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  1. What a shockingly amateurish and stupid thing to do. Just about as daft as his line about making us as big as Real and Barca. Who is advising this man? I'm worried about this fella. Something doesn't feel right, he acts like a clown and we've seen no evidence of his supposed billions.
  2. Lerner has not been good for Aston Villa. We can perhaps put it down to naive enthusiasm when he first took over, but he lost all financial control. The club is still paying for that now, and as a result we have one of the thinnest squads in the league and relegation is a distinct possibility this season. Relegation would be a disaster for the football club. If we carry on down this road our uck will run out and we will be relegated. Bad business decisions cost us. His 'Five year Plan' never survived beyond the third year. It failed. The buck stops with him. Also the utterly bizar
  3. It wasn't just the awful tackle. His whole performance was that of a circus clown who, for some reason, found himself on a football pitch playing in front of 50,000 people in a dark blue jersey. Truly terrible player.
  4. I imagine there are some less one-eyed commentators around, but just now, none come to mind. He's a polemicist, and good at what he does, but not a source of independent and objective judgement. In my biased opinion... :winkold: Well read it and see what you think. One thing that conspiracy theories never are is objective, so it's a score draw in that respect. My point really was that it's not 'obvious' that Kelly was murdered, and that a strong case can be made that he simply committed suicide. His family seem satisfied that's what happened.
  5. It's not bleedin' obvious at all. For example, read the chapter on Kelly in David Aaronovitch's book 'Voodoo Histories'. He deconstructs the murder conspiracy theory pretty devastatingly. Almost without exception, when you begin to look at the evidence, conspiracy theories - theories which are more complex than the conventional explanations - evaporate. Occam's Razor rules.
  6. I dunno if any of you guys watched the Scotland match on Saturday but Hutton was an abomination yet again. Should have been sent off for a two-footed lunge in the first half. Whenever Serbia attacked, their players waltzed past him like he wasn't there. He's a thug who must never play for Villa again.
  7. Great bit of kit, enjoy! And congratulations on kicking the evil weed.
  8. I've got a Riva 510 using refillable Boge cartomisers. Not had a fag in almost a year, these things are fantastic and a lot lot cheaper than cigs. I would recommend them to anyone. One of the best things I've ever bought.
  9. We're short on quality. Expect us to finish 9th-11th. First year of a major rebuild so we'll all need patience I guess.
  10. Either Dundee (Div 1 runners-up) or Dunfermline (relegated) will take the 12th spot. Most agree up here that it'll be Dundee that are invited to take the spot.
  11. Fans of the other clubs have made it very clear they will vote with their feet if 'The Rangers' are ushered back in with a slapped wrist. If that happened the SPL would have about as much sporting integrity as WWE wrestling. Reports up here are that some SPL clubs have only sold a few hundred seasons tickets, as fans wait to see the outcome of the Zombie vote before they decide whether to renew or not. SPL chairman do have a dilemma - no visits from 'The Rangers' and the resulting financial loss - or voting in the Zombies and driving their own fans away from their clubs, fans they can il
  12. I have it on good authority (from a senior board member at an SPL club) that the SPL chairmen have already spoken informally about whether they should let 'The Rangers' into the top flight, and the outcome of those discussion was that it will be a resounding 'no' vote. 'The Rangers' need an 8-4 vote in favour to get into the SPL. At the moment they are nowhere near gaining that amount of support, according to my source. 'The Rangers' will then have to apply to the SFL to enter Div 3. The outcome of that vote is also not a foregone conclusion. Hopefully this shitstain on Scottish socie
  13. Either Martinez or Lambert will be great by me. Both have qualities that are exactly what our club needs right now. Most importantly either one will unify the club from top to bottom if appointed.
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