, we should consider ourselves extremely lucky
  5. My guess is King & Bernstein had put together a plan for overhaul which started with the words 'As soon as relegation is confirmed we need to: .... ' Relegation was confirmed Saturday and now on Monday they resign, so either they have been given an outright 'no' to significant parts of the plans, or they have been met with indecisiveness & dallying which is as good as a 'no' when your whole plans are based around acting early & decisively to prepare for next season. I think on past form, it is likely that Lerner has been dallying (probably on some tenuous hope of selling befor
  6. I can easily see us shipping about 15 players, with a mix of sales, loans and paid off/released. It's certainly not unheard of for Premier League clubs relegated to the Championship to make changes on this scale. Realistically, we're not necessarily going to be able to shift all the ones we might like to (Agbonlahor probably heads this list) or indeed keep the few we might prefer to (Ayew). So at a guess, we'll be looking at something like: Release/pay off/get negligible fee for - N'Zogbia, Richardson, Crespo, Bennett, Guzan, Richards, Bacuna, Kozak Sell (as they will want to go and
  7. Strange signing but I think we just went overkill with cover due to having so many injury problems at CB over the years and the two main ones we brought in (Lescott & Richards) have also had plenty of injuries in the past. Basically got three for each side and the 3rd choices are both risky, relatively cheap punts: LCB: Lescott/Clark/Crespo RCB: Richards/Okore/Ilori Just 'cause defence has been bad, it doesn't mean throwing in an inexperienced player like Ilori would improve it. Richards was poor on his return but prior to that has mostly been decent, or at least, not bad en
  8. If he's not starting, hope he watches Sadio Mane closely today - that's the kind of player he should model himself on.
  9. This was a game where we absolutely had to get a result, with the fixtures coming up. Decision to try an entirely new formation with a player making his debut in the league in this one is indefensibly bad management. It didn't work at all in the first half and the attempts to fix it in the second were too late and just served to mess it up in a different way. Made some promising-sounding signings in the summer but we've played 10 games now and we don't look remotely like we know what our best team is, seems like he is just flailing around trying a different tactic each match and hoping one sti
  10. Overall I think we've added pace, strength and creativity to the team & squad. Cleared a large chunk of deadwood & the squad has a younger, fresher look with potential for using several different tactical approaches depending on personnel. Previously the squad just didn't really have the options for much variation. There's things I still wonder about - source of goals, leadership in midfield/attacking positions, distribution from goalkeeper - but it's early days. Some signings look instant hits, others are more in the wait-and-see, but it's always going to be like that at the price
  11. Time for him to repay us for all those goals he scored against us!
  12. If I've not missed anyone and got the ages right, I think the 25 man squad will look like this: 1. Guzan 2. Bunn 3. Clark 4. Richards 5. Lescott 6. Gana 7. Sanchez 8. Westwood 9. Veretout 10. Agbonlahor 11. Sinclair 12. Gil 13. Ayew 14. Gestede 15. Bacuna 16. Hutton 17. Crespo 18. Okore 19. Ilori 20. Richardson 21. Cole 22. Kozak 23. Gardner 24. Steer 25. N'Zogbia - Senderos U21: Amavi, Grealish, Traore, etc. Could be either Senderos or N'Zogbia to miss out and presumably would have been both if a striker was bought (unless Kozak was going to be shifted to make way). Wouldn't be
  13. Yeah, not too inspiring but he played alright there in the latter months of last season and if we couldn't shift him, then why not keep as backup. plus Lewis Kinsella has been around first team squad since Sherwood came in and may get a chance. also I think any of Crespo, Hutton, Lescott would be options there in an emergency so overall we're pretty well covered for this position.
  14. we've officially signed a whole new XI now: Bunn Crespo-Richards-Lescott-Amavi Traore-Gueye-Veretout-Sinclair Ayew-Gestede not sure we've ever done that within one summer before?
  15. Gayle is a pest and a poacher. Don't think he is good enough to be regular starter but might be useful option in immediate term as Gestede/Ayew settle. Seems a little strange if the three strikers we are looking at are Gayle, Berbatov & Adebayor as you'd struggle to pick three more different strikers in terms of attributes/style of play.
  16. Correct, no rush to sign him I may be wrong, but I believe that now with the 25 man squad it is effectively the same situation for free agents. If we wait till after deadline for naming 25 man squad (which is usually a day or two after window closes) he wouldn't be able to be added to the list of 25 and couldn't play in league til Jan.
  17. Shows that if you cross from dangerous positions the cross itself doesn't have to be anything special to cause problems. Too often in first half we crossed from deep without trying to get past the fullback & those ones have to be absolutely perfect for strikers to get anything out of it - usually just caught by keeper or cleared with an easy defensive header.
  18. His passing & vision suggest he's capable of being as good as someone like David Silva in a few years. Very impressive indeed first half, faded after break and probably should've been subbed to help turn the tide (although others were in front of him in the queue for that!)
  19. Yep, looks ideal impact sub - a lot of people saying he should be starting now, but I'm not so sure. There's no doubt after seeing him today that he can scare any defence in the league - defenders in Premier League are really not used to someone running at them quite so fast & direct. But it might be a case of using him sparingly for maximum effect.
  20. Clark is not injury prone. Okore has had a couple of injuries, one really bad one, but not sure he would be classed as injury prone either. Now Baker, he is definitely injury prone. And we have Crespo as back up. I think we are ok at centre back, but one striker short. okay we can quibble on whether they all fit the category 'injury-prone' but it has been a feature of the last few years that our CBs have rotated a lot due to injuries. Vlaar also had lots of problems and he's gone but we've replaced with Richards who has similar history of problems. yes with Crespo as well, I thin
  21. Not a huge Lescott fan, but let's face it: Richards, Clark, Baker and Okore are all quite injury-prone. Based on careers so far it's likely that 1 or 2 of them will be in the treatment room at any given time over the season. Lescott in and loan out Baker might be a smart move for a year - should help Richards as he is still somewhat new to CB position. Also there's option of 352 with Richards-Clark-Lescott at the back and Bacuna/Amavi with more freedom to go forward. Plus imagine Richards, Lescott & Gestede all up for corners, would give us real aerial threat that some teams won't be a
  22. Pleased for him, shown himself to be well worth a place in squad and makes sense to sign up a good length contract considering age. One of Lambert's better signings for sure.
  23. Disagree. He's already said he sees both Gil and Grealish as 10's. You'd think at least one of them will be starting when fit. Isn't 4321 like the 'two number 10s' formation he was using for FA Cup semi*, with Grealish and N'Zogbia playing off Benteke. Could be Grealish/Gil/Traore/Sinclair competing for two spots playing off Gestede or Ayew *http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/tim-sherwood-aston-villa-game-plan-9087586
  24. Glad he's found a club, obvious he wasn't going to feature here this season and with 3 years on his contract, difficult to sell this summer. Not a bad player but not quite cut out for pace of the league or the style Sherwood wants to play with fullbacks providing the width going forward.
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