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  1. Philosopher

    The NSWE Board

    To be fair to Dead deadly his axis was ego rather than full blown evil. Lerners was clearly incompetence, and Xia was a fraud. Ok maybe it does add up to an evil axis!
  2. The foundation was there we had the re-build the central defense that was it. Smith also lost or draw with a bunch of the lower clubs. That January and February was abysmal. Bruce deserves some credit. He did nearly throw away his good work. That fact is he was the right appointment at the time, a d he was sacked at the right time. Bruce isn't terrible just antiquated. He also had health problems and lost his parents.
  3. This makes sense to me get Grealish and Trezguet close to wesley stick two defensive mids in front of the defense and get McGinn doing his everywhere ts the same time thing. Be more conservative with the fullbacks particularly on our right side as sterling loves to get in behind and in that channel between fullback and centre back. Have El Ghazi come on for Trezguet in the second half as he will probably run himself in to the ground.
  4. How I see it is Bruce plugged the holes in the ship and got it a float again, and Dean unfurled the sails and set it sail towards the promised land.
  5. I would be satisfied with a point, as always we go for the win. Must be said though Brighton are no mugs. Their centre backs are good (Dunk and Duffy) and in Connelly and Maupay they have a lively front two. They also have hard workers in the middle of the park. Not an easy game.
  6. Were Nakamba and Guilbert Smith's signing or the scouting team's? Most of the time a manager has the final say in a players acquisition. In the case of Conor I'm pretty sure, in the case of Terry, I don't think we sign him without Bruce. As for McGinn I'm pretty sure the DoF and CEO had been sacked and Bruce was pretty much running the club on his own, as WTF does Xia know about football!
  7. We also should have had a penalty against spurs at 1-0 and penalty at Arsenal at 3-2 and an unfairly disallowed goal against palace. We were also a man down against palace playing a 4-3-2. Defending with 10 men behind the ball shouldn't happen against an Arsenal team with 10 men, it also shouldn't happen against a Burnley team we dominated for most of the match. For me it's experience and team cohesion mainly responsible for this. The palace game was or worst performance so far this season and we did deserve to lose that one.
  8. Way to early to make fergie comparisons. I think he is very different in style to fergie, in fact I think he is closer to Wenger than Fergie. He has a lot to prove, but he is at the best place to do it, and its looks to be the best time too! Also I think is untrue and unfair to potato-head to lay the turnaround all on Dean Smith. Bruce brought in the likes of Hourihane and McGinn, he sorted out the dressing mess, and got us organised and competing for promotion (**** up by decimating our defense before he got sacked). Plus it's down to Bruce that Terry became associated with our club. I don't like the football we played, I hated they way he spoke about the fans, but he has to take half the credit for turning things around as he stabilised the club, and in hindsight was the right man at the right time for the club, as Smith is now.
  9. Yep Norwich really did have a go. I do think 5 - 1 was slightly flattering, but a convincing win was still what we deserved. I think BBC had us equal with 21 shots each with us have one more on target. I think it's the manner of protecting a league, as you are spot on about not being able to attacking all the time, and having an attacking approach always leaves you s little open. Rather than defend a lead I believe the aim is to keep possession and stifle our opponents rather than defend with 10 men behind the ball. This takes a lot of practice so it's inevitable we will struggle for a few matches, till we get it down. I don't think we will really hit our stride till January.
  10. Well I'd put Foden right push Hourihane even further forward as a shadow striker. Playmakers on both wings Nakamba holding McGinn putting himself about. That's a **** team. No loans though!
  11. We should be looking everywhere to find the best players for our club. It doesn't make sense to overlook talented players wherever they play. I originally said we should be looking to sign a marque attacker (preferably a winger) in the summer. My reasons are two fold. 1; to raise our profile by making a real statement of intent. 2; Because I still see Jack's future in central areas and feel if we lack a little quality it's the wings. As while I like all three of our wingers as players, at best only two of them (POTENTIALLY) are near top quality and are not there yet. So bringing someone in that is already at that standard would improve the first team, as well the squad and lay down a marker to the media, our competitors, and our own players for what we are aiming for and where we believe we belong. As far as I am concerned Aston Villa is one of the 6 biggest clubs in England with potential to be the biggest. So while there is nothing wrong with signing Joe Lolley or Benrahma, we need to be thinking bigger, and aiming higher. Looking at player that will (potentially) get our first team to a level to compete with the top 6. We are Aston Villa, not traditionally second rate teams like City and Chelsea were.
  12. At the time I believed his value was 15 mill at most, which was correct I feel based on his injury record a d only having 5 months in the championship as a centre back. I was still fine with paying 20 mill though as his signing was always going to be vital to our chances and so to Villa his value was more at least 20 mill really. Now he has surely added 10 mill on to that 20 to 26 already, and so long as he stays fit will probably be 3 times what we paid for him.
  13. I think we bought him mainly as extra creativity, which based on how we performed without Jack last season we would need if he were to be injured. His pace or lack of is not really a factor as he was never a flying winger he is a wide playmaker. If we have lots of possession in the opposition half that's where he can really make a difference.
  14. Well for me that is where the quality of a manager is really put to the test. I have no doubt Dean can get us into the top half of the table, but the top 6 is the true test.
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