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  1. He was exhausted, put in a proper shift. I'm starting to love Sammatta. Great work alone up top yesterday.
  2. Inexperience has cost us. We must also remember that our team under Smith has always been attack minded. This is what happens when your opponents have the fire power spurs have. Son, Moura, Alli, Bergwjin, that's a threat to any defence.
  3. We dominated midfield yesterday with DD a major reason for that. We lost because we couldn't handle the running of Son and Moura in behind. Simple balls over the top and straight through us catching primarily Konsa and Engels ball watching. Although Hause and our fullbacks were also guilty of this to a lesser extent.
  4. Never had legs. That's not his game!
  5. My issue with his ball playing is that he dwells on the ball too long, just keep it moving!
  6. He was slow then same as now. He doesn't have a great engine. It's ok that is all always held position in front of the back 4, read the game well and positions himself accordingly. Never really put himself about, was just efficient and disciplined. McGinn, Kante, Milner, Wijnaldum those are great engines.
  7. For me that was our best performance of the season. We just keep making stupid mistakes. Cut out the mistake we stay up comfortably. Keep making we probably go down.
  8. When you lose by a single goal every miss matters. Tottenham missed a hateful too. They kept getting in with almost every ball over the top or in behind, atrocious.
  9. Not sure you ever watched him for Leicester. It was his positioning and passing. Diagonal balls right into the path of Vardy were his bread and butter. Kante was the athlete and engine. Always been slow as molasses. Foe Leicester was usually in the right position to be able to put his foot in or foul without getting booked. Is a clever player. Just not sharp yet, but improving and getting there.
  10. 8 yards out in front of goal nodded down to him by sammatta I think.
  11. Philosopher

    Ezri Konsa

    I thought he was very poor. Made mistakes just got lucky they weren't punished. Passing was hit and miss today too.
  12. The worst of our defenders on the ball . But for me the best at defending. He makes mistakes, but make up for them. We need him to either pass it simple sideways or hoof it.
  13. Pick of the midfield. His best game in a Villa shirt for me.
  14. For me this guy is the best on the ball of all our defenders, but 2 costly errors even with the goal he scored. Is young and will improve.
  15. He was ok first half, not great. Missed another clear cut chance to score. This guy really frustrates me. Looks good in flashes. Has talent, but decision making and teamwork let him down. Also goes missing when the going gets tough.
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