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  1. Conor Hourihane

    Was my MOM in Wednesday, he covered every inch of the pitch breaking up play and having the energy to get up and down the pitch for the full 90 mins.
  2. Scott Hogan

    He's definitely a player that would benefit from working with a target man. However, that said if you are the only striker on the pitch you need to be alert and provide options when we are not in possession of the ball. Last night when we were defending he was away with the fairies and not providing any option for an out ball which resulted in a period of pressure that we had to defend against. He needs to up his game and can’t just wait for things to happen around him.
  3. Glenn Whelan

    Really good shift tonight, so much better than Jedinak with his passing.
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Preston v Villa

    First trip away this season and picked a good one. Many good performances. I had a choice of two in the end. Hutton for making things happen going forward as well as his excellent defending and Hourihane for his tireless running and play making, it was immense. In the end Hourihane nudged it for me. Excellent night and hopefully many more to come.
  5. Pre match thread

    First away game of the season with my lad. Hoping to see another 0-3 away perfirmance with the Preston issues at CB and the fact they lost to Brentofrd at home over the weekend.
  6. Pre match buildup

    Let’s have this. 0-2 Kodja and Snodgrass and 4th place to boot.
  7. Alan Hutton

    He’s been brill considering he’s right footed.
  8. Glenn Whelan

    Whilst I understand the frustration with some of his passes he is light years ahead of Jedinak. Jedinak passes more to the opposition than his own players. So for me, if it’s a choice its Whelan every day of the week.
  9. Pre match buildup

    If we can win tonight we’d be in a fantastic place. COYL
  10. Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    Nice feeling this. Onwards and upwards.
  11. Ratings & Reactions: Bristol v Villa

    Understand why he went with 3 at the back at the beginning, to try something new. Didn't work so fair play he saw this and made the change within 20 mins. We then came into the game and even after going behind, looked confident enough to keep going forward. it wasn't pretty but it was a million miles away from Cardiff.
  12. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    Great result with a changed team. Roll on Friday with a proper away performance.
  13. Keinan Davis

    Personally don't think Kodjia plays in a pair. He is a lone striker who finishes very well but is very poor at creating opportunities for a partner.
  14. Keinan Davis

    I'd like to see Davis and Hogan play together. That's the way forward.
  15. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Nice and stready and gives some nice balance to the team. With him on the right and Green on the left the opposition have great difficulty being able to defend.