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  1. I think it's a absurd to assume that out of the thousands of managers who are currently in the game, none of them are better than O'Neil, or if they are, those people are already managing the likes of AC Milan and Barcelona. So we shouldn't care whatever MON does, he's the best we'll ever have, so even if his tactics are bewildering and ludicrous, it's not a concern, MON is the best we will ever get, and we should just accept it. I think anyone who thinks that there isn't any better managers out there who would want to come to Villa is being highly illogical, because subjectivity over
  2. I'm still waiting for Downing to come back before judging O'Neil. I'm placing on my hopes on him being O'Neil's answer to our lack of creativity. I hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment.
  3. I was one of the 3 to vote undecided. I think MON has done great for now, and it'd be wholly illogical for him to go at the moment, he has built a good squad, a good first team, and we are doing pretty well under his charge. But I just think his flaws will prove to be a problem when we want to challenge the likes of Man U and Arsenal year in year out and also the likes of Barcelona, AC Milan, given that our goal is to get back into the Champions League. MON's major flaw has been his tactical acumen during the game itself, and his unwillingness to use his substitutes. I understa
  4. Anyone have a recipe for a good potato salad? Warm or cold is fine. Preferably one that doesn't call for any meat. I know some call for bacon.
  5. My point still stands. Faded in the second-half and had to resort to fouling to prevent players from getting past him. That is still a major liability in our team.
  6. Still disappears in the second-half. The only way he can defend in the second-half is by fouling other players. Just watch the next game.
  7. Heskey won us 2 extra points at Pompey and 1 point at West Ham. Apart from that, he's done absolutely nothing for us. His contributions in games have been woefully inadequate considering the opportunity cost of playing an extra midfielder. Because of that, whenever he's on the pitch we are visibly worst off. One of the worst signings ever.
  8. Watched a classic today: Risky Business. There's some awesome moments in there ...
  9. A young man met an older woman at a club one night. He figured she wasn't bad-looking for a woman in her 50s, so they drank and danced for a bit. They spent the night talking about their lives, and the older woman told him about her 20 year old daughter who had just finished her studies and was looking for work. After a while she asked him whether he ever had a mother and daughter threesome. Startled and excited the young man answered no. She replied that tonight would be his lucky night. So they went back to her place. She put the hall light on and shouted upstairs:
  10. It's early days so far, but Beye does seem to get beaten easily down his side. Insua, Koumas and one of the Rapid players all just skipped past his side to help create/score goals. Against Fulham he looked solid because no one was working the left-flank. I don't know. Maybe he needs to get used to our expected level of competence in defence. Because I'm pretty sure it aint the same down at Newcastle. I'm still more confident with Luke. He's our best right-back at the moment.
  11. A major problem of his is that of getting strength on his headers. When was the last time you saw Carlos thump a header all the way back out to midfield? Laursen and Mellberg to an extent did that magnificently, but Cuellar seems unable to head the ball further than 10 yards. He gets no height and distance on his headers at all. Playing the 4-5-1 helps alleviate this weakness as there are more midfield players to pick up the ball after Carlos has headed it out, but in a 2 man midfield as seen in the Wigan and the Rapid game, Carlos's weak heading only gives the opposition another chance to
  12. Actually as it stands right now we might want to consider Young - Warnock - Petrov - NRC - Milner as our 5 man-midfield. I say this because Warnock can be an additional option on the left, which takes the burden off Gabby from drifting out left all the time, and instead focus more on attacking the ball in the box, because Gabby does have good heading.
  13. People worry about the 4-5-1 being not 'offensive enough for us to play at home to break teams down but clearly I don't see this as an issue. Especially shown today against another team who played a 4-5-1, we can carve out good chances from open play with our formation. I just wish our defence(Cuellar in particular) had a bit more balls to play less square passes. And it's very annoying when we pass the ball all the way back down the pitch from good attacking positions. If our players had that little bit more confidence in their passing game we'd be very much better.
  14. I voted Turner too. Seriously underrated. He has tremendous ability in the air, he can really attack a ball, similar to what Laursen did for us. So Turner.
  15. I only drink/use milk occasionally so I get UHT. It's more convenient.
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