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Bollitics: VT General Election Poll #4 - Leaders Debate one


Which party gets your X  

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  1. 1. Which party gets your X

    • Liberal Democrat
    • Conservative (and UUP alliance)
    • Labour
    • UKIP
    • Green
    • Jury Team (Coallition of Independents)
    • BNP
    • Not voting
    • Spoil Ballot

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No change, spoilt ballot.

But Clegg impressed by a country mile. Cameron, nah, even less convinced. Brown did much better than expected.

(And ITVs Bolton lot are **** easily impressed).

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we have international allies who have more than enough to discourage anyone, the danger of korea or iran attacking us? its not going to happen is it, and if it did the international community, the yanks in particular would jump straight in, IMO its a waste of money

The Special Relationship isn't what it once was. And it's irresponsible to rely on our allies for the long term. The update of Trident will make it viable for the next 40 years, a lot can happen in that time. It's for precisely that reason that we have to have to maintain the deterrant. Yes it's expensive and not popular but in a changable world climate, we need to prepare for the worst and in a world that has nuclear arms, we need them.

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No change for me still Labour

ditto, but Lib Dem

I wouldn't vote for them as I'd see it as a vote towards a Tory win .

Given our first past the post voting system Ash, why? :?

if you lived in a seat where the lib dems were the 2nd biggest party to the tories, would you not consider it then, to oust the blue noses?

If you're in a safe labour or tory seat, would make no difference anyway.

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I would vote lib dem, as the only hope for the UK is serious change in the way the crooks are voted into power. and only some shift can achieve that. blue tory, nor red tory will acieve that. Only their desire for power will incorporate a libdem pact that will enfoce some change. Throw the rest of the policies down the toilet. Change of governance is the primary requirement.

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Change of governance is the primary requirement.

couldnt agree more

the problem is the lib dems are doing so well in these debates but not enough to overthrow labour, instead they'll split the vote and labour will squirm through as winners

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No SNP option?
Are they UK wide? Even the greens have 300+ candidates.

The poll says "who gets your vote". SNP are a major player up here. Some Scottish Villans might vote that way. Same for the Welshies and the Ulstermen - they have viable alternatives as well.

Might be interesting to add them to the poll.

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just watched it on sky+

tbh , and maybe the format was the cause , I don't think anybody did that badly tonight

For Sure Clegg was patronising and annoying , Brown was ..well he was Brown wasn't he , that forced grin , he even dragged it down to Pop Idol politics with reference to Britain's got talent and X-Factor , shows that based on his appearances on are close to his heart ..

Cameron ..he was the Cameron I've seen before ..he may not have impressed the VT lefty brigade (no surprise) and he probably won't have impressed the Vt Woolly brigade either (No surprise) ..But he will have convinced a lot of floating voters tonight ..We can argue about policy all we like but look at him on the NHS tonight ..he spoke from the heart , he's a bloke that deeply cares and that is what I've always said about him ..and in that regard i'm prepared to overlook some of his policy wishy washiness

So a close contest , and i suspect all leaders will feel they did well and will all think they scored points

BTW Did i see Gordon promise us another referendum :-)

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As Cameron is the one in the 'driving seat' (ahead in the polls against a long-term goverment some people are just bored with let alone we're in a recession), I was looking for him to impress me. Cameron failed. 3 out of 10. :(

I thought Clegg and Brown did fairly well. Both 7 out of 10.

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tony - the comment about gordon with x factor and that bollocks, clegg tried one about utd signing someone from outside the EU (which is still a stupid law, someone who will be paying £30k a week in tax needs to be playing for their international team to get in, but a bulgarian market stall owner doesnt need anything) its got no place in political debates, trying to be clever and they failed

and why when talking about the NHS did DC go off on one about cancer? his segment on the NHS was largely about cancer pills, sorry but its got far bigger scope than that

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