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  1. I don't mind the tracking back issue so much if he is pressing well. Or tracking back and protecting his fullback if he isn't pressing, but to do neither seems lazy to me. Also when Jack plays centrally he does that work. Last season he was doing more defensive work too. I'm not sure if it's tactical, feeling like he doesn't need to put that work in anymore, or if he is carrying an injury, but for his defensive effort wasn't good enough yesterday. These days the best players contribute both with and without the ball. How I would use him out of possession is to press high, but tell him to
  2. I think it was part of the plan to play long out to reduce the likelihood of losing possession in dangerous area when trying to play out. We have all seen how well Leeds press.
  3. Well we beat Leicester. And Liverpool are renowned for their high workrate and pressing. We certainly lacked intensity i don't disagree. However I don't think we should've left ourselves as open as we did. I think if we had set up to be harder to play through and Jack had put in some decent defensive effort we could've got some out of the game. If you look at the first half it was even. We had a similar amount of chances and showed we could hurt them. The second half they started well again, got the goal, and took over is how I saw it. If we played against Leeds how we played against
  4. I didn't see that. I see him jump into the air and go down like he'd been shot. I have twisted my ankle, turned over it and all sorts playing footie and never had a reaction like that.
  5. From around the 15th minute to the 35 minute I thought we shaded them. Out working the hardest working team in the league isn't going to happen. When one or two press when the rest hold position, thats when those gaps appear. Leeds exploited that. Leeds press as a team which makes their press so effective. Our passing was poor and we never really tried to pass out from the back. Hitting it long appeared to be the gameplan. To not risk playing out for fear of being caught by their press. So I don’t think were dominated from start to finish. They did indeed stop us playing for la
  6. Trezguet is the guy you expect to help cash, but he was never there as Leeds continuously drew him out and then played it in behind him. This was not simply Trezguets fault as Jack didn't press or track runners back and made it easier for the Leeds defense. If your pressing high up is getting you into trouble you restrict your pressing to your own half and get your wingers to hold their defensive shape.
  7. They outnumbered cash. If it was Guilbert on the pitch it would have been done and dusted at half time. Well I thought Bamford should have seen a yellow for fouls on Konsa or the blatant dive in the box. I thought the ref allowed Leeds to be very aggressive and get away with fouls, and give a ticking off when a yellow was I order. So I do think the ref had an effect on the game. Not decisive however. It was a even game up until the first goal. The main concern before the first goal was how easy they got behind Trezguet and got one on one and two on one on cash. Deano should've made the
  8. The ref was poor. Martinez was decent. We got battered once we went a goal down and give Leeds the freedom of villa park. Smith should have had a word with Trezguet to hold his position and give cash some help. Instead he did nothing. Biesla changed their defensive midfielder on 20 minutes. Clearly Biesla owned Smith tonight.
  9. Cash battled hard. But was over run why did he get over run, because Trezguet and Watkins were pressing high and Jack wasn't. This made it easy to play through our press and then Trezguet is in no man's land while Leeds are swarming all over us. This lead to our downfall. To be fair to the lads. Until the first goal it was quite an even game we also had a few good chances, and the first half was very even. I was hoping we would get out of the block fast in the second half, but we allowed them too jump all over us. Jack was poor tonight. Totally justified Southgates preference o
  10. When Connor is asked to be the furthest forward of a midfield 3 he can be very effective. He has a very good shot and finish in his locker. He is a steady passer, and does work hard. The problem with him is he is lightweight in the tackle (far too easily brushed aside), slow and lacking in aggression. To me his current status as back up no 8/10 is exactly where he should be and in the last half hour of games his set piece delivery and nose for a goal could come in handy. I do feel like we miss a player that provides consistently good set pieces when he isn't on the pitch, but t
  11. Didn't even know this podcast existed till this morning. Just finished listening to the most recent edition. I must say I'm impressed. I'm a regular listener to the villa view and MOMS podcast. I have also listened to claret and blue podcast and 7500 to holte podcast. This has them all beat for me. In terms of analysis and opinion it easily has the greatest depth and most nuanced views. I found myself agreeing with most of what was said, I also found myself thinking 'i never thought of that' (which rarely ever happens with the aforementioned podcasts). I had many moment where I want
  12. Not trying to flog him at all. He is unsaleable in my eyes. What I am saying is there are only 3 teams in the world worthy if him. And City are only worthy of him while Guardiola is there. Villa are only good enough for him because he loves the Villa, and because the club is growing with him.
  13. Them or Citeh! City's style of play is made for Jack.
  14. I was saying for the last 3 summer transfer windows that if Jack leaves Villa it should only be to a Real or Barca level team. Man U aren't at that level anymore, thats why they couldn't get him. For me he is the best English footballer. Not Best player, but footballer. Because when it comes to having a football at their feet not one Englishman is fit to lace his boots. Now he hasn't reached his best form yet imo. He still has another level or two he can reach. When he truly learns when the best time to release the ball is, he will be a top 5 in the world player. If he can improve hi
  15. Agree with the first paragraph. It's spot on. The second is rather cocky! We need to keep cool and not get ahead of ourselves It's only 4 games in!
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