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  1. I've seen no sign of him unhappy at the club or unsettled in the area so what gives you that feeling?
  2. Without my reading glasses, I read that as 'fanned'.
  3. Do you only read, listen or watch media that agrees 100% with your opinion? Pete merely expresses his opinion, which in regard to the penalty kick being an unnecessary risk at just 1-0, could be seen as reasonably valid. If he’d have got major fact wrong like saying the game was still at 0-0 or El Ghazi’s penalty record is poor, I could see why you’d be ‘turned off’, but to dismiss his whole channel because your opinion doesn’t match his on the style/risk of a penalty kick seems, well... laughable.
  4. brommy

    Ákos Ónodi

    I understand your question but, assuming he wasn’t at fault for Rushden & Diamonds’ goal, saving a penalty in a 2-1 win goes a long way towards being motm.
  5. I’m more concerned about (in descending priority) The somewhat unprofessional publishing of club interest. ‘Catched’ instead of ‘caught my eye’. The lack of a question mark at the end of the opening question.
  6. @MaVilla What do you think of the atmosphere at Villa Park when we’ve played blose, boggies, dogheads, and more recently the Villa hating, chip on their shoulder, leeeeds? It’s no wonder that SAF found the atmosphere intimidating at the clubs that absolutely hated (with a passion) his team. It’s often mentioned that Anfield can be quiet against other teams and leeeeds wasn’t that noisy before their recent trajectory. Not saying they don’t have decent support but it needs to be compared like for like. Conversely, I do think that football support in general is traditionally more fervent in the north compared to the midlands. Concentrating back on our club, I thought the atmosphere against Newcastle was okay and yesterday, good. My 24 year old son sits 2 seats away (my wife in between) from me in the Upper Holte and three times we gave up on short conversations because we couldn’t hear each other with the Holte in near full voice.
  7. brommy

    Being late

    Unnecessary emergency braking ftw!
  8. Unbelievable that you were still walking into the glass with 15 stickers on! Glad the 16th will avoid further bloody noses.
  9. I believe Pete has been in Canadian sports media for a while but I don’t know much beyond that. I have a feeling his direct involvement with Villa media will slowly blossom. I’m sure he’d jump at the chance.
  10. I’m also not on Twitter but I think the vast majority of Pete’s content, i.e. The Holy Trinity Show is on YouTube, not Twitter.
  11. Been watching Pete The Canadian (what sort of middle name is The, perhaps parents were fans of Winnie Pooh?), since a few days after channel started. Well made and with a balanced level of detail and insight, his videos are very, very enjoyable.
  12. I know it's not the done thing to post something away from the extremes on the internet, but my answer to the above is somewhere in between. It's incredibly early days for Buendi at Villa, especially in terms of competitive games. Yesterday I saw a good work rate and signs of his forward play ability. I'm happy to give him the time to settle back in to the PL in a new team before casting negative judgement.
  13. brommy

    Dean Smith

    Years later, Morgan Sanson has barely aged.
  14. Blud fam! Arsenal fans’ dream.
  15. brommy

    Masks !

    It would depend on who you asked but I strongly suspect it would go along these lines: Legal advice - mask not required. Health advice - mask advised. From the data I’ve seen, the risk of infection remains greater in enclosed spaces than in open air. I’ll be reducing the risk by wearing a mask for the couple of minutes it takes to get through the turnstile, concourse and steps to my seat. I will then be unmasked for the 2 hours seated in the open air and then mask on for the short time until back outside after the match. I probably visit the toilet once every three or four half times, so I’d use a mask then. Wearing a mask at the game will be a personal choice. For me, it’s no hassle or discomfort to wear it in the slightly riskier environments and hopefully reduce the likelihood of me unknowingly infecting others or being infected.
  16. brommy

    Masks !

    I’ll probably do what I did for the VP practice session. Mask on as I join the queue, through the turnstiles, concourse and to my seat, then mask off at my seat when not enclosed.
  17. Reminds me of the tabloid press who insist on heatwave headlines in Fahrenheit (I assume their readers think 86F is hotter than 30C), and Celsius for winter headlines (thinking -10C sounds colder than 14F).
  18. With a match day squad of 20 including naming 9 subs, I think it’s safe to say Carney will be in the first team squad for every game this season, barring injury or a lack of effort in training.
  19. I don't see Ming's vocality as 'ranting and raving' and I don't suppose if Ty kept quiet during matches it would cut out his very occasional mistakes. I'll be surprised if Ming's isn't named captain, but trust Dean's reasons either way.
  20. brommy

    The NSWE Board

    A very small but possibility none the less.
  21. I'm hoping it's not too late to also register 'Villans' to indicate a stronger link to our club.
  22. Even more likely to start if we have fitness issues in the forward wide or defensive wide positions. Perhaps a start against one of his old clubs is on the cards?
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