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  1. Good Day fellow VTers!! My name is Brendan and I'm a regular reader of the forums. I wanted to take a minute and let you all know about some travel plans that a few people and myself will be executing. This is NOT a commercial advertisement, think of it more like an open invitation. In January 2014 I will be driving my van from Portland, Oregon, to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I plan on spending 6 months on the road and getting to Brazil in time for the World Cup (I've been to the last 2 WC's and I'm definitely not missing the Brazilian WC!). I knew I would be doing this trip the moment a CouchSurfer from China gave me his 1984 Chevy Camper Van. It took some thought and planning but I decided that I also wanted to help others along the way to Brazil. That's when I decided that I'll be stopping at orphanages in each country to give back to the communities. That's when Portland to Paulo was born. And you're all invited to come along with me! The idea is to start a caravan of travelers to stop with us at the orphanages. We'll be donating them urgent and essential supplies as well as spending time with them and having some fun. All in all it's going to be an epic roadtrip that will help others along the way. I hope that me spreading the word will be something that pulls more people on to the trip with us. If you are interested please reply here or connect with me via Facebook or also through the project website: www.portlandtopaulo.org If you're interested and can't join us please spread the word and help get the cause out there! Thanks so much! Pura Vida -Brendan 'Avila' Mahoney
  2. Actually, I can, since it wil be put forward in the form of a documentary, but thanks for trying to rain on my parade. The money I raise will be for gas and film equipment, thank you very much. Try and act like I haven't done any research on this, puhlease.
  3. Hey VT, I'm working on a project right now, scheduled for launch in 2014. Right now it's in it's infancy, at least in the tangible sense. Right now the website is being made and the plan is coming together. I need a bit of help with a logo to put on the website and eventually on t-shirts, pins, etc. The plan is this, in January/February 2014 I will be driving my 1984 Chevy Camper van from Portland, Oregon, to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Others are encouraged to join me in whatever transport they have, cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, etc. The plan is to stop at orphanages along the way and donate items to the children. This will range from art supplies to reading and writing materials, toys, footballs, english classes, music classes, you get the idea. It's not affiliated with any other project or group right now, perhaps sponsorship will come later? Sometime in the next 6 months we will have a Kickstarter made (along with video). As for now we're still working on the website and more importantly, the logo. Below you will find a rough draft of what I was thinking. The image below was made by a friend as a rough draft and then she got busy doing other projects and couldn't invest any time into mine. Perhaps you, dear VillaTalker, can invest some time in a worth while cause? Any image you make I will of course give credit where it's due, online, etc. Below the image you will find an excerpt of edits that I was hoping my friend would do, but never did. Okay sooo you don't have to put the word "from" in there, you can take that out. I want the font for "Portland" to be the same as the one below...or something similar. It also needs to be more positioned to the left, so it's not "on" the continent at all...the word "to" I was thinking could be in the central pacific ocean, just to the west of costa rica's position, the word "to" can also be made smaller. You also don't need to spell "Sao Paulo", just "Paulo". You could probably move Paulo "north" a hair or two. If you take a look at the Brazilian flag, you could steal the exact shade of green, blue and yellow and use that as the color scheme. i like the red dotted trail thats pretty sweet. Of course, if any of you have a better idea and want to show me that's cool too. I really appreciate any of you that care to help me on this project. Cheers, Up the Villa! Pura Vida -Mahoney
  4. Hahaah that guy holding his wiener schnitzel is just waiting to eat, that was hilarious
  5. BUMP! Guys I need your votes! I am just behind the guy in 1st! HE's only got 150 views more than I so I know I can win this if I have you VTers vote for me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMwltqj6EAo&feature=bf_next&list=PLETr5Hq7_NBWM5XwSCZFuz-3SN3ts4h6L
  6. Thanks everyone!! You guys are awesome I knew i could count on some of you! I hope more of you see this and give me a Like. @ ED, totally an affect from Mac PhotoBooth downloaded pack I get the Heath Ledger thing ALOT. I've got a 192 other videos to compete with, but don't worry, I'm in the front of the pack. A few videos have more likes, 3 to be exact. They have me beat by a few hundred Likes. That can all change with YOUR HELP though. I was getting my ass kicked by a video that has now been removed due to violation of YouTube, so fingers crossed I can get 1000 more likes and I think it would seal the deal. Any ideas on how to get more Likes anyone? Is anyone an IT guru that could set me up with more viewership and votes? Thanks again everyone, really appreciate it. If I do win the ticket I'm definitely coming to Brum for a Villa match or two. Cheers! UP THE VILLA! (AND COUCHSURFING)
  7. Hey gang Halloween party tonight/tomorrow night. On of the parties theme is Obscure Reference. I've got long hair and a beard, know any obscure characters i could be, with minimal costume?
  8. Sorry to hear that chemist. Markavfc, I lost my step father in a similar situation. He had a tumor on his pancreas and lower intestines. Went through chemo and radiation to make it get smaller so they could remove the tumor that was the size of a grapefruit. After they removed it he had to user a chalastomy (sp?) bag, he was in sheer agony from the surgery on his intestines and wasn't able to digest food properly or even keep it down. Scar tissue on his stomach meant more surgeries, which in turn could cause more scar tissue. He had one more surgery that didn't make any difference. He wasn't able to eat and in the end he decided that he didn't want to continue with the life he would of had. He was taken home where he lived out the last of his days, about a week or so, no eating and hardly any drinking. Essentially he starved to death. I'll never forget that moment after I had rushed home at the news, and sat on the bed next to his lifeless body. It sucks that we die, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about it. I often do before I goto bed, maybe it's unhealthy but for me it's a reminder that I need to live in the present and not worry about the future or the past. I can't say yes or no to the answer, knowing would freak me out and put a number on the days left, I'd rather that be unknown.
  9. Yea I was at the start too, but they're hardly strangers after you read their profile, references and look at their photos. Most of them time that's a good way of deciding if you're gonna get on well with your host/guest. From there it's often times very fluid and communal in that you already seem to know them right off the bat. Maybe I'm just a hippy though
  10. Cheers Brumerican!! Much appreciated! I thought I could reach out to fellow Villa fans for that much more of a wide net of viewership. Thanks everyone who watches and votes!
  11. I know it's not hilarious (well maybe you think I'm funny looking??) but it IS on YouTube. Well, selfishly I am going to link my video on YouTube. I'm trying to win this video competition for a Round the World plane ticket. If you could please please please goto my link, watch the video on YouTube (takes 3 minutes) and then give me a thumbs up just above the play button on YouTube. I would much appreciate it. And please share if you feel inclined! Thanks!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMwltqj6EAo
  12. Well, selfishly I am going to link my video on YouTube. I'm trying to win this video competition for a Round the World plane ticket. Ifyou could please please please goto my link, watch the video on YouTube (takes 3 minutes) and then give me a thumbs up just above the play button on YouTube. I would much appreciate it. And please share if you feel inclined! Thanks!! Click me
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