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  1. That was one heck of a performance. I believe we are going up.
  2. Think you’ll find the goal came down the right side, right backs fault, both centre halves got drawn to the right to cover instead of communicating and one covering the centre leaving Taylor in no mans land. But hey ho see it how you want!
  3. I didn’t say he was man of the match did I, I said it was his best performance in a Villa shirt.
  4. So he didn’t put a foot wrong then did he.
  5. Cracking performance, mopped everything up.
  6. He’s the man for me. Up The Villa.
  7. Best performance in a Villa shirt today. Didn’t put a foot wrong.
  8. Superb performance. Very assured and comfortable at the back, midfield picking up all second balls and looking for a forward positive movement or pass putting Boro in disarray. Clinical when chances created. Loved it.
  9. Agree with a lot of the above. He's improved loads since Wigan and is getting better but still has a stupid decision in him every game to get rid of. Once he does that he'll be an immense player.
  10. I thought he had a good game last night. Tracked his runners resulting in some timely interceptions, played effectively with the man in front, his shot/cross fell to McGinn for his 2nd goal. Didn't get caught out position wise. Good job.
  11. I’ve read a lot on this thread and often find myself swearing I’m not going to look at it again but have some kind of weird need to inflict further angst on myself. The problem I have is dealing with comments about Smith from supporters that want immediate success and when this fails to materialise it must all be Smith fault because of his tactics, decisions etc. I 100% get the frustration that were not doing what we thought we would be doing and challenging the top 6 but life is not that straight forward. You look at the teams Smith has previously had and the way they play and the personnel he has had to play that way which has brought him success. Then you look at the players he’s inherited and how they tried to play, initially with success, but cannot keep up with his demand because they are not his type of player. If we want success there is a much better chance by giving Smith time to get his playing staff sorted in the summer, with a full preseason of players that sign for him because they want to play for him. Rather than players inherited who aren’t capable or don’t want to. Only at this point will we know whether Smith is capable of taking us to where we all aspire. In my head to get rid of him before he has had this opportunity would be madness and driven by the insatiable desire of some to change because we haven’t has immediate success. Life isn’t like this and people need to be given a proper change to succeed. Dean Smith is my man 100% .
  12. Before the game most people were asking for Kodja to start. We’ll from my point of view I hope he never starts again. No interest in the team only out for himself. No tracking back, and no desire to try and win the ball back once he’s lost it. I only hope Smith has seen this and the Green keeps fit to keep him out. As for Jedinak.............. If Smith has learnt anything I hope it’s that these two only ever start if we have a decimated squad. The ref was a disgrace.
  13. What is the point of Jedinak? If he heads the ball he heads it straight to the opposition! And as for lazy arse Kodja, he’s only interested if he’s facing towards the opposition goal. Two passengers which leaves lots of gaps to fill. This is going to be a tough 2nd half.
  14. Just think if the defence with Mings and Elphick in play like they did against Reading and we contuine, as we have done in the majority of games, we'll score more goals than the oppostion. More wins than draws and losses. Top 6 here we come.
  15. He was off balance after the initial challenge therefore less in control of where his first two steps were going after that. No way was this intentional.

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