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  1. For some reason, any precedent regarding relegation is what I’m most interested in.
  2. I did wonder how UEFA’s statement affected Belgian European places for the next season. Did the Belgium League announcement if the current league positions counted as final for European qualification, relegation and promotion?
  3. Impressive for a 4 year old to know Donald J.’s full name!
  4. Didn’t have Michael Laudrup as poor at parking.
  5. The highest figure on that table is 0.1617% of the population so 2% would be more than a 12 fold increase in just 2 days. Did you mean 0.2%?
  6. You’re confused. Eufa is the name of a hipsters newborn.
  7. Strangely I now wonder just two things: What is the age of consent for a lizard? Would the world now have a cure for cancer if just one of the thousands of “Dear Jim’ll Fix It, will you fix it...” letters had gone on to “promise to do anything if you make Grandma’s cancer go away.”?
  8. brommy

    Pepe Reina

    It seems sensible to read ‘25 minutes without oxygen” as time without oxygen enrichment, for example via a pressurised gas container; not that Reina didn’t have access to the 21% oxygen in air! The former would have caused many Covid-19 sufferers great discomfort and a terrifying feeling of not being able to breathe, the latter - certain death. Get well soon Pepe.
  9. I don’t think they are advocating playing - until the government decrees it acceptable - just that the current plan is to play the remaining fixtures whenever it is deemed safe to do so. The relative success of the current restrictions will be clearer by the end of April. This will give an indication, not a guarantee, of whether the restrictions could be lifted enough to play the remaining games, perhaps behind closed doors, in June. Whilst there’s still a small possibility of completing the season without affecting next season, I can see why they haven’t voided the 19/20 season just yet. There’s also a chance they plan to complete the season even if it does impact next season - although a recent statement from UEFA appears to steer away from this.
  10. I have changed to bold the key word in your post. It is also possible that restrictions are gradually lifted (even if only enough to play behind closed doors with players, staff and officials that have tested negative or immune), in June which could permit the remaining games being played before late July, therefore having little or no effect on the 20/21 season. In any case, there currently still seems to be a desire amongst many with football influence to play the remaining games whenever they can be played, even if that impacts heavily on next ‘season’ and the format that takes. Time will tell. It could be the PL is simply waiting for the government to confirm restrictions past the end of May before voiding the remaining games and effectively the 19/20 season., although I currently think we will need to play our remaining games at some point.
  11. I hope you're correct but given the numerous statements about the need to complete the season, I still think they will do everything they can to play the remaining games as soon as possible, even if that's behind closed doors in an attempt to minimise the impact on when the next season can start. I think they will find a 'work around' the contract issues that, given the extreme circumstances, the vast majority of players will accept.
  12. "30 quid NOW or the uniform comes off!" ??
  13. Takes me back to summer term at school when the milk monitor wasn’t quick enough to move the daily crate out of the mid-morning sun.
  14. Another to add to the many reasons I”m happy not to be on FB.
  15. Had a work colleague stopped by police asking where he was going - no further action as he was driving to work but it did prompt an emailed letters that individually name staff. Letter states ‘it is important that this person is not stopped travelling to and from work’. Letter also states it is valid for the named person only when accompanied with photo ID.
  16. True. Contract amendments will need to be mutual.
  17. Amendments to contracts are likely to be required - not just in professional football.
  18. I do agree with much of the first half of your post but I think many people are so fixated with an August to May season that they think the season must be voided unless it can be completed without affecting next season. I don’t think that necessarily follows.
  19. Unless professional football is never played again, I think the push to complete the remaining fixtures is strong enough that even if the virus is declared no longer prevalent (through drastic reduction or an available vaccination) in one years time, the remaining fixtures will be played in April/May 2021. In other words, I think the season will be completed literally whenever they can, although for obvious Villa related reasons I hope I’m wrong.
  20. I think it will be played whenever it can. Even if it’s 2 games per week for 5 weeks in July or August followed by a very short break and preseason before starting a new season in the autumn.
  21. I think many, many people will need to re-evaluate their levels of “that’s not fair”.
  22. Stopped at Asda Oldbury on way home from work at 5:50 this morning. 15 minute queue to get in the store. Got a few things that were unavailable yesterday but still no pasta and rice, whilst the single ‘cage’ of meat and poultry was being taken before the hard working Asda woman could put it on the shelves. Many items limited to between 1 and 3 per customer (correctly so in my opinion). 15 minute wait at the checkout - felt weird at 6:50 in the morning. Good news: shoppers were generally patient and calm. Not good news: ‘social distancing’ was non-existent. On a good note (I think), during my regular nightly M5 & M6 commute from Worcestershire to Greater Manchester, I noted that whilst the number of cars looked about 50% fewer, the number of lorries appeared about 25% greater. Hopefully this is a good sign that the distribution supply chain has stepped up to help meet the ridiculous demand of this current stockpiling phase. Hopefully the stockpiling will ease once people’s fridges, freezers and cupboards are full.
  23. From what I have read, the virus is relatively ‘heavy’. Whilst it is projected via a cough into the air (and could directly infect someone within 1 metre, much reducing at 2 metres), it quickly settles on to surfaces, active for up to 12 hours but that time is massively dependent on the type of surface and the immediate environmental conditions. I don’t think that qualifies it as an ‘airborne’ disease. Assuming @lapal_fan hasn’t coughed all over his car’s back seats, it seems a sensible and largely effective precautionary way to carry ‘at risk group’ passengers.
  24. Despite my wishes (for obvious Villa related reasons!), I think there will be a push to complete the leagues whenever possible. Even if that were in October and November with a shortened new season starting at Christmas (perhaps home or away, drawn by lots).
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