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  1. Thanks! Got myself something for a fancy dress party for 59p!
  2. Week in Cornwall when its the Jubilee week and a week in Portugal in October. And not forgetting V festival and Leeds festival!
  3. I am genuinely gutted for Stan, he was and is my favourite player and will always be a true gentleman. We are all behind you in your fight. Get well soon.
  4. Where I work (Mercedes Commercials) we had a spate of more than 20 being stolen in one evening it's a major problem for us and our customers, the precious metals in there make them valuable for selling on.
  5. Things I have knowledge on is pretty limited, Psychology and the workings of the human mind and the motor trade (specifically commercial vehicles) seem to be the only things that come to mind. Although I do like to think I know a lot!
  6. emma_villan1


    I did my first run for a couple of months on sunday, did around 2.5km and was happy with being able to get back in to it and run that far without stopping! Aim for this year is to complete a 10km race!
  7. This makes me laugh! I had a facebook picture of me in a Villa shirt bit of posing going on (fully clothes may I add) and amount of random people who try to add you! Must be the attraction of the Villa shirt not that face!
  8. A really good musical is blood brothers, really enjoyed that!
  9. My dad is a massive lover of HMV as he has CD's everywhere, even he now has taken to getting them offline which is much cheaper than HMV. He is a music boffin and has commented recently on how much HMV have gone down the pan, hardly any specialist CD's he wanted and a lot more dvd sections. Personally haven't brought anything from there in ages.
  10. I need help with a secret santa gift, we have decided to do a secret santa between a group of friends mixed girls and boys. I have picked the worst possible person one of the lads and need a guys opinion of ideas to get him, the limit is £10 and his personality and interests are as follows, he isn't really in to any sports he tolerates watching Villa and more of a Inter Milan supporter! What he tends to do in his spare time is play on the xbox, Fifa, COD etc... And he goes to college in the week. I really need some suggestions as to what get him or ideas, anything would be appreciated!
  11. Genuinely saddened by this, didn't know him but remember his posts and avatar of the polar bear as they are my favourite animal. RIP Paddy.
  12. emma_villan1


    Someone I know has just brought a Breitling watch, over £5000 looks nice and all that but would not pay that for it! It costs over £300 to have it serviced, a car doesn't even cost that much! Unless you were rich I don't know why people buy them. Another work colleague has a Rolex I don't see the point!
  13. I'd quite like to have a look at the messages if someone would let me know the login and password!
  14. This is the best thread in a long time!! Brilliant and very entertaining!
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