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  1. But Rooney was fully developed physically already at that age
  2. I agree, which makes it more imperative that the fans get behind them.
  3. Experience will improve his defending. He is strong too, and has height. But it's not just pace, its agility and change of direction that is an issue. As a fullback he will be up against the trickiest, fastest and most nimble players on the pitch in a game where contact is fast becoming frowned upon and with almost every winger going down like they've been shot from the slightest touch, it's even harder. So while I agree he has lot of room for improvement he is naturally disadvantaged.
  4. Given what we have he should be a regular starter. Given our ambition he shouldn't be a regular starter. He is quick, not greased lightning, but definitely has a turn of pace. Second best dribbler in the squad. His end product is what is lacking, poor shots in good positions, poor crosses, over running the ball. Ironically all problems Salah had when he was young. With what we have, he is definitely worth persevering with.
  5. Problem is he lacks redeeming qualities. Elmo is the same but has that crossing ability (a redeeming quality).
  6. Not convinced by this player. Only one good season in a slightly inferior league which is very different stylistically to the premier league. And only played in Poland prior to that. He isn't even that young! He would be a risk, so performance related clauses making up the bulk of his fee is the only way to go.
  7. I agree, but he is still not good enough, and too old. Those are FACTS.
  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jack should only be allowed to go for a team capable of winning the league and the champions league. Domestically only Liverpool and Man City are in that bracket. Man who! I think Jack can give us another season if we stay up. He is still not at his prime and has his best years ahead, as a Villa fan why not give Villa one more year! Also we have billionaire owners what's to say if we stay up, we can't push on and challenge that group behind the top two in a season or two! As for England, I truly believe he is the missing link for England. Put him in front of Henderson and Rice, with Rashford and Sterling wide and Kane upfront is like putting reliable GPS navigation in a cruise missile. Pinpoint targeted attacks right at your enemies weak points.
  9. I have never been convinced by Taylor. He was for the most part poor in the championship, so how people think he is good enough for the premier league is beyond me. He needs replacing. However I do believe this window that isn't anywhere near a priority. To be honest I am concerned about Targett too. One on one he is poor, he also lacks pace, and for me pace is essential for a modern fullback. Generally he seems to lack the athleticism needed to play fullback at the highest level. Going forward he is very good his left foot is very good, shooting, crossing, passing and touch are all good on the left peg.
  10. Jota is also lighter than a feather and offers even less cover for the fullback then El-always loses his man-Ghazi. One is rarely there, and the other is like a gentle breeze in the challenge, utterly pointless.
  11. This guy never stops trying, never hides, always puts in a shift. Prefer him to El Ghazi. El Ghazi has a couple of good moments but does nothing the rest of the time and constantly leaves his fullback exposed. Wastes good chances and somehow people think he is good. Will take a trier over him any day.
  12. I agree. Also a championship player with 6 months on their contract is just not worth that much. So all the clubs involved will see that fee as a rip off.
  13. I thought he really helped us retain possession yesterday. Alongside Nakamba he can really excel. I have always liked the combination of a ball winner and a distributor. Put a playmaker in front and you have a midfield built to control matches. Add a potent striker and wide players with good movement and you have some sexy football to enjoy.
  14. His changed the the last two matches after coming on with a sublime pass and a solid finish, but in the match yesterday we kept possession better when Drinkwater was on. He needs to improve his decision making and concentration in order to excel in his position. I think Drinkwater was brought in partly for Luiz' benefit. As they are similar players (deep lying playmakers). Drinkwater is a good example to learn from for Luiz.
  15. I can see two new fullbacks and midfielder and a winger coming in permanently between now and next season. Possibly a quality right centre back too. I would also go for a big money striker in the summer and get one in on Loan for now. While I like Guilbert and Targett, they both have their limitations. If we really want to improve our defence, a left back that is good one on one and has pace is essential and a right back that is similar to Guilbert only a better crosser and a bit stronger would be ideal. If Engels isn't deemed good enough he will need to be replaced, and Chester's contract is up, so a right side CB with pedigree is necessary. We need at least 1 quality winger, as what we have now isn't cutting it. Trezguet and El-Ghazi are talented but to me are back up players at their current levels. So we need at least one winger good enough to walk into the first team. Jota is too lightweight, move him on while we can get something for him. Central midfield doesn't necessarily need a big imposing player, but having that option will certainly benefit the team. I like Watford's midfield 3. Capoue, Doucore, and Chalobah are good but we dominated in midfield for the most part. Drinkwater is showing signs, Luiz needs time to develop his undoubted talent, Nakamba won so many challenges and interceptions yesterday and was better with his passing. McGinn is to return, all in all not much is needed here. I would sign a Grealish back up say Eze for insurance.
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