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  1. Adjusting to the move up from middleweight... by fighting middleweights. Nice one, Ed. Anyway, looking forward to McDonnell-Kameda II tonight. I fancy Jamie to squeeze another close decision.
  2. Sounds like the Carl Johanneson fight which took place on the Haye-Maccarinelli card.
  3. I don't really think you can count a stoppage based on swelling against his chin. There aren't many but I think the real key is that those 2 didn't abuse their bodies like Hatton has in his time off.
  4. Hatton will face Vyacheslav Senchenko in his comeback bout. He looked awful against Paulie, but it's not too bad an opponent I suppose. Munroe-Quigg rematch on the undercard though.
  5. Could be worse, Jesse Owens was reduced to racing against horses to make money. It's a different thing entirely. Jesse Owens was an amateur sprinter, Roy Jones jr has (conservatively) earned $100m from boxing and given how good he was at his peak, he will always be able to get a gig in the media talking about the sport. He doesnt need the money. I'm not sure about that. It was reported not long ago that he's got a very big tax bill. The kind that I'm not sure his gig at HBO covers. How anyone could spunk that amount of money is beyond me though.
  6. Chris Eubank Jr also fights tonight away in Denmark. Channel 5 are going to show it on 12:30am on Tuesday. Unfortunately Lee Selby has been pulled out of his fight tonight by the Doctor as he has flu.
  7. The fight sold well, that's why both sides were talking it up. Although that's looking less likely now with Junior testing positive for Marijuana. Another example of his lack of professionalism. A good night ahead of us tomorrow with Burns vs Mitchell and Frampton vs Molitor. I think Burns will win a fairly comfortable decision. I think Mitchell will have a lot of problems closing the gap. I don't like Molitor's chances against Frampton. He looked very faded last time out, and got a bit of a gift really. He should stick around for the final bell though. Selby vs Lindsay and McCloskey vs Perez aren't bad fights either!
  8. Buster Douglas netted $48K for KO Mike Tyson, and Tyson made something like $8M for getting knocked out...sad. You don't get what you deserve in boxing, you get what you negotiate.
  9. Lopez was an awfully matched opponent. I can't give Canelo any credit for the win really. What makes it worse is that Lopez only got $212k, compared to Alvarez's $2m. I would have loved to have seen him in against Williams. What a shame.
  10. I think you're very much in the minority with that thinking. Ward is clearly the heir to Floyd's throne though. Martinez vs Chavez this weekend! Can't wait!
  11. What I worry about is the way Martinez consistently slows down during the middle rounds. If he does that in this fight when Chavez will be coming on strong then I think he could be in trouble. He really can't afford to give away any rounds as well, because if he's going to get a decision it's going to need to be very clear. The biggest question is whether Chavez's chin can hold up to Martinez's power. We can't expect him to have tightened his defence a great deal so his chin is going to need to be really good. He's shown a great beard so far in his career but he's never fought anyone who digs anywhere near as hard as Maravilla. :shock:
  12. I don't see why HBO would try to build him up. While he's a good, exciting fighter he doesn't exactly fit the demographic they usually go for (See: Broner). This is what promoting has become.
  13. There's been a bit of talk about Floyd-Martinez, but it's all coming from Sergio's end. I don't think it's a fight that interests Mayweather all that much. Although I'm really not sure what options he has left. Golovkin-Proksa being on HBO is a strange one. Both making their debut, and it's not even for a legit belt. GG vs Martinez is a good fight, and we'll know a lot more about Golovkin's chances after tonight I suspect.
  14. I don't think it's particularly difficult to remove Sturm's jab. Yes, it's a great shot when it's working. It's a stiff, accurate shot. But he needs space to work which is why it was ineffective for large parts of the Macklin fight, and his poor footwork means that it's not too hard to stay out of range against him. I can't see the Geale-Golovkin fight being made. I don't think the money would be there for it. A Martinez-Geale fight is probably more likely.
  15. It's on Sky Sports, but they haven't got it live. It's on at 8:30am, and repeated later in the day. Better than nothing, I guess. I fancy Golovkin to stop Proksa in the second half of the fight. Proksa's defence is fairly poor at the best of times and as the fight goes on he's only going to open up more. He makes a lot of ineffective movements and wastes energy doing so. When he tires and Golovkin connects it's only going one way. Proksa's best chance probably comes in a fire fight, he's got a decent dig and Golovkin's chin is fairly untested, but I really don't like his chances in this one. Interestingly the WBA have said that they're going to order a fight between the winners of tonight's fights. Yeah, a unification for the same organisation's belt. I can ignore the belts though, we all know Sergio Martinez is the Middleweight champion, and appreciate that we've got 2 decent fights between contenders tonight.
  16. Yep Mack was a B level at best SMW and is a B level at best LHW. Froch should win this by stoppage. Mack has been stopped before by the likes of Liberado Andrade and Glen Johnson. Cloud also stopped him last year in a title fight I seem to remember. Looks like the Bute rematch will be early(ish) next year. Mack is a decent tune up considering Bute is fighting someone with more professional kickboxing bouts than actual boxing ones LOL. Grachev is a better opponent than what I was expecting for Bute. He's coming off a brilliant upset win over Sillakh, who a lot of people (myself included) were tipping for the top. Saying that I think providing Bute head is right following the Froch fight, he shouldn't have any problems and look great in the process. Grachev's built slightly in the Glen Johnson mould, yet not quite on his level. I was interested to hear that Froch was saying the rematch could take place at a catchweight. That's a bit of a strange one really, and if it happens makes the fight an even harder sell. On Bellew, I think you're being a bit harsh on his chin. Look at the powers of recovery he shown against McKenzie, particularly the second knockdown. I don't think it's going to be an issue for him. Especially with his much improved defence since leaving Arnie. Ovill McKenzie really doesn't warrant the journeyman label, btw. :?
  17. Carl Froch to face Yusaf Mack on November 17 in Nottingham. An easy one, but he's earned it.
  18. It's a good fight but the fact that it's at 168 instead of 175 puts a bit of a downer on it. I think you've got to make Ward a clear favourite for it. I think he'll make Dawson look completely clueless, even if Dawson can do the weight well. I wasn't impressed by him in the Hopkins fight, and he's up against a much greater talent here. If Hopkins still had the tank to throw a half-decent amount of shots he would have beaten Chad. We all know how mentally weak Dawson can be, I think he's going to start to crumble after a couple of rounds when he can't lay a glove on Ward. After this, assuming Ward wins, I'm not really sure what's next for him. Perhaps the winner of Pascal-Cloud, but beyond that I can't really see anything left for him of note.
  19. His robbery over Quintero a couple of years earlier was even worse. True, I think Teddy Atlas went mad over that if I remember correctly. Although that fight was very much early days, Broner couldn't have been more than 10 fights into his career and it was only like an 8 round fight. Ponce de León was more revealing for me as it was quite recent and on a much bigger stage. Broner's ego is incredible for someone of his (in)experience. I'd love him to put his money where his mouth is and fight someone like Juan Manuel Marquez at 135lbs. Absolutely yeah, but it's a fight Quintero took at 3 days notice and Broner was very much expected to win. He seems to have got a free pass for it by most though. I don't rate him as much as most people seem to. He's improved a lot and is still young, but I don't like this Mayweather impression of his. He's nowhere near as slick as he thinks he is, and I think he would be better off fighter more as a boxer-puncher. Him and Marquez would be a cracking fight. I'd still like to see him fight Burns. I think Burns could potentially give him real problems.
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