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  1. In my opinion the World Cup is a special event in its current format, one that I look forward to watching because of it's rarity. If the world cup is held every two years the special feeling wears thin, and it becomes just another event. The only way this idea doesn't happen regularly is if the fans boycott watching it, and the tv and sponsorship deals fall through as a result. Basically the cash cow is milked dry. It won't happen though, fans will continue to watch it like they do the Champions League. Also, what does this mean for the Euros? Currently the Euros dovetail nicely in between each World Cup and although it's not as special as the World Cup it is still an enjoyable tournament, although I will admit that I wasn't keen on the latest Euros as it didn't feel like it had an identity because it wasn't hosted by one country.
  2. Safe Standing gets go ahead Clubs in the Premier League and Championship will be able to offer licensed standing areas from January 1 next year as part of a pilot programme. The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) set out the plans in a statement on Wednesday. The introduction of designated safe standing areas would mean an end to the blanket ban on standing in the top two divisions of English football which has been in place for over 25 years. Clubs must apply to be part of the ‘early adopter’ programme by October 6, and if approved will be able to operate a licensed standing area from New Year’s Day until the end of the season. The SGSA said the project would be independently evaluated, with all other areas of the stadia remaining all-seater. Standing areas in what is now the Premier League and Championship were outlawed by legislation passed in the wake of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, which led to the deaths of 97 Liverpool fans. The introduction of the licensed standing areas follows a commitment by the Government in its 2019 General Election manifesto, and it is a move which has cross-party support. Sports minister Nigel Huddleston said: “We have been clear that we will work with fans and clubs towards introducing safe standing at football grounds providing there was evidence that installing seating with barriers would have a positive impact on crowd safety. “With independent research now complete, and capacity crowds back at grounds across the country, now is the right time to make progress. I look forward to hearing from clubs who wish to be part of our early adopters programme during the second half of this season.” Clubs must meet a range of criteria in order to gain approval. These include having the necessary infrastructure in both home and away areas of their stadium, allowing fans to sit or stand in the standing areas with the seats not locked in the ‘up’ or ‘down’ position, ensuring the areas do not impact on the view for other fans including those with disabilities, providing a code of conduct for standing fans and consulting with the relevant Safety Advisory Group. ========================================================================================================================================== I know this has been discussed amongst fan groups for a few years now, going back as far as the Lerner days but it looks like some movement has been made in making this becoming a possibility. I wonder if this is an option the club will look at taking up this season or in future? It will probably help with the generation of atmosphere (not that ours is bad from my experience) as well as allowing a small increase in the attendance figures. I may be wrong but I imagine it would be best to trial it in the Lower North Stand which is apparently a little cramped for seating. I guess we may not be able to this season though as we have 30k worth of season ticket holders so it is doubtful we would have a spot where these terraces could be installed without moving a load of season ticket holders mid season which isn't ideal.
  3. It says on the bbc that it looks like a Muscular injury, unfortunately these are the niggling type of injuries you pick up after returning from a long lay off. Frustrating for the lad and the club.
  4. I guess technically Foden at 21 is still a young un.
  5. I don’t swear a lot usually but a few years back I let out a barrage of expletives in front of my young daughters while stuck in a traffic jam. Some idiot had blocked the road causing a big tailback and traffic was at a standstill. I had forgotten my daughters were sitting quietly in the back. I realised my error of my ways when they told me off for swearing, to make it worse as we finally got through the traffic I saw the hold up was caused by a Father Christmas being towed around town by The Rotary Club collecting money.
  6. Is it being greedy to want to qualify for Europe by league position and win a cup as a nice bonus? It has been so long since we have put any meaningful silverware in the trophy cabinet and on our roll of honour. I would love us to win a trophy at the new Wembley, preferably the FA Cup but would also be happy with a League Cup although we need to overcome the current Champions of Europe to win that trophy this season. The LC wins in the mid 90's are great memories for me, more so than the numerous 6th placed league finishes under MON and JG.
  7. Why was Ronaldo not booked for that final penalty claim? He had been down multiple times beforehand and surely the referee should be bookng him if he doesn't think it's a penalty. Watkins was booked and sent off for less last season. One rule for one.......... Of course It has already been set up by OGS in the after match interview that they were hard done by, so that they will most likely get a soft penalty against next weeks unsuspecting opponents.
  8. That is pretty much where I am at, word for word. Disappointed he left as I thought he would give us another season and re-evaluate our position then, but I can see it is not purely about money for him. Sadly He will 100% stand a better chance of winning trophies at Man City than here, which is what the elite players strive for and sets them apart from the rest. I won't wish him well for club as they are the epitome of the SL6 teams looking to dominate the game, but will wish him well for England as I would like to see England win something (however unlikely we think it is) in my lifetime.
  9. NeilS

    Wesley Moraes

    It depends on which team you play for as to whether VAR gets used, and whether the decision works for or against said certain teams.
  10. I was talking with my mate at work, and he wanted to buy his Dad a Man Utd "Ronaldo 7" shirt for his birthday at the beginning of this month. He was quoted a delivery date of 23rd December. I know Man Utd will be selling way more shirts than we do, but that is still a long wait and would suggest it is not just a Villa problem this year. Furthermore, the place I work at has had many issues getting hold of stock this year with goods promised to us for an early June delivery, being held up and despite updates was delayed numerous times and has only just been delivered in Mid August. Multiply that many times over with lots of shipments coming in late from various suppliers. It has been an absolute nightmare this year getting hold of stock with no idea how much the shippers are going to charge in surcharges on deliveries. We have seen costs rising from £5k per shipping container up to £15k for a shipping container. So I do feel a bit of sympathy for all businesses as the moment, they are in a no win situation.
  11. Going by the live text coverage on the BBC, it sounds like we played well, were the better team and unlucky not to come away with 3 points. Well done to the women’s team, sounds like a vast improvement has been made.
  12. *We are top of the league! *for the time being
  13. It probably won't stand because the clubs that are affected most will be the SL6 teams. However, You could argue that if they don't uphold the ban, they are effectively punishing us for following the rules.
  14. NeilS

    The NSWE Board

    100% agree, I can't see any sign for the fans to worry at the moment. Why would NSWE be looking to set up a Las Vegas Villans franchise in the MLS a few weeks back, or have planning in for an inner city academy near Villa Park, along with all the investment building the infrastructure of the club to sell up now. It makes no sense. Therefore I am not worried. I guess one way to look at it is to compare overdraft facilities versus other teams in the PL, what kind of facility do Newcastle Utd or West Ham or Spurs currently operate with? With the big sums of money flying about in transfer fees and wages these days I imagine there can be massive swings in cash flow, that our old £1m facility would not cover. This would save the owners having to inject cash to cover these cashflow pinches.
  15. Yeah Mount not clearing his lines properly there. Didn’t connect with his clearance, and they kept the attack going.
  16. Simple pass there and Kane was in. Disappointing decision making by Phillips there.
  17. Money and Greed puts paid to common sense, especially when FIFA are involved.
  18. Sometimes a player is worth more to the squad than what we would receive in a fee. I think @Woody1000 has summed it up nicely with the point on his leadership qualities and character within the squad. I wouldn't totally be against Mings staying here for the remainder of his career if he stays fit and offers good form in return. As he gets older you would look to supplement his position in the squad with a younger player to compete with and learn from.
  19. Yeah I 100% agree with that. I feel Mings is at the point of his career that he will happily see out the rest of it here. Konsa I think is under the same agents as Grealish, so with that in mind I can't see him being here in 2-3 seasons time if he continues to improve.
  20. Ah ok, I don’t listen to Talksport. Glad to hear it was shot down on TS as what he has said is a crock of shite. I have since realised the article on hitc is published to anger Villa fans and get clicks.
  21. He did say the following further in the article, “He’s brought it all together and now, on the international stage, he looks confident. Before, he looked like: ‘I’m in here, but I’m still fighting for my position’. Now, he looks like he’s comfortable in the team. It may be twisted by the writer though as the whole article is a joke though, and now having read it again is meant to anger Villa Fans. The final paragraph of the article confirms that for me.
  22. And so the BS begins Trevor Sinclair has told talkSPORT that Jack Grealish is playing with even more confidence for England after leaving Aston Villa for Manchester City in a British-record transfer. The midfielder left his boyhood club for the Citizens in a £100m deal in August, and penned a six-year contract. Grealish now earns north of £300k-a-week at the Etihad Stadium and has also started all three available Premier League fixtures under Pep Guardiola to date. “As I watched him more and more, it was the tiny bits of detail – the first touch, how he kills the ball, whatever scenario he’s in, and then that weight of pass, so his teammate isn’t trying to fight for the ball with the defender – [that caught my attention],” Sinclair said. What a complete utter load of rubbish!
  23. Ruesha Littlejohn has now been confirmed as a signing on the official Instagram.
  24. I am not quite old enough for the first two games you mention, but I can imagine they must have been amazing. The Atletico Madrid game I do remember the roar when Collymore almost broke the net. What a noise.
  25. The Atmosphere yesterday was very good from my position in the Doug Ellis stand. I thought the crowd responded well to us going a goal down, and were supportive throughout. I didn’t hear any stick given out to the players. In the past I would say the European nights have been second to none in terms of atmosphere. I particularly remember the first game versus Inter Milan when Klinsmann, Brehmer and Lothar Matteus were in their team, the VP crowd manage to put a very good Inter side off their game. It was supportive when we had the ball roaring us on, and extremely hostile when Inter got the ball. If we could replicate that night on a regular basis we would be onto a winner.
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