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  1. Sam Johnstone

    If I had a choice I would try to secure the permanent signing of Johnstone. After a slow start he has been a consistent performer which is key to this position and an asset to the team.
  2. Ratings & Reactions: Blackburn v Villa

    Very poor, no passing, no movement when we have the ball, poor control, poor decision making, give the ball away for their goal. None of the new signings, bar Johnstone are good enough to move us forward. its going to be a long hard slog next season and if we're luck we'll scrape into the playoffs at best.
  3. Gabby Agbonlahor

    He's taken a lot of stick, and some of it rightly so. However, that said, when he came on he made the rest of the midfield and forwards look like the players they actually are. Medium rate Champioship players. Well done Gabby, and hope the rest begin to raise their game.
  4. Ugo Ehiogu

    Gutted and deeply saddened.... a true gent.
  5. Pre-match thread

    3-1 to the Villa.
  6. Neil Taylor

    I didn't say you did. He knew he was trying to win the ball, mistimed it, knew he'd committed a foul and reacted as any other player would. You cut him some slack because it wasn't deliberate.
  7. Neil Taylor

    Because none of us have ever reacted to something in the heat of the moment to realise later it might not have been the correct thing to do. It’s a passionate sport and if looked at in real time, yes it was a mistimed challenge but he didn’t know he'd broken his leg and reacted like any other footballer does with a mistimed tackle. Give him a break....no pun intended.
  8. Steve Bruce

    I think Jedanik at the back is a natural progression based on his age and strengths. He will not lose many headers and with his reading of the game should be able to spot the little runs from his time playing in midfield. This move could add 3/4 years onto his career.
  9. The push for the Play offs ?

    I know its fantasy, but our next 4 games are very winnable which would put us on 60 points. Whilst playing those 4 games all the others ahead of us are playing each other so it feasible that 6th place may be on 67. Five games to go 7 points behind. It is just about possible isn’t it!
  10. Ratings & Reactions: Huddersfield v Villa

    Decent performance but we need to take our chances, they had 1 shot on target and scored. That's the difference.
  11. Score predictions

    1-2 COYL
  12. Match Thread: Rotherham v Villa

    It will come, keep,the faith.
  13. Pre Match Thread

    Villa 3-0
  14. Tommy Elphick

    He's never recovered since scoring that own goal. Confidence and form dipped together from that point onwards.