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  1. Davis isn't at Wesley's level. He can hold it up better and is a bit quicker, but Wesley's link up play and finishing is way ahead. Davis just hits the ball at the target. A proper finisher looks at the keepers positioning, prefers to hit across the keeper, and doesn't let on where the ball is going. Wesleys weakness for me is his heading, which isn't weak, but for a man his size it should be a strength, which I can’t say it is. We need to send Davis on loan for a season he needs to go to the championship and be first choice. He needs games and finishing coaching and he can become a proper premier league player. But being our third choice isn't going to benefit him anymore.
  2. Wouldn't sell him for less than we paid. I believe he will be worth a lot more in the future. There is a player in there I'm sure. Some players are never the same after a serious injury. Others come back hungrier and mentally stronger! I reckon Wes will come back stronger. Not a player that relies on explosive pace and power so once he is confident in the knee, and regains his fitness and sharpness he will be a better player. Will need till January or February to get up to speed though. So all you Wesley haters will probably have a field day until then at least!
  3. Hopefully to all the wingers and strikers!
  4. I think JT has really helped our Centre backs. Hause and Mings have even suggested as much. Personally I think having JT here has been very beneficial to our inexperienced centre backs, remember Mings has only been a centre back for a season and a half. We should look to keep JT for another season then he can have a cracking at management.
  5. Looks a good appointment, only problem I have is that I heard he stirred things up at Leicester, leading to Ranieri getting sacked, because he felt he should be manager.
  6. This is an interesting read. Apparently Watkions performances this season where better than Maupays the season before. https://www.statsperform.com/resource/certain-numbers-uncertain-times-brentford-have-results-to-match-their-process/
  7. Well I'm more concerned about their chance creation in 19/20 actually.
  8. All experienced world class players at their peak. Rashford isn't world class yet and nowhere near his peak either (still a lot better than Tammy). Aubameyang also played in the centre half the time. Liverpool set up as their wingers to be main goalscorers. Firmino is more of a link man / workhorse. And city set up with Sterling as far forward as Aguero, looking to break the offside trap.
  9. Well I wouldn't be surprised. Watkins goalscoring this season gone has been exceptional, and he probably needed a season to master the position and build the confidence needed to play centre forward at premier league level to have a decent chance to succeed. Plus Deano doesn't make all the transfer decisions.
  10. Firstly I think this Brentford poster is a VTer in disguise. But sending Davis on loan the other way would suit us fine and Brentford would get a good backup striker. Would probably knock 1 or 2m of the transfer fee.
  11. Year older, scored same amount of goals as Tammy did for us in championship and has a better allround game. It would have to save us more than 5 million,l. I believe Watkins would cost less than 25m
  12. Rashford has been shoe horned out the the left for most of that. He also has terrifying pace, excellent dribbler and takes set pieces.
  13. Where did I say he was shite, what I'm saying is he is overrated and not worth 40m, at 30m I'd just about take him! At anything above that I'd rather Watkins at 20m to 25m.
  14. Yes but people are talking about him like he is anywhere near that class. But he is not, he is miles away. Abraham is just a tall poacher. Outside of goals he offers little, his goals to chance ratio is decent but not lethal. Overrated! Clearly!
  15. 15 goals and 3 assists in the 3rd placed attack minded Chelsea is not good enough. Kane would score double that if he was in that team. Rashford would hit over 20. Abraham is good but I think most Villa fans overrate him because of one good championship season for us. He lost his place to the 32 year Giroud!
  16. I do wish people wouldn't throw Jack into this. He is a player that at 18 made his debut in the Premier league and had a starring role against Liverpool in an FA Cup semi. We all knew he had the talent then.
  17. I would him being in midfield doesn't work if we are defending deep and not having much possession. But opposite is also true in that if we are pressing to opposition back in their own half and controlling the football with decent players in the attacking positions he would cut open defences. This season gone we generally had less possession, the wide players weren't producing just giving the ball away cheaply so Jack ended having to defend most of the time. The move to the left was essential as he was our our effective creative player so we needed him in advanced positions with the ball at his feet. He basically was our entire attack! For me his strongest suits are keeping the ball under pressure, winning free kicks and rarely giving the ball away (for an attacking midfielder). Throw in his weight of pass, then and his dribbling ability is becomes the icing on the cake. He is a playmaker and they can affect the game best from the centre of the park. We need a goalscorer who can link up well, a pacy, direct winger who can finish and an intelligent, skillfull winger, thats a dead ball specialist (the most fouled player needs someone to exploit all those free kicks). We get those 3 in front of him and defences will crumble!
  18. I would say 3 30m to 40m signings 2 10m to 20m and a one or cheap less than 5m. The 3 bigger signings 2 wingers and a striker. The 2 10m to 20m signings left and right backs. The cheap signing a cheap midfielder (experienced transfer maybe) back up as I would move Jack back into the centre as a 10 / 8.
  19. From the looks of things our budget is probably closer to150m. As we have links to full back on both sides, wingers on both sides, central midfielders and strikers. I reckon the 100m figure is the minimum spend expected. This is what I thought would be the amount we need to spend. Because of the relatively low wages we got the players in for last summer, plus the 150m TV revenue the shedding of high earners our wage bill for last season probably wasn't higher than our promotion season. Also another window of huge investment is absolutely necessary given we barely finished 17th with a quite pitiful points tally of 35.
  20. Wow talking about people embarrassing themselves! I thought we were having a reasoned discourse. Sorry but I didn't say he was better, I said Tammy wasn't any better. I see them in terms of ability on the pitch as on the same level. Wilson scored 8 league goals last season in a relegated team. 14 league goals and 9 assists the 2018/19 season in 30 games for a bottom half team. Tammy scored 15 goals 3 assist in 34 leagues games for the 3rd best team in the country. So where is the laughable difference in quality? You made yourself look bad!
  21. Tammy isn't a top striker, that's why they've signed Werner. I fail to see how Tammy is better than Wilson apart from being younger. We get quality on the wings that will also terrify defences. If we have 2 wing signing and one flops we can move jack back wide. We need to address our weaknesses, enhance or strengths while giving ourselves flexibility and options. 50m on Tammy won't achieve that! Plus let's say Tammy nicks an extra goal here and there, if our defence is better won't that mean a few less conceded?!
  22. Well I would put Jack back in the middle and get two wingers. Fullbacks are a clear weakness. Jack is most likely to stay if a we get quality in and b he is in his preferred position. Why keep bottle job Ghazi, when Trez produced when it mattered most? We spend 50m, but who, I don't see a decent name. Last season Callum Wilson was worth 40 to 50m, now at 20m one season latter he is finished! I actually agree we need a marque striker, but we can't afford 50m on a striker right now. We put all our eggs on a striker what happens if he is out of 6 months or more after 5 games? Buggered!
  23. Also people are forgetting Wesley hasn't even recovered from A serious injury and is likely to be a worse player now than when we bought him as a result.
  24. Exactly. They are Trezguet, ElGhazi, Guilbert, Targett, Hourihane, Sammata. At a minimum. OK Trez the Fbs and Connor are good squad players. But they all need replacing in the first team.
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