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  1. Howdy fellas, haven't been on the forum in quite sometime. To tell the truth I've been working as a rentboy at a popular Macau casino since McLeish took charge. As luck would have it I've managed to invest my tips wisely over these past few years by mostly betting on Villa to lose. I can now reveal that I have recently changed my name to Rui Kang and am now posed to take over the club. As part of the takeover I will be installing VT legend RantinRob as Chief Executive. Every night will be lovely ladies night!
  2. I can't bring myself to blame Garde, was he the right appointment considering the situation we were in? Probably not but the fault there lies with the board who appointed him and failed to support him in the Transfer Window. Removing him now would be pointless and cost the club more money.
  3. Dropping by VT for the first time in years and seeing many familiar faces for whom I have fond banter memories. Hope you are all doing well boys and girls. UTV!
  4. They will be acquiring an asset that wont drastically lose it's value when the whole Wall Street financial pyramid eventually collapses returning most of us to the fields as mere peasants. Just look at where the super rich have been sticking their cash - Artwork, property, farmland, logging, mining, sports, etc. Covering their arses for when the gravy train comes off the tracks. Or maybe they are just a little like Mrs Doyle in Father Ted and enjoy a bit of misery.
  5. I don't think Red Bull will go for a Premier League team, just doesn't seem to be their style. I'd fancy they would snag a lower league club with a bit of an identity crisis like MK Dons, re-brand them and gradually finance them into the top flight. I used to have a NY Red Bull's season ticket. Yeah it was odd following a team named after a beverage made from cow bile but since the previous history of the club was insignificant, they didn't have their own stadium (until Red Bull built one) and the original name was shit (Metrostars) it was all a bit easier to swallow (unlike the drink).
  6. His movement was excellent, made some decent runs but was often coming back looking for the ball and getting involved just like Benteke.
  7. It appears somebody has massacred the English team honour list! How it was and always has been With Villa in 4th place. How it is now. With Villa in 7th behind Everton, Chelsea and f*ing Tottenham! Some clearing in the woods has added the bloody Charity Shield and weighted it the same as the European Cup! If any of you have any clout in Wikipedia circles please get this fixed.
  8. I've had a soft spot for Fiorentina since the 94-95 season when they came back up and Batistuta battered every defense in Serie A. It's one of the only non Villa club shirts I've ever owned the other is a New York Red Bull's, I had a season ticket for a couple of years till they pissed me off
  9. Personally I would like to see it rededicated to any players(past/present), supporters and their families struggling with illness. Could be a nice new club tradition to say we not only support the team but the wider Villa family.
  10. NYC Spurs fans have been wanking themselves silly over this bloody billboard.
  11. You'll be back. Damn curiosity!
  12. Ah a popular thread I haven't noticed before..... Oh Rob in spandex trying to pin other men under his hairy sweaty torso?
  13. I was excited for Under The Dome, having never read the book or knowing much about it the excitement was mainly based upon how crap Summer TV usually is over here and my desire to watch a big budget weekly series while it's boiling hot outside. The first episode was a major disappointment. I like the concept, I like some of the cast, I like the characters what I didn't like was having so much rammed down my throat in 40 minutes. We didn't need to know so bloody much off the bat about character relationships and history. People going about their daily lives suddenly get trapped under a dome, that's plenty enough to explore and set the stage. Trying to come to terms with what it is, how big it is and the impact on them is an adventure in itself. You then have a lot more episodes to explore the town and characters, stuffing everything down our throats from the get go leaves a fair bit of indigestion. My biggest gripe however is somewhat petty: The whole United Colors of Beneton character list. It's getting painful to watch productions trying to shoehorn every singe race, religion and sexual persuasion into shows in order to appeal to broader demographics. It might make sense if the show is set in a major metropolitan city but small rural town in America is generally about as diverse as the Republican National Convention. Squeezing in the random lesbian family, black DJ and fat Asian radio producer just cheapens the whole experience.
  14. I'm rather excited to see how Sylla develops over the coming season, looks like he could become a cracking player once he gets used to the pace of the league and his own position in the team. That being said I do have a fondness for quality fullbacks. Hopefully Luna fits the bill as Bouma was the last one we had that I actually rated.
  15. Achtung! Wir haben einige Senfgas verschüttet!
  16. Lawless with Tom Hardy, avoid it. Well shot, good cast, decent build up but fizzled out like a soggy bag of manure.
  17. Of all the trophies he won and goal scoring feats he achieved. Owens greatest accomplishment remains his 1998 triumph against all the odds to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year despite being born without one.
  18. Liverpool would probably throw 50 million at us.
  19. Learner bought a football club and put his personal assistant in charge while Lerner pissed off to manage other affairs. Faulkner had no knowledge of the football business or any relevant experience. Lerner might as well have given the job to Dorris the tea lady.
  20. I'll question your rating for Bannan. Please justify why you think as a 5/10 he was the worst Villa player to grace the pitch on Saturday?
  21. Gus Johnson and Ian Wright did the UTD/Chelsea game at the weekend. Johnson makes Jack Woodward sound like John Motson.
  22. There's a factor to consider is it a fair fight or no holds barred? There's plenty of hard footballers who would do well in a fair fight but would go down when faced with an unscrupulous bastard like Keane who would probably start off lacing into his opponents bollocks. My contender in a fair fight is Steve Ogrizovic a monster of a man, you could spend hours punching him in the face and not only would the **** keep coming at you he'd probably get better looking as the fight progresses and rearranges his face.
  23. Lowton is great going forward but almost every goal that's scored down from down on our right you see Lowton slowly jogging back into position. Liability.
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