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Bollitics: VT General Election Poll #4 - Leaders Debate one


Which party gets your X  

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  1. 1. Which party gets your X

    • Liberal Democrat
    • Conservative (and UUP alliance)
    • Labour
    • UKIP
    • Green
    • Jury Team (Coallition of Independents)
    • BNP
    • Not voting
    • Spoil Ballot

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didnt watch the debate as I only just got in from work but what was that right at the end? Did Gordo forget or ignore the agreed procedure for the credits at the end? Seems that Camerwrong and Clugg stayed on the stage and Gordo dived into the crowd to press some flesh, leaving the other two on the stage looking a mixture of annoyed and bemused until they gave up and went on their own baby kissing excercise as the credits rolled

Seemed the other two were annoyed by it anyway

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i'm still set on cameron, thought he did well tonight. thought brown was acting like a little girl the way he kept trying to give it the "and i know nick clegg agrees with me..."

also, all 3 annoyed me a bit at the start by the way they all tried to come out with the most emotive story: "i met a someone last week who..."

anyhoo, conservatives ftw

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anyone watching newsnight? cameron standing away from the lecturn means he showed more dominance by all accounts! GB used prayer hands which is a sign of weakness

anyone watch the documentary about the yank ones on IIRC tuesday night on the BBC, was brilliant stuff to see all the tricks and techniques of a bloke just stood there talking

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and why when talking about the NHS did DC go off on one about cancer? his segment on the NHS was largely about cancer pills, sorry but its got far bigger scope than that

Because of Labour's immoral targeting of cancer patients, using a database they have no right to use. Oh just wait until my missus gets her Labour communique for cancer sufferers, I suspect she may try and shove down Gordo's throat herself. To say its pissed her off is an understatement

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Sorry, what's the difference between not voting and spoiling your paper?

You registered your dissatisfaction in the system. You took part. They count spoilt ballots as well.

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No SNP option?
Are they UK wide? Even the greens have 300+ candidates.

The poll says "who gets your vote". SNP are a major player up here. Some Scottish Villans might vote that way. Same for the Welshies and the Ulstermen - they have viable alternatives as well.

Might be interesting to add them to the poll.

agree, it's a skewed poll. The UUP get put up as an option, yet they currently have 1 MP (I say 'currently' knowing that actually there are currently no MP's for anyone as parliament is dissolved). However, Sinn Fein, SNP and Plaid aren't up there as an option, yet have around 13 or 14 MP's between them and are not represented. With the current potential for a hung parliameent surely 14 broadly nationalist broadly left wing seats are a considerable block of influence? Certainly more so than BNP and UUP and Greens et al.

If I wasn't a lazy i.t. illiterate little oaf I'd do something about it!

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Brown 20%

Cameron 26%

Clegg 43%

None 11%

ITV Poll (4000 sample) on who won the leaders debate

Clegg 46%

Brown 37%

Cameron 19%

That's on their website.

mine was off the tellybox, in fact its still there on pause

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Was interesting as well in that all the news of late has been about Brown and his bullying and he even tried it tonight didn't he ..constantly talking over his time limit and talked over the others a few times as well

It made him look arrogant tbh

It will have been a lot of peoples first real time seeing Clegg and thus i'm not surprised that a few have scored him highly .. I just couldn't find myself agreeing with anything he said sadly ... I've backed it before on here but I do agree with Brown over education until you are 18 and it's possibly the area where Brown won today

Ultimately it could well be that Cameron's privileged background is going to cost him the election ..

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So what exactly did Clegg do better than Brown and Cameron?

He appealed to the disillusioned electorate.

Brown and Cameron never really went fully into detail but instead suck to their usual guff. Cameron especially failed completely about discussing his policies and was completely incompetent on the economy.

If that works for you, well so be it.

But Clegg played his cards right and as a politician there isn't much more you can do.

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