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  1. Just adding to the sentiments previously posted but this guy is no amateur. He knows his stuff, is articulate in his arguments, and has clearly bought int Aston Villa. He will go on to do well for himself in whatever he choses on the future, which I hope is a long way off but for now loving the professionalism he brings to the club. First time ever in my opinion.
  2. Whilst I agree with you fundamentally. Have a look at the number of chances Red Bull had from Targett doing the same thing. I think thats why Taylor got the nod on Saturday.
  3. There’s some drama queens on here at times. How anyone can make an assessment of a player based on 30 mins is beyond me. Let’s see what people’s opinions are at the end of the season. I’m betting on him being seen as a positive signing.
  4. After watching Norwich last night I was afraid. However, after that 90 minutes where I was for 70 mins dreaming of taking 3 points, i’m very much looking forward to this season. I don’t think we’ll finish top half but we won’t be far away. Then time to push on.
  5. I’m surprised by the full back choices based on pre-season, particularly left back. Like the rest though. Here’s hoping.
  6. Hard to argue against 1,2,3. Villa 12th Down - Sheffield, Crystal Palace, Newcastle.
  7. Fantastic piece of news, great length of contract as well.
  8. Successful medical according to AV Transfers on Twitter
  9. I like him but thought on a couple of occasions he didn't track back and left their right sided players with a couple of chances. Hopefully this is due to fitness which will resolve itself.
  10. Especially for the League Cup as I recon we could win that.

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