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  1. Agree with your point VillaChris. Only thing is that Bent at 18m to 24m was our record signing till we signed Wesley last season.
  2. I think we have to remember, if a player already is assured to be playing at the same level as our club, unless we can offer a HUGE pay rise they won't want to leave unless they need first team football. Every move is a risk for a player. The upheaval of moving, will they fit in socially, will they fit in tactically, will their bodies be correctly looked after? There is literally no point for St Maxim to leave unless we at least double his wages (if Newcastle are still in the prem).
  3. Maitland-Niles won't leave Arsenal unless he is guaranteed minutes. He is a very good versatile player, not sure he would command a first team place. Not convinced by Lookman. He is a player I'd sign to add competition to 2 very good wingers. Bissouma is quality. Would love him.
  4. Oyarzabal will have Real and Barca after him in at some in the next couple years. He would rather wait for that as he is thriving at a good la liga club. He won't leave unless Citeh come in for him.
  5. Well ffp is changing to allow more investment from owners. The new training us almost finished. State of the art facilities. A world class captain. An established prem team now. We are a big draw now. We will see a big signing this summer I'm sure.
  6. This guy would be perfect for us. Quality wide playmaker. Probably end up at Real Madrid.
  7. Yep he pretty much makes one mistake every game. Sometimes it costs us, sometimes it doesn't. He is usually pretty dominant otherwise. For me the problem is the majority of those mistakes happen when the ball is passed back to him. It's definitely something he can address if he is made aware of the correlation
  8. Yep, for sure. We need a top class specialist there. Someone more dominant than Nakamba and a better passer to boot. Nakamba is a poor striker of a football. He can pass short, but anything longer is terrible.
  9. Not sure about that. For the problem remains getting the ball out of defense. Now you could have Jack dropping deep the pick the ball up, but then you have him deeper than you'd like. Basically if Jack got injured you'd still have a problem keeping the ball and playing out of defense, particularly if your wingers are pacy direct types. All you need to do is drop deep give no space in behind, and the attack is nullified if Jack is out. What you'd have to do if Jack got injured is drop Watkins and play Wesley or Davis, but that is hard to do. The passing needs work. It would also still be a
  10. Considering playing out from the back was disastrous last season you maybe right. However coaches from Spain for example, drill passing patterns and scenarios into their players, to make the passing and movement natural. Our players clearly are looking for each other, which indicates 1, a lack of understanding between the players, and two they haven't been drilled enough. I don't think out of Shakey's teams have been proficient in passing move. The counter attack has been their forte mostly.
  11. For all the good work at Brentford they never got into the championship playoffs. Were always susceptible to goals against the run of play and rather gung ho. The defensive solidity we have enjoyed this season however suggests he has worked on that. So I don’t think it's the attacking intent that is the problem. I thinks it's partly getting the blend right, and currently not being able to adapt without the teams linchpin.
  12. All depends if we learn how to play out, if so then we may not need one. But I agree aerially we will be much better. On set pieces (defense and offense), defending long balls, winning second balls, we could even put him in the no 10 position and have him win long balls late in games if we need a goal. I believe a passing coach is needed.
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