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PL: Blackburn a Ratings and Reactions


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Bad result against a team that plays horrible football, typical Alladyce rubbish.

But only the second defeat this season. I'm not too disappointed, we got a long way to go yet.

MON has made mistakes, but he's also took 3 points from every game apart from Wigan and today.

I'm not crying like most.

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This was inevitable from around the time the team sheet were announced, no NRC? no 4-5-1? A manager with MON's experience should know better IMO. Petrov was really poor today and has been in a 4-4-2 system, we had no shape or desire to win the game. Terrible perfomance IMO, a draw would have been fair but thats football at the end of the day, hopefully MON can spot his errors and rectify them for the Citeh game.

The problem is, he keeps repeating the same mistakes. Its like he doesn't watch the game?

This is incredibly frustrating because we can all see it. It is sooooo obvious. You do not have to be a great manager to know what MON is doing is wrong - formation, teams and subs.

How many times are people going to defend him and say he is a great manager who has had an off day??

He is a very frustrating manager, I do wonder if he has some sort of personal agenda with some of the players at the club for E.g Petrov/Heskey etc They never get dropped if they are consistently not playing well or brought on from the bench ahead of other players at the club, I don't understand it.
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Watched it in a pub in Moseley didnt deserve to lose or win to be honest i could not see them scoring after they went down to 10 men and the penalty was abit harsh, yes it hit his hand but i thought it was all to do with intentional handball and he could hardly get out of the way from 2 feet!!!! Draw was a fair result but the biggest thing from that match for me was that Carew looks pants should have slid in for a chance from a milner shot before they took the lead but overall look dis-interested to me. Gutted really because we have a tough run coming up where everyone needs to be on their game. Not all doom and gloom though Man City will be very interesting to see how we bounce back.

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This was inevitable from around the time the team sheet were announced, no NRC? no 4-5-1? A manager with MON's experience should know better IMO. Petrov was really poor today and has been in a 4-4-2 system, we had no shape or desire to win the game. Terrible perfomance IMO, a draw would have been fair but thats football at the end of the day, hopefully MON can spot his errors and rectify them for the Citeh game.

If he is going to leave players out for no other reason than being stubborn and spiteful and that leads to inferior results he can **** off as far as im concerned.

You my friend are talking utter shite. Grow up

Not good enough I'm afraid. If you disagree with someone then tell them why, explain why they are wrong, show them the light, explain, cajole and dismantle by all means, but at least give the benefit of a decent reply. This one isn't what villatalk is all about - OBE

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People have every right to criticise the manager today, as indeed I have done already.

But I fail to understand how one can question Martin O'Neill's ability to take us further, when a win today would have been the best start to a league season since pre-historic times.

He got it wrong today and it cost us the game, but he'll sort it out and we'll bounce back.

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His pride got the better of him today.

No it got the better of villa, villa > mon and he needs to realist that. This nonsense with coker is mental we were desperate for someone like him today.

Apart from score on his debut what has pesky the girrafe/donkey with the 50p head done for villa that warrants his place in the team. 85 mins of dross that got worse after the worst sub ever.

Tacticals lost us the game today fact, I wouldn't normally get so upset after a good run but its the manner in which we lost a game we should have won.

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i dont think its 442 thats the problem so much, and i dont think its right to say petrov cannot play in 442 at all. weve won plenty of games with him in a 442. i think we can play it certain games. 1st half today we were fine, seemed to be passing it around better.

however, 2nd half blackburn stepped it up a bit and we got outmuscled, especially when MON put milner in the middle to accomodate heskey. with that bit of pressure we seemed to totally change. we werent passing it any more and reverted to long balls and get it out wide and cross it in. blackburn are strong in the air so it was never going to work. somebody like NRC in there would have given stan, milner and young a bit more time on the ball to create something, so MON messed up the subs there.

but still, we have got to improve our keeping of the ball, even if teams arent allowing you much time on it. there was no threat through the middle 2nd half today and even when blackburn went to 10 men we couldnt keep the ball, tire them out and get a goal. we just kept with the long ball and crosses. for me that is down to tactics and what is done on the training pitch because we do have technically good players like petrov, milner, young and carew. MON said before the season that he knew this was a problem, but he doesnt really seem to have done much about it.

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Well that was a little disappointing wasn't it ?

t'rovers down to 10 men, Delph on a yellow, Carew a little lack lustre, oh I know let's make our midfield even weaker just to make it an even entertaining game

MON rating = :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Even with only 10 men there was only one team that looked like they believed they could win and it wasn't us.

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I have a plan - Let's buy some decent midfielders that allow us to play 4-4-2 without looking shite. Petrov is not good enough and it's laughable that people thought he was better than Barry. At the end of the day , we have one game plan - Ashley Young. However, our midfield is not good enough to give him the ball in threatening positions hence hwy he is a shadow of the player we had 12 months ago.

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Friedel 7- did particularly well and made two excellent saves of note.

Cuellar 6- ok defensively, but really he should be playing in the centre, and did nothing to suggest he should be moved from cb. Doesn't offer as much at RB as Beye, and arguably gardner and coker.

Collins 6- Arguably also to blame for the first goal

Dunne 5- surprisingly fragile

Warnock 6- ok

Milner 7*- villa's best player, providing a constant threat and workrate. Became ineffective when moved inside and killed our chances of getting something.

Petrov 3- utterly inept, out of depth and overrun in this system.

Delph 7- nice passing and again lively. Lost impetus when he was taken off, and unfortunately was booked for a naive challenge doing Petrov's dirty work.

Young 5- not in the game, and delivery was too inconsistent.

Carew 4- failed to hold the ball up, and dare i say it, looked lazy.

Agbonlahor 6- got the customary goal and did one or two decent things. Struggled when MON killed the shape towards the end.

Heskey- Not worth rating. Wrong position completely. I sympathise on this occasion.

MON 2-I'm thinking this should be the line up for Man City;


Milner Dunne Collins Heskey

............Petrov Warnock

Cuellar Young Carew


At least its 4-5-1. His performance is not worth rating as his tactics are utterly farcical when things don't go right. He got it wrong from the start, and the system/substitution at the end was purely comical.

And don't give me any of this "for a comedian he's a bloody good football manager". It was comical today and it certainly isn't funny if you're a Villa fan. Trouble is, we have the players to compete at the top, and a system that can IMO compete with the best. The fact is that MON will cost us crucial points at times this season unless he becomes less stubborn, as he is unable to correct something if it is wrong in the first place. In this instance he was wrong in the first place and somehow managed to make things even worse.

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I thought the tactics were fine - in my opinion. It was the defence's inability to cope with their high balls into the box and our poor ball control that cost us.

I love Milner but this is the second away game in a row where his passing, crossing, shooting and positioning have been utterly woeful. And Ashley's free kicks were poor today, costing us opportunities for goal attempts.

To me the game was ours to take when Grella went off - moving Heskey upfront and replacing Carew with Albrighton would have really stretched them.

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First of all, i dont want MON out. He is 100% the right man for the job. But to paraphrase him, he is the boss, so the boss in this case has to take some responsibility.

OBE has put it in better words than i could have, so i will talk a little bit about the tactical breakdown of the game.

Last week agaisnt pompey, i thought 4-4-2 would not work, i advocated a 4-5-1, i got porved wrong. Maybe i gave pompey too much credit, but todays tactical battle was why i am against a 4-4-2, especially without NRC. Delph will come good, and was not bad today, however Stan cannot play to his ability in a 4-4-2 without an industrious partner, Stans strength is linking play all over the field, and breaking things up with positioning, not athleticisim. In a 4-5-1 he is a classy holding midfielder, in a 4-4-2 without that partner (some could make the argument even with such partner) he is just not at ease.

JC has so much ability but is playing with nowhere near the confidence level he has, Gabby is the flip side, and long may it continue.

Back to the tactics. No sidwell today, should have meant NRC slotting straight in, wether in a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1, beleive me i know NRC limits as a footballer but he is a huge part of the system we play at Villa. Delph is hungry, but playing with Stan needs discipline as you will have to do alot of his covering, again in a 4-5-1 he can just sit and dictate.

Milner and Ash, What a pair of players! They are brilliant, and i love em, the 4-5-1 system give us/them the flexibility to change to offensive and defensive structure at the drop of the hat, in all honesty, Heskey is and should be our 3rd choice forward in a 4-5-1.

The sub today, i was in the match thread, and i think everybody thought the same, WTF!

I couldnt quite work out what he was thinking? It was still a 4-4-2 with Hesky as a left mid, and Milner center mid, now looking at the bench we had 2 center mids (NRC and Gardner) to bring in for Delph, maybe MON saw a weakness in Center mid that Milner could exploit, fine, but why not put JC up top on his own (or even Heskey), Gabby out right, and Ash on the left, gone 4-3-3 and played Milner, Delph, with Stan provding cover to the back four that Dunne (David) was proving was much needed.

I am not posting for effect, or do i not beleive, cos i do, we have a fantastice manger, squad, owner, club etc...

I suppose hindsight is a wonderful thing ;)(ps if Albrighton was not out on loan, would he not have been better to put in out left, or even out right, and bring Ash out left, than Heskey? Again OBE told it better than me, and i will papraphrase him, players didnt lose it today, system did!)

Brad - 7 - Did nowt wrong

Cuellar - 6 - Not a right back, gave his all!

Dunne - 6 - Not his fault, should have done better with first goal

Collins - 7 - Love this guy, composed, and keeps possession!

Warnock - 7 - Did well, great signing

Ash - 6 - Worked his socks off, needs to be more direct in taking his man on, if you mess up forget, it, get up and do it again!

Jimmy - 7 - Love this guy, everything about a villa player rolled into one

Stan - 6 - Struggles in a 4-4-2 without a warrior cm partner

Delph - 6 - Full of energy, lots of talent, will be good for us

Gabby - 7 - What more can he do, getting better every game, this loss hurt him, walked off the pitch without any handshakes, good, losing should hurt!

Carew - 6 - So much talent! if we continue to play 4-4-2, we need NRC back and JC firing on all cylinders!

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