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PL: Blackburn a Ratings and Reactions


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now for the over reaction

Yeah sure the "doom merchants" will probably be out but we can't just overlook the problem.

I love MON as much as next man but today he did probably lose us the game.

5-4-1 always seems to work better for us, why not just stick to that?

Heskey on for Delph?! Just utterly stupid.

Then he says the rift between him and NRC is over, yet he refuses to play him!

I definitely don't want MON out and he has got many great qualities as a manager but the game today brought up a lot of questions on his ability.

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yet another below par performance, only blackburn are better than blues, fulham (away from home) and pompey so we came out with what we deserved - **** all

petrov in a 442 is a joke, made dunn look like pele

petrov should be benched if we are going to persist with 442

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More disappointed today than the Wigan defeat.

Only listened on the radio but it sounded pretty shite. Undone by what sounds a pretty dodgy penalty award but we should have been well clear by then against 10 men, and a team who had only picked up 4 points before today.

I am now going to switch off all football programmes as I'm rather pissed off

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you win some, you lose some.

some games you should win you will lose, some games you should lose you will win.

i'm not that upset by one loss, our season is going pretty well so far, and i hope this was a minor blip, and we get back to our normal level in the next match.

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People are going to moan about anyone that complains by saying that it is an over-reaction no doubt. However, the simple fact is that today we just weren't good enough. MON got it wrong and the players just didn't have what it took to break down an average Blackburn side.

I think our wins have gotten to peoples heads and they have forgotten how poor we have been in all of those wins (other than against Liverpool). It's true that the three points is the important thing, yet we really need to start playing some good football and getting results that way. We can't rely on playing poor and scraping results for the rest of the season because it won't happen.

Hopefully we will bounce right back, however today has been three points dropped. I think it is down to both MON and the players. MON got the tactics wrong and the players weren't good enough.

The more I see us play the more I worry about our team. We look extremely average in all honesty and I often feel that some people have claret and blue tinted specs when they say how well we have played. The players are just not up to scratch at the moment and really need to pull their fingers out. Speaking of which, when was the last time Young put in a good performance?! I don't like singling players out, however Young has been poor for a while in my opinion.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. We lost today and it feels awful, however we must move on. I just feel that we have a deeper problem though. Oh well, life goes on....

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