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  1. If we win it then all those fans who constantly put photos of Nyland on social media and say that we should have been relegated will learn how annoying it is when they see fans of every other country put shots of Sterling going down and claiming that's the only reason we won the tournament.
  2. Definitely and I don't particularly like McBurnie in general but the fact that the Leeds fan thought he was entitled to act the way he did baffles me. It's like social media comments leaked into real life.
  3. There's another video that has surfaced on Twitter where the lad who gets assaulted is giving him a load of abuse while he's with his girlfriend. Like Rodders said he's basically snapped after a while of it.
  4. Poor old Joe Bryan, back to being a championship player yet again.
  5. Forget about who it was revealed to be but the pacing of that episode was dire. A finale where there's barely any drama and it happens in the first half of the episode? Bizarre.
  6. Really good tonight, thought Everton in the first half took a leaf out of Liverpool's suicidal high line against him which certainly helped but he looked dangerous throughout. Southgate watching on and no doubt pencilling his name into the squad.
  7. A really good plan against our women's team is to win a cheap free kick near the box and just float it in to the back post area. Pretty much guaranteed no one touches it and it goes straight in after a melee
  8. Sadly I think the authorities are going to act like someone who has been cheated on. We all secretly know that if they could they would have gone off and dumped us, but then they realised that they would be homeless and everyone would hate them so we've welcomed them back with open arms because we can't imagine life without them. We all know that at some point they will try it on again, but for some reason we feel thankful for them just being with us.
  9. Think the thing that annoys me most about him is that in every game he seems to try some kind of clever flick which gifts the opposition the ball in a really dangerous area. Really wanted Davis to come on because he's good at being strong and retaining the ball, Barkley offers the exact opposite. Dreadful.
  10. Looked like a man who hadn't played football for 15 months in all honesty. He was never the most mobile but he was miles off the pace of the game.
  11. djdabush

    Keinan Davis

    There's no way Smith drops Watkins so only way we will see him play is if he put Watkins on the wing. I actually think Watkins playing on the left and Grealish as a 10 is an option and might help with actually getting players on the ball in and around the box.
  12. He made a mistake for their goal but he had a very good game other that. I like Hause but against team who don't pose a massive threat I'd prefer Mings over him.
  13. We always talk about what a bargain McGinn was but House can't be too far behind. It's also really nice to have a defender who wins nearly every aerial challenge he makes too.
  14. The problem we have is that he is going to be inconsistent at this stage of his career and when our only alternative is a young, injury prone non-scoring striker then we don't have the ability to change it up when it isn't happening for him. For all the good business we did in the summer, I still can't believe we went with Watkins and Davis until January.
  15. I've have a bit of knowledge of employment law through my work, however I work for a multinational company who's lawyers essentially said 'avoid making pregnant women unemployed at all costs' and the feeling I got from that is that anything like this is an employment tribunal waiting to happen. I can't see them offering much other than the statutory redundancy as I'm almost certain they are doing this to avoid SMP so they will be looking to ensure the redundancy is less than that
  16. Anyone here have much knowledge of employment law? My wife told her boss today that she's pregnant and she basically got told that they were thinking of making her redundant anyway as they going to close down part of the business (my wife does not exclusively work in that part). It all seems very dodgy but my worry is that they will get away with it as they only have 2 employees and whilst my wife is part time, the other employee works full time so they could argue that she is being selected because she can't cover the hours.
  17. To be fair, I bet when he's got her back in his hotel room he's used some absolutely filthy Snapchat filters on her.
  18. I don't know but that's some very disappointing circling skills there. I mean how am I supposed to know who Chukwuemeka is when there are 2 people in the circle? Very poor effort.
  19. Only me who thinks that looks like a really obvious photoshop then?
  20. No, if Bournemouth win and we lose they will go ahead of us on goal difference no matter what the score is.
  21. Problem is if there is a club that wants to buy him for big money then all city will do is activate the clause and then sell him on themselves. Realistically the maximum we will get is whatever the release clause is for him.
  22. Still only effective when we are the team who are dominating and in this league that's pretty much never the case. Either bring Grealish central or play Nakamba but at the moment he's just a set piece specialist.
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