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  1. I agree that the bottom 5 are equally shite. Not so sure about the manager point. Watford were dead and buried before Pearson was appointed and he may well keep them up. West Ham were right to change managers, it was appointing Moyes that was inexplicable.
  2. King Edwards Aston - solidly Villa when I went there. We used to play Villa v the rest and still outnumber the noses and glory hunters. As for moving the ground if you think the people of somewhere like Sutton are going to put up with the disruption of having thousands of people descend on your area once a fortnight then you’re living in dream world. Maybe we should do a Reading and move to some soulless industrial estate on the edge of town, Aston is far from desirable but then again neither is Anfield, Walton and lots of other areas where traditional grounds are located. The local
  3. I was across the road from the Green when the bus came passed and it wasn’t one or two bottles - it was loads. I had to move pretty sharpish to avoid the cans and bottles which were coming over the coach into the Villa fans on the other side of the road. It was pretty intense where I was and so can only imagine what it was like on the coach.
  4. Rodgers was my first choice but happy with Smith if that’s the choice. Would have picked him ahead of any of the untested candidates. Also happy if Terry is on board.
  5. As if the likes of Henry or Faria wouldn’t have been massive risks. Every managerial appointment is a risk. Of the names that have been prominently linked to the role Dean Smith is probably the least risky after Brendan Rodgers.
  6. We’d spend a lot of money on better players and compete with the teams mentioned just like every other team that has been promoted in the last couple of seasons.
  7. There were always going to be unexpected results before the end of the season- unfortunately it was us on the receiving end of one. 2nd place is not definitely gone - Cardiff still have some tough games to come and we are still ahead of Fulham - but the margin for error from now on in is pretty much zero. Hopefully win the next 3 games which we are more than capable of and see where we are then.
  8. A quick check back of this thread in August and I see you had us finishing no higher than 10th so hopefully your forecasting skills are still as perceptive.
  9. Derby and Fulham have recent experience of choking in play off games so there’s no reason to believe that we are somehow inherently weaker than these teams if we do end up in the playoffs. Still reckon we’ll go up automatically so should all be academic in any event.
  10. KT3AVFC

    Keinan Davis

    He’s very much a work in progress but there’s lots to be positive about. With Keenan playing we’re a much better balanced team and it’s no surprise that since he came into the team our midfielders have started to contribute a lot more goals.The goals will come in time.
  11. With so many of the teams immediately around us playing each other tonight whatever the outcome results were going to go against us. I think I’ll wait till after we’ve played before joining in with all the wailing going on here tonight.
  12. Zero hours contracts are a relatively new concept. If an employer was truly happy for someone to choose as and when they wanted to work then that person could work on a casual basis. Fixed term contracts simply tie workers into employers with no obligations on the part of the employer. If this was truly about choice then give employees the choice of whether they want to work on a zero hours basis. If they don't then they should be guaranteed a number of hours work.
  13. Amazingly they've shifted 3,000 tickets for the Fulham game which is probably more than they've sold in the last 5 away games.
  14. Not my dream choice as manager but then again I was also completely underwhelmed at the other realistic options. Now he's the manager has my full support.
  15. Really strange those people who would like to know the truth about what really happened to their loved ones. I'm sure your view would be very different if you were one of the people who had been affected. Taylor didn't address issues such as whether there was more that could have been done to save lives, the systematic attempt by the police to cover up their failings etc. That's why people are still campaigning after all this time. I can't stand much of the mythology that surrounds Liverpool Football Club (as they seemingly have to be referred to) but on this one JTF96 have been spot o
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