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  1. For me our lack of pace in midfield, our wastefulness out wide and the lack experience are our main weaknesses. Throw in the lack of a threatening striker and we were always there for the taking. We are tailor made for man city. Smith should revert to 4.3.3 with Guilbert and hause as fullbacks, play a higher defensive line to squeeze the space in midfield and nullify the lack of pace issue in midfield and play two holding players make us harder to play through. Put Grealish in the middle where he can properly run the game. We need our wingers to stop easily giving away possession and finally we MUST sign a quality striker.
  2. He is just a limited player. Good finisher, good long shooting, set piece Specialist. The rest of his game is average at best. Lacks creativity, strength, speed, aggression, average first touch. If we can control possession against inferior teams he will kill them. In a close game his long shooting and set pieces can be a game changer but conversely we are easier to play through. Against a superior team he is dead weight and should never start.
  3. Seems to me he is thinking he now has 3 players that like to sit in front of the four so he can play Jack in the middle with any 2 of the 3 and unleash Jack. Or even Conor with any 2 of them.
  4. I agree with that but Drinkwater went to Chelsea where he clearly was never going to play many games. This season his loan to Burnley was poor imo he probably needs half a season of regular matches just to get sharp again.
  5. I somewhat agree. But on the left where Jack was playing Targett was getting good support generally, but Targett hasn't been convincing.
  6. Agree with this. Trezguet has the right attitude and protects his fullback as well. Which is why I'm happy to persevere with him. El-Ghazi needs to pull his finger out though.
  7. As I see it after the last 3 games where we got well and truly spanked confidence was low and the players were very nervy. The performances have been poor. The pressing, the defensive organisation, the passing it's all been abject since the Man u game. They have shown way more than this so far this season, so the doom mongers saying this group of players will see us relegated are jumping the gun. We desperately needed a win yesterday and we got it. Hopefully that settles the lads down and we can get a good result at Watford. There were some good signs yesterday despite the average performance. Hause and Konsa did very well. Luiz for me had his best game in a Villa shirt, Jack is putting in captian performances, and Mings should be back soon. We also created a few good chances. Our fullbacks are still an issue. Targett is getting found out, Guilbert has been sloppy, Elmo is average at best. Nakamba's passing is predictable and ends up being intercepted half the time. El-Ghazi could have had 5 goals from his last two matches instead he has none. The team in general have been too wasteful in front of goal. Wesley is not getting into goalscoring positions. My main worries are the flanks. Our wingers aren't performing, our fullbacks aren't either. Our spine has some good players with some depth (barring upfront) I would spend big on a winger this Jan and a pacy option upfront.
  8. Agreed, but I don't thing is being played as one. I think that's the expectation of fans, who are now hating on him for not being a good traditional target man. He is being used as what I would describe as a strong false nine. When we are in our own half and win it back he is expected to hold it up and link up, but rather than run straight for the box after that he stays with the play to link up and allow a quicker player to make runs beyond him. Problem is we are struggling to get those quickers players beyond him, and close enough to him and he is being left isolated. It should also be pointed out that the way Smith seems to be trying to use him take a very astute tactical brain, good awareness and anticipation. For a player new to the league, and the team, in a team which is new itself is a very hard task. We have seen him bully the Everton back two and get in behind them. That's Mina and Keane two very good defenders. He held it up and linked up well against Man U, Maguire and lindiloff two very good defenders. He has shown a clinical ability to finish. And flashes of ability in many other areas. He needs time and support, because I see a quality striker in him given another season or two, as he applies himself.
  9. This is total BS. Our main issues are failing to string passes together, simply defensive errors, and a lack of top level experience. His first touch for his one chance yesterday was good, he played some nice passes and held the ball up 2 or 3 times, that's not a terrible footballer. He did okay in the circumstances yesterday. He is.not the guy that will produce a moment of brilliance to change a game, but he is a team player, and hard worker.
  10. Who is living up to their preseason promise. Our main problems is we are hemorrhaging cheap goals, and losing the midfield battles.
  11. Actually Wesley held up the ball on a few occasions and was linking up quite well. When he got a decent ball into him. The problem with Wesley is that he isn't offering a proper focal point upfront because he comes deep often. That's more to do with how the manager is instructing him I believe. But it's also the underperforming midfield problem as when Wes drops deep, someone needs to go past him, and we need to be having more of the ball in the other teams half. These three matches have been woeful and Wesley has certainly not been the worse performer in any of the games. Although that's not saying much. The fact is Kodja offers even less than Wesley. Kodja was rubbish yesterday. I have no problem with people criticising Wesley, but much of the criticisms are unfair. The scapegoating of Wesley needs to stop it's unfair on a hardworking and talented young player.
  12. So what did Kodja do yesterday exactly. Because I didn't see anything of note. And as for working hard Wesley works harder.
  13. Poor showing really. We did create enough chances to draw this on the plus side. Generally we have been wasteful in front of goal this season. Heaton 6 - was solid made a couple of good saves but I don't like seeing keepers beaten by a nutmeg. Guilbert 5 - defensively ok, but wasteful in possession. Constantly gave the ball away. One that sticks out is when he had loads of time and space to make a clearing header with a teammate right there in space and he headed it into touch. Engels 6 - Is a steady eddie player has his limitations but does the basics well and today exemplified that. Hause 7 - Some will pick out that he was in no mans land for the first of Flecks goals. But it wasn't his responsibility to track Fleck, it was Lansbury. Defended well and used the ball safely, constantly helping Targett, the pick of our defenders, and the rest of the team. Targett 5 - Was given the run around, Sheff Utd passed the ball around him easily and he never got tight enough. But the the best of our defenders when in possession. Nakamba 6 - Protected the defense well in the first half. Kept things simple. Lansbury 4 - supposed to be our creative outlet in the middle but did nothing and lost Fleck for the opening goal. McGinn 5 - Always works hard, but like his last 5 or 6 matches did little of note with the ball and gave it away more than I would like. El Ghazi 5 - kept plugging away but kept failing to beat the first man on crosses, in the first half his balls for the overlapping Guilbert went astray alot. Missed a good chance. Grealish 4 - didn't get enough of the ball, in good positions (that was down to supply). Was non existent in the first half. Missed a sitter at 1 - 0 and a penalty at 2 - 0 with 12 minutes left. He kept trying though. Wesley 5 - Link up, and hold up play was decent, had little supply or support. Missed a chance. Showed good first touch in receiving the ball, but defender did well to force him wide and make Wesley miss the shot. Disappointed not to score but certainly wasn't an sitter. Subs. Luiz - has not adapted to the little time you get on the ball here yet, and needs to improve his marking, lost Fleck for the second goal. Kodja - Non existent, if someone told me he had a touch I'd tell you they were lying. Overall observations. Starting Lansbury was a mistake. McGinn needs dropping, but who starts instead? Grealish needs to be in the middle. Our fullbacks are improvements on their predecessors but have their limitations. Our movement is not good enough, this is particularly striking when contrasted with Sheff Utd whose movement is so impressive. We have more talent in our team and squad make no mistake, but the understanding and cohesion they have, combined with their desire make them a real handful.
  14. Wesley was living off scraps again but did well in the main for me
  15. People slagging off wesley here are being silly right now. We are losing be nobody in our midfield saw fit to track Flecks run. Because Jack missed a penalty and missed a very easy chance. McGinn has been non-existent, Guilbert has given the ball away time again and Targett has been passed around like he isn't there.
  16. Recently they have done well in numbers but for me they give the ball away or run down blind alleys a lot. They have been 5 or 6 out of 10 mostly rather than 6 or 7 out of 10 ideally. We play with attacking intent. We commit our fullbacks forward, we have only one defensive minded midfielder, our centre backs play with the ball, not just defend it. We should be scoring goals. But we need to control the ball better and have more possession. Our wingers are too profligate with possession and so has McGinn been lately
  17. Didn't play box to box was more like a playmaker.
  18. He can pass for sure, not underrated. But his ability to see is limited but the fact that when the ball is at his feet his head is down and barely comes up for a look. He first touch can be on the heavy side sometimes. Love him, but he has his limitations.
  19. His head down style limits him. He can't see so well what's going on around him.
  20. No that's not evident. What us evident is that when played in the middle alongside another attack minded midfielder leaves us exposed, and forced him further back. If he had license to roam in the centre of the park like he does on left he can be even more effective. Problem is our wingers haven't really been cutting it.
  21. For me his hold up play, and link up play have improved of late. As has his closing down. His movement is in need of improvement as it isn't quite good enough. This I agree with. For me I see a young, hardworking player, with talent steadily improving. Not the complete striker, a work in progress. In a match where we don't see even 40% possession it's very hard to make any impact as a striker. Whenever we have a decent amount of ball in the other teams half he does well.
  22. It does I think he needs to be a bit more sly with how he deals with defenders. The ref gave us nothing yesterday. I think refs see a big guy and think he just goes down easy, not realising the guy marking him a big beast with genuine pace (zouma).
  23. Shame about the injury, was starting to look a threat, we missed him after he went off against Man U. We always knew he had the talent. But he is like a good stout, needs time to settle.
  24. This guys is a 100 percenter. Always gives everything, is very nimble and agile. I like him a lot. Whether he improves much (and I think he will) as he is now he is a solid squad player regardless.
  25. Philosopher

    Ezri Konsa

    Engels would've got destroyed yesterday. That Chelsea team is so creative and technical for me they are the 3rd best team in the country, and only Man City can pick a team apart better than them.
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