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  1. Struggling with Internet stability throughout the house and have also converted my external garage into an office so looking for recommendations. Tempted with TP Link Deco P9 at the moment.
  2. How are you getting on with it so far? Debating whether to get one as I can't justify the prices for premium alternatives.
  3. I am having my detached garage converted into a home office next week and wanted to know what the best way to get a stable and good internet connection from the house to the garage. I assume hardwiring using Cat cable would be the best but does anybody have any ideas / recommendations?
  4. Looks like Guilbert is off back to France based on his response on twitter today.
  5. Been confirmed in one of the FAQs or a twitter wr exchange that they will be.
  6. Did anybody set up a pro club?
  7. How many tickets for the games wouldyou be looking for? 1 or 2?
  8. I attach the details of when games will be locked down for TV purposes
  9. I was very fortunate to get to see both Nas and Wes in the Hilton along with most of the team after the game. They were both beaming with happiness and happy to pose for photos even when we started sing "it's your round my lord". They went into the private party where the team were celebrating for about 10 minutes and then left to a huge round of applause and to "we've got our villa back" it was a very special moment (Twitter post of video here).
  10. Cue 1000 people checking out JT's Instagram page
  11. If true, what would you do? 1) Push Conor further forward and play Whelan in Conor's role 2) O'hare to step in for Jack 3) El Ghazi to move into Jack's position I hope Thor and Lansbury get back soon to offer some alternatives / back-up.
  12. @terrytini just PM’d - very keen please if still available?
  13. Pure speculation that Gary Gardner signs a 3-year deal with Nottingham Forest from Aston Villa for an undisclosed fee according to this tweet (is it real?) This image was from his loan deal and can't find news of it anywhere else....
  14. I've just been offered a new job at another company having had my head turned by a recruiter via LinkedIn. I currently work for a large multi-national with 55k globally with US headquarters. I have 4 layers of management above me and lack the autonomy to make significant changes and by the the time any ideas / strategies are executed they've been filtered down so much it's what was initially positioned. I've only been in my current role for 12 months but the new role is offered a £5k pay rise plus a substanial car allowance or a company car (I don't currently have a car). The new role would report directly the People Director who sits of the Board of Directors and I'd be responsible for the whole strategy etc. The role being offered is in a large construction company (4,000 employees). In my currently role I am about to embark on a large transformation project in the UK, India and Hong Kong which would give me great exposure but post the project (18 months) i don't quite know where I could end up. Any suggestions or tips to consider in helping me make my mind up?
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