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  1. Very resilient performance. Mings was immense but gave Cashy MoM for the continual denial of attacks that kept coming down his side. Glad Smith used his subs at the right time.
  2. I think Smith is the best manager we’ve had since Saunders. However, he is still learning and I think the lack of subs has caught up with us. Subs give you fresh legs but also allow the players coming in to get some match sharpness. He will learn and will improve and as the squad gets stronger will trust the players. However, teams will also do a job on Grealish. When they do the other players need to take up the responsibility of being creative and step up to the mark. Onwards and upwards.
  3. Fine lines. He will get better and is a good player. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Don’t get the Watkins man of the match. Great goal but on 2 occasions he lost the ball up front and both resulted in goals against. Area for development. We looked flat from the start and although he put El Ghazi in think we’ve been caught by the lack of subs previously and games catching up with players. As long as we learn fine but hope we don’t make these mistakes again.
  5. Well that was a bitter pill to swallow. Should have been out of sight in the first half. Switched off for their first with Barkley and Louiz, lucky second good 3rd. My complaint is that we should have freshened things up after 60. Onto the next.
  6. Quality signing that adds another dimension to an already flexible team. Love the ambition and quality of players we’re signing.
  7. Excellent performance, always looked comfortable and first touch was excellent which helped. Another coaching improvement for Smith.
  8. Colin Gibson and Gary Williams, Steve Staunton, Tony Dorigo and then Alan Wright or him. ( since 1980)
  9. Agreed. And when we get into Europe next year it will be the norm.
  10. He was my joint MoM with Barry. Brilliant.
  11. Great performance with a lot of promise.
  12. Quality when he got the ball and fab finish. 1st team bench before the end of the season please.
  13. This better be cancelled if we don’t have out true 1st team squad available. Just heard on BT sport that because we put up a decent performance we’ll be under pressure to play this game.
  14. There are some good players here. No matter what happens fantastic effort
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