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  1. Guzan was solid today, very confident keeper. Can't help but feel Given was unlucky to be dropped though. The guy literally helped keep us in the league last season and I hope those slating him remember that. Seems he has fallen out of favour after his error last week. That's the life a goalkeeper I guess, one **** up and you've had it. Fair play to Guzan though, he will keep Given out of the team permanently if he performs like this every week.
  2. I don't think any of our current crop of Academy graduates, with the exceptions of possibly Clark and Weimann, are anywhere near good enough to take us to the next level. I see them going on to become also-rans in the same mould as many who went before them (Gardner, Ridgewell, Moore, Davis, Samuel, Whittingham etc) There is no doubt our academy is very good and consistently brings players through. But apart from Cahill, in recent years how many of those players ever go on to be considered top class? Gabby and Vassell made the fringes of the national team but neither of them are world beat
  3. Weimann has to be ahead of him in the pecking order surely? Don't think Fonz will ever get close to making it with us
  4. Exactly the same description I was about to use. He's dire but exactly the kind of player that McLeish admires
  5. Three year contract apparently. What happened to his usual 12 month rolling one? He'll lift Sunderland guaranteed. Another club to compete with now for 8/9th place obscurity.
  6. Their squad is laughable and about to get even worse! Tee hee
  7. They've started a download campaign on Facebook to get a version of Keep Right On into the charts. So far the group has just over 800 members. Hardly going to trouble the top 40 with that kind of support! Almost as bad as their matchday following!
  8. Their chants throughout the game were truly pathetic as always. The "veeela" one is just ridiculous, laughable even. And I lost count of hearing "The city is yours when we're down in London" Jumping the gun a bit aren't they? God I really hope West Ham can beat break their dirty little hearts And their attendance was a disgrace
  9. I'm just glad its out in the open now. They've got the money so just let em pay us top dollar for him then **** him off asap. I'm not losing any sleep over it this time. We didn't miss Barry and we won't miss Milner. Theres always another player to take his place. And if we get around £30m for him, we are laughing to be honest. He's a class young player but I've seen better.
  10. Starting 11, on our day, when fully fit....yes The squad as a whole just ain't up to it though. Fair amount of dead wood needs clearing out and O'Neill needs to realise now that he MUST buy some big name, big money players and start rotating more. We will not progress much further otherwise
  11. Can't wait to see what crap they ship over to Small Heath and force Mcleish to play. They look clueless to me, seems all they are really bothered about is creating a brand in China
  12. Pleased to hear you are over the worst of it General. Welcome back!
  13. I would like to add my thoughts on the booing General. I was at the game and yes, it was definitely audible at the final whistle although it has to be said out of the 41,000 in attendance, it only sounded like a minority. It was a frustrating conclusion to the game after so many chances and the blatant timewasting and cheating by Wigan at the end didn't help. But there is still absolutely no excuse for it whatsoever. At the end of the day, there are a few idiots at every club who will just never be happy I'm afraid. These boo boys are the same ones who phone into the radio talk shows aft
  14. Its been a top season General! 6th place is a very respectable finish in what is the hardest league in the world and shows fantastic progression. Please pass on my thanks to Randy for everything that has happened this season on and off the pitch. Can't wait till August now!
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