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  1. Recently they have done well in numbers but for me they give the ball away or run down blind alleys a lot. They have been 5 or 6 out of 10 mostly rather than 6 or 7 out of 10 ideally. We play with attacking intent. We commit our fullbacks forward, we have only one defensive minded midfielder, our centre backs play with the ball, not just defend it. We should be scoring goals. But we need to control the ball better and have more possession. Our wingers are too profligate with possession and so has McGinn been lately
  2. Didn't play box to box was more like a playmaker.
  3. He can pass for sure, not underrated. But his ability to see is limited but the fact that when the ball is at his feet his head is down and barely comes up for a look. He first touch can be on the heavy side sometimes. Love him, but he has his limitations.
  4. His head down style limits him. He can't see so well what's going on around him.
  5. No that's not evident. What us evident is that when played in the middle alongside another attack minded midfielder leaves us exposed, and forced him further back. If he had license to roam in the centre of the park like he does on left he can be even more effective. Problem is our wingers haven't really been cutting it.
  6. For me his hold up play, and link up play have improved of late. As has his closing down. His movement is in need of improvement as it isn't quite good enough. This I agree with. For me I see a young, hardworking player, with talent steadily improving. Not the complete striker, a work in progress. In a match where we don't see even 40% possession it's very hard to make any impact as a striker. Whenever we have a decent amount of ball in the other teams half he does well.
  7. It does I think he needs to be a bit more sly with how he deals with defenders. The ref gave us nothing yesterday. I think refs see a big guy and think he just goes down easy, not realising the guy marking him a big beast with genuine pace (zouma).
  8. Shame about the injury, was starting to look a threat, we missed him after he went off against Man U. We always knew he had the talent. But he is like a good stout, needs time to settle.
  9. This guys is a 100 percenter. Always gives everything, is very nimble and agile. I like him a lot. Whether he improves much (and I think he will) as he is now he is a solid squad player regardless.
  10. Philosopher

    Ezri Konsa

    Engels would've got destroyed yesterday. That Chelsea team is so creative and technical for me they are the 3rd best team in the country, and only Man City can pick a team apart better than them.
  11. Was better than Hourihane. Should have taken off McGinn as well and put Grealish in his best position.
  12. Thought he did very well against Man U. His link up play was good. Some nice flicks and touches and even a perfectly weighted cross field pass. Yesterday he was feeding off scraps again. Had a good tussle with Zouma, got fouled alot wasn't given so started roughing Zouma up and got called out for fouling. It wasn't he day yesterday, but he keep plugging away, never gave up. Great attitude.
  13. I thought he was poor. I think he is starting to get found out now. His first touch was poor he gave the ball away numerous times, was very disappointing. He needs to be dropped.
  14. It's was at least 6 weeks, or 6 to 8 weeks.
  15. Smith said himself that he didn't believe Maupay was worth it. This to me means he (like I do myself) believes that Maupay has pretty much reached his potential. So spending 20 million on a player that is probably an average striker at premier league level wasn't worth it. I like Maupay, but for me he is limited. He isn't pacy, he isn't strong, he doesn't have outstanding skill, and he is not really clinical with his opportunities (Brentford create a lot of chances). He works hard, is fairly intelligent, has a bit of aggression, and is good a dropping off to link up with his midfield. He is reliable. Has a good mentality. I don't believe he is suited to being an Impact player, he certainly isn't one that can be used as a winger. So while he would offer something different, and would give 100 percent, he is not a player that would give us versatility or elevate us, which is what we should aim for with every signing, or at the the very least see the potential in a signing to do that in the future.
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