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  1. Stockport_Villain

    Ratings & Reactions: Middlesbrough v Villa

    Hutton immense today, closely followed by Grealish who tracked all over. Felt very comfortable. Looking forward to Tuesday.
  2. Stockport_Villain

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v QPR

    What a bloody let down.
  3. Stockport_Villain

    Lewis Grabban

    Made some good runs down the channels which were found by his team mates. Great run across the defender to get his goal. He would do alright in the Prem.
  4. Stockport_Villain

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wolves

    Very good performance against the current top side. Here’s hoping we can be top in May.
  5. Stockport_Villain

    Pre-Match Thread

    Swap Whelan for Bjarnason and I’d be happy.
  6. Stockport_Villain

    Josh Onomah

    He just seems to stroll through games and when he gives the ball away, frequently, he’s not arsed about running back to get it. He’s not in the same place as the rest of the squad. He reminds me of Isiah Osborne, turning circle of the titanic and acceleration of a mini.
  7. Stockport_Villain

    Pre match thread

    Well if it’s 442 it will do, but if not where is the creativity. Was really hoping to see Calum in the side.
  8. Stockport_Villain

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    Got to go 442 and put some proper pressure on them. Davis bullied them up at their place so would be quiet happy to swap Davis for Onamah or Jedi.Failing that Grabban. But be bloody positive and give us a chance.
  9. Stockport_Villain

    Pre Match Chitty Chatty Bang Bang

    Would be nice to see us bounce back. Hoping for a 2-1 win!
  10. Stockport_Villain

    Ratings & Reactions: Fulham v Villa

    Having looked at the highlights I stick by my point. In the build up the goal scorer is just outside our box in a forward left position right where Axel is. The move progresses and the goal scorer holds his position until the last minute then runs across the box and finishes the cross off nicely. At all times he was in the area and eye line of Axel who should have been following him. I also agree that we were carved open on the right but all defenders need to follow their runners.
  11. Stockport_Villain

    Ratings & Reactions: Fulham v Villa

    Don’t get the Tuanzebe mom, he lost his man for the first goal. Good with the ball but kept getting drawn into the middle too often. Lots of honest endeavour from everyone but not enough quality today. Was always going to be a tough one and when the 2nd was such a freak goal we were always struggling.
  12. Stockport_Villain

    Pre Match Thread

    Will settle for a draw with that line up. Set up not to lose.
  13. Stockport_Villain

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Our run in March isn't too bad and we must accumulate points in this period because April is no easy affair. Reading, who always plays well against us, Cardiff, Leeds and Derby at home. That is a tough little run that takes us to Millwall away last game of the season.
  14. Stockport_Villain

    Pre Match Thread

    If we can manage 3 points from this I will well and truly believe we will go up automatically.
  15. Stockport_Villain

    Jack Grealish

    Never any doubt in my mind about his talent but I have been mega impressed by his will to win, tracking back and tackling since he’s returned from injury. He’s turning into a right little gem.