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Ratings and Reactions: Chelsea 3-3 Villa


Who was your man of the match  

197 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match

    • Friedel
    • Dunne
    • Clark
    • Cuéllar
    • Collins
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Petrov
    • Reo-Coker
    • Agbonlahor
    • Heskey
    • Albrighton (for Agbonlahor 85)

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[table color=#bccde9:d478310592][mrow][mcol color=blue:d478310592]Chelsea[mcol]3-3[mcol color=#8c333c:d478310592]Aston Villa

[row][col color=blue:d478310592]Lampard 22 pen[col]1-0[col color=#8c333c:d478310592]

[row][col color=blue:d478310592][col]1-1[col color=#8c333c:d478310592]A Young 41 pen

[row][col color=blue:d478310592][col]1-2[col color=#8c333c:d478310592]Heskey 47

[row][col color=blue:d478310592]Drogba 84[col]2-2[col color=#8c333c:d478310592]

[row][col color=blue:d478310592]Terry 89[col]3-2[col color=#8c333c:d478310592]

[row][col color=blue:d478310592][col]3-3[col color=#8c333c:d478310592]Clark 90+1


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Good result, I think the best most of couldve hoped for before the match was a point, we've put in a good performance and shown alot of heart today. Let's hope we carry it into the Sunderland game!

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I'm really impressed. Yes at 2-1 it would have been great to win. But this is Chelsea, they are a good team, if a little bit out of shorts.

Showed fantastic spirit today.

Well done lads.

Noteable mentions:






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Excellent performance considering just how bad we have been lately. Begs the question as to why we have had so little commitment up until now?

Now we need to take that fire and performance into the Sunderland game and get all 3 points.

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Good result, plenty of fire and passion from lads today which, let's face it we've been sorely missing.

My only real gripe today would be some earlier substitutions. Apart from that, not a bad job at all.

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I'll be honest it felt like MON was still in charge.

Gritty, pressing first half display, take the lead, sit back for nearly the whole second half, not make the substitutions when needed, concede the inevitable equaliser and 3rd, then get a last gasp goal to level it with my nerves shot to pieces.

Feels like the old days, doesn't it?

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got to be happy with a point against chelski. thought to myself same old villa when terry got a last min goal. but a bit of magic by albrighton and clark burried it. Clark looks like he could be a derek mountfield 10 goals a season man.

didn't see the bulk of the match as i was asleep.

another stay of execution for frenchman but this result won't paper over the cracks.

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