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    That he had an existing injury that he didn't disclose in an area of the pitch we are lacking in strength in depth. Why wouldn't it irritate you?
  2. djdabush


    Are hernia's not the sort of thing that show up on medicals then? Assuming we didn't know about it before he signed, I'd be extremely irritated if I were Dean Smith that he kept that a secret.
  3. djdabush

    Dean Smith

    For me, he's earned the right to manager us next season barring an absolute disaster during this one. After saying that, I am a little frustrated with the talk of having an attacking approach that isn't going to change and then seeing us playing on the counter attack in every game bar Bournemouth so far this season. The fact that we are wedded to a 4-3-3 even though our best players don't suit that formation is also irritating. I've seen us trying and hang on to draws for way too many of my years supporting Villa, I'll be very disappointed if that's how we end up playing this season as well.
  4. djdabush


    Way too one footed and way too slow. Got a good touch but when 2 players immediately catch up with him it doesn't really matter.
  5. djdabush

    Wesley Moraes

    Problem is I don't think Davis is any better. That failure to buy another striker is looking like it could be season defining now.
  6. Really weird the Grealish criticism, he's the ball carrier of the team, everything goes through him. It's the front three are playing at a level below the rest of the team to me.
  7. Some positives but also looks nervous. Hope getting 45 mins in the Premier League will settle those down in the second half.
  8. If you ever needed evidence of how devisive this vote has been, take a look at Twitter now. Brexiteers gleeful because it will 'trigger' remainers, completely contradicting their argument that the reason for leaving is the EU is anti-democratic. The only important thing is their side 'winning' rather than the good of the country and people will go along with anything as long as they can say their side won.
  9. Just hope its only a tweak rather than a more serious injury he's trying to play through and potentially aggravating.
  10. I wonder how much the decision to start Guilbert in this one is due to Trezeguet playing on the left and the break up of the Egyptian link up on the right.
  11. Thought he had a mixed first half, where he did some things very well but also made a few mistakes, second half he was excellent and I’d imagine he’ll keep on improving now. One thing to say about their goal was that whilst it was a huge error on his behalf, the ball from Trezeguet was really poor, even if he hadn’t left it he would have been under serious pressure. It was just a really poor passage of play from us.
  12. I realised today that it's had the side effect of creating a completely new feeling for me, something along the lines of 'VAR desperation' where even though the pen was right in front of me and was stonewall, there was a small part of me which was hoping VAR would check it and somehow overturn it.
  13. I've only watch part episodes but for me it's nowhere near as good as Sunderland Til I Die or Class of 92. No dressing room access and no input from Bielsa really hinders it. Also hated the scripted commentary during the games.
  14. Was poor, but lacking in quality rather than effort for me. That being said, it was a very difficult situation to be put in. Think most strikers would have struggled playing for us in that second half.
  15. I honestly think Guilbert's just not in the squad. If he's not playing then it's between him and Targett on the bench and he's gone with Targett.
  16. Think he's putting the more defensively solid players in. I had a feeling Elmo might start, very surprised by Taylor though.
  17. You lot are having a good laugh about this now, but a lot are people are going to be livid in this thread when they realise the reason he's been absent from training with Club Brugge is because he's been locked up with Dale Stephens in Julie B's basement.
  18. He's at BMH completing his marvelous at the moment.
  19. It's preseason but he looked noticeably below the standard of most of the rest of the team tonight. I'm sure he will pick it up, but I'd surprised if he was a starter next season.
  20. djdabush


    People were worried we would get into trouble with the FA due to the purchase and valuation of Villa Park. I'm much more worried action will be taken when people realise we only paid £2m and Gary Gardner for this guy.
  21. Think it massively depends on how much the buyback is. I think we need to start thinking differently about our transfers now. With our focus on being young players with potential, any that start living up to that potential are likely to be bought off us at a significant profit. We can then reinvest that money sensibly. It’s a far cry from what we’ve been used to over the years but a much more sensible way of running the club.
  22. It's the strangest thing to go onto a Sheffield Wednesday forum and see them panicking about losing Steve Bruce. It would be a shame really because after that article in the lead up to the game at Hillsborough I really wanted to rub it in when they realised what dire football Bruce would eventually get them playing.
  23. Pretty harsh of you to put the patented SGC kiss of death on the lad, let's hope he fancies a game at Gloucester City
  24. I mean there's a simple way to sort this out. Anyone dare to count how many toes he has?
  25. I was just scrolling down this page, quickly scanning it and almost had a heart attack thinking Southampton had come in for him. Don't do that to me!
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