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  1. That's probably why he's failed the test and has been removed as a director
  2. Very happy with Clarke as No2
  3. Hopefully our sister club will pay us millions in 'consultancy fees' like Man City's do!!
  4. I'm surprised Brendan Rodgers's name doesn't come up more in this thread Got Swansea promoted and established them in the prem playing good football He'd be my choice
  5. Has any other team in premier league history ever been points adrift at the bottom of the league and not made a signing in January??
  6. I'm surprised we're not in for Jordan Rhodes He would definitely come and we would have the championship's most proven goalscorer to fire us out the league next season Could maybe get him a bit cheaper than the £11m Middlesbrough were going to pay by giving them Gestede back on loan for the rest of this season as well
  7. Guzan Hutton Richards Clark Amavi Westwood Guaye Vertout Ayew Sinclair Gestede
  8. Come on Louis, match the bid and steal him from the bindippers!!!
  9. The system I think would work best would be 1 similar to Major League Baseball's luxury tax where there's a set wage limit of say £120m and clubs are allowed to go over the limit but for every pound they go over they have to put the same amount into a central pot which would then get divided amongst the teams that don't go over the limit So the 2 Manchester clubs could keep their £200m+ wage bills but they'd pay for it as would Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs at a guess and the rest of the league would benefit It could be applied in each league across Europe with maybe smaller wage limits for smaller leagues
  10. Because he's from Dudley and wants to visit the zoo again like he did when he was a young boy I Think big sam would jump at the chance - we may have to wait until the summer though... I completely disagree, everyone's saying he's out of contract but he's certain to get a new deal after the season they've had, plus he's already built a decent squad and he'll have more money to spend at West Ham, and theres the chance to lead them into the Olympic Stadium Why would he swap that for a club that the owner wants to sell and where he'll have to build a team from scratch with a limited budget 5 years ago a West Ham manager would of jumped at the chance of being Villa manager but not at this moment
  11. I think he's been promised the captaincy in the summer when Vlaar leaves
  12. From the Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2015/jan/25/aston-villa-fabian-delph--bournemouth-fa-cup After seeing Lambert's comments here does anyone else think that Delph's been promised the captaincy in the summer when Vlaar leaves and this has probably been a major factor in him signing a new contract
  13. The thing I can't get my head around is that if she was too drunk to give consent to sex with Evans then surely she's too drunk to give consent to sex with McDonald as well There's CCTV footage of her swaying all over the place and falling over in the kebab shop so surely she's too drunk to give consent to sex with MacDonald as well The jury deem that to be a fit state to consent to sex with McDonald yet despite not consuming any more alcohol, a few hours later she's in no fit state to consent to sex with Evans Do the jury really believe she was in a worse state than in the kebeb house??? Out of interest how many other premier league footballers do people think have done something similar? People like John Terry, Ashley Cole, Kieron Dyer,Jermaine Defoe, Gabby?
  14. A special player, the guy oozes class, how many centre halves in world football can light up a game when they get the ball like he does? If he stays injury free, by next season he'll be as good as any centre half in the prem apart from Kompany He's destined to go on and play for a huge club at some point but i hope he stays with us for at least another 2/3 years and doesnt screw us over too early
  15. His tackle today wasn't a good one but am i the only person who thinks it should only have been a yellow? Yes it was late and he lunged a bit with his studs showing and gave Mike Dean a decision to make but his foot was quite low and he didn't catch him badly, i still think it was only a yellow For me theres probably at least 10 tackles every week in the prem like that, McAuley's tackle on Gabby early on wasn't much better
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