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  1. He does a job very similar to a righted sided midfield player who worked tirelessly for the cause. A certain Mr Des Bremner. Here’s hoping this team is as successful.
  2. It’s amazing what can happen if you give someone a bit of time to find their feet, let him get his support team sorted and a say in the players he wants. Long may it continue.
  3. Since supporting Villa he’s in my top 3 with Saunders and Gregory. Hope he goes on to surpass both with the backing he has.
  4. Very good performance tonight.
  5. He is a quality forward that will play for England before the end of the season.
  6. Fantastic performance tonight, but like Grealish, stick him in a midfield of quality players and he looks quality.
  7. Cracking debut. What an upgrade.
  8. Fantastic display and something you hoped for but never dared.
  9. I have a feeling that this is a good day.
  10. Just an observation from Thursdays game. He looked a little bit lost at times when we lost the ball to the transition and shape we currently play. Think Smith will bring him on as a sub until he becomes familiar with the press, cover and defensive shape expected when we lose the ball. Think he offers us something new going forward which is exciting.
  11. None of the goals were scored were from direct football. But hey ho.
  12. Enjoyed that tonight. So much more energy from the team all over. Special mentioned to Trez who created a couple of good chances but my word put in a shift covering as well. McGinn, Grealish and Watkins very good as well.
  13. Gives us so much more going forward. Instrumental in the 2nd goal and always dangerous. His goals will come.
  14. We were clinical tonight going forward and reminded me the way Brentford took us apart at times when we were in the Championship first 2 years.
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