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  1. Nice, now just need his partner.
  2. It’s amazing how short people’s memories are. That save in the 1st leg of the play-off was world class, along with that fact that he commanded his area, came for crosses which meant the defence had confidence in what was behind them. Sshheeesshhh
  3. Another step in the right direction. 4 years at 24. We get the bet years of hs career. Welcome back.
  4. I’ve not re followed. He may have reactivated his account and the followers he had at that time. Which means either way it’s the same person and as far as I’m concerned genuine.
  5. The account is genuine as I followed him before he went quiet and received and update as soon as he tweeted the above from the account.
  6. Brilliant piece of news. Good proven young player on a 4 year deal.
  7. Welcome. I’m sure you’ll fit right in and will sparkle with Grealish and McGinn.
  8. At times of trouble he gave us everything he had. With that came some bad but also some fantastic memories and goals to boot. He will be welcomed back with open arms if he returns. Thanks for the memories the Scottish Cafu.
  9. Thanks for the memories Uncle Albert, you’ll always be welcomed back with open arms. All the best for the future.
  10. Surely to benefit from a pay rise due to a promotion you have to evidence what part you have played in that. He's done naff all.
  11. Im thinking back to when Arseabl beat us in the FA Cup 4-0 after beating us 0-2 and 4-0 in the league (16/17). 3-0 to Villa everyday.
  12. My personal take on this is that we were a much smaller team than Albion so were looking at different ways of getting the balls in the box to try and nullify that advantage. Didnt work though on the night.
  13. I do like him but he seems devoid of any confidece these days. Last year he was full of tricks and skills and when he warms up he's full of tricks, but as soon as he gets on the pitch he always look to move the ball on rather than try and create chances. It's a bit sad really.
  14. That was one heck of a performance. I believe we are going up.
  15. Think you’ll find the goal came down the right side, right backs fault, both centre halves got drawn to the right to cover instead of communicating and one covering the centre leaving Taylor in no mans land. But hey ho see it how you want!

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