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  1. He’s certainly showing that with actual game time he’s found his feet. Needs to last 90 mins more frequently now.
  2. Fantastic performance tonight. He’s in a rich vein of form, long may it continue.
  3. He’s a proper tackler and will get better. Mark my words.
  4. Just got back and still buzzing. This is what supporting Villa is all about. You get some crap but boy do you get some good stuff. Nyland was superb but closely followed by Marvelous and Doug. Keeping fingers crossed I’ve got enough history to get to Wembley again. COYL
  5. This lad know how to tackle. Not seen a right back who tackles like this since Mark Delaney.
  6. He’s getting better and some of the timings of his forward runs are something we’ve not had recently. In another couple of games he’ll be a very valuable acquisition.
  7. Dean is the right manager for this club. Stay up this year then watch us go next.
  8. Just needs to be more confident in himself. It’s coming and tonight’s performance is a great step in the right direction.
  9. Love the way he’s settled in and inspires the defence. Fabulous.
  10. Think we’re learning how to play in this league. Follow this up with a win at Bournemouth with new signings and the momentum is with us.
  11. Which based on the City performance would but Luiz 4 yards off the pace, hence the start today. He’ll get better.
  12. Much better in the 2nd half. If we can carry that into the next game with Watford and grab 3 points could be the turn we’ve been looking for.
  13. Nyalnd looks like a world class keeper. Hope he maintains this form. Defence and Mings in particular were great. Midfield of Nakamba and Louis gave the ball away far too easily. Front 3 played very well. Very happy.
  14. We’ll struggle to get out of our half when the pressure is on with no target man to hold the ball up. Scared.
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