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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Bristol v Villa

    Understand why he went with 3 at the back at the beginning, to try something new. Didn't work so fair play he saw this and made the change within 20 mins. We then came into the game and even after going behind, looked confident enough to keep going forward. it wasn't pretty but it was a million miles away from Cardiff.
  2. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    Great result with a changed team. Roll on Friday with a proper away performance.
  3. Keinan Davis

    Personally don't think Kodjia plays in a pair. He is a lone striker who finishes very well but is very poor at creating opportunities for a partner.
  4. Keinan Davis

    I'd like to see Davis and Hogan play together. That's the way forward.
  5. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Nice and stready and gives some nice balance to the team. With him on the right and Green on the left the opposition have great difficulty being able to defend.
  6. John Terry

    Whilst he's not in his prime he is still capable off defending at this level. The big plus for me is that when the ball comes to him his headers and passes find team mates which allow us to continue with possession. Whilst I did like Baker an immense frustration of mine was the number of times he headed the ball forwards with just power and no aim which went straight to the opposition allied to this his passes were either long balls that no one got on the end off or passed straight to the opposition. So for me, at the moment, Terry is a better option.
  7. Conor Hourihane

    Fantastic performance from the lad. Took all his chances well and was helped no end by Davis holding up the ball to give him a chance to support and balls to run onto?
  8. Keinan Davis

    I hope his performance means that we don't pursue the lad from Southampton. His performance today other than a goal was everything I look for in a Villa centre forward. Strong in the air, strong physically, good with his feet, links up well with teammates, quick burst of pace. A goal will bring him on another level. With him in the team we are able to hold the ball up and bring to midfielders into the game and we look so much more effective as a consequence. Hope he starts at Bristol City on Friday.
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    Had to give Hourihan MOM today but Davies was brilliant. Led the line, held up play, brought players into the game, allowed us to maintain some forward momentum. I hope he starts against Bristol City and the performance today was a good start to a great season.
  10. Pre-match thread

    Bottom of the league now. Surely a must win game.
  11. Steve Bruce

    I really hoped that with a pre-season he'd have got his message across and the team would have understood what he wanted them to do. However, on the last two performances the team have gone backwards and obviously do not like or aren't capable of playing the way he has asked. From a viewing perspective it is utter tripe and I've just about had enough!
  12. Next Aston Villa Manager

    He said recently that he has always had a soft spot for Villa.
  13. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Warnock for me. Does it with no money which is exactly where we are.
  14. André Green

    Flatters to deceive. Two glorious opportunities against Hull and tonight and fluffed them big time.
  15. Ratings & Reactions: Reading v Villa

    Professional pride.