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  1. This window currently is a somewhere between a 6 and a 7. Ings and Buendia look like they have settled already, and will be big players for us. Tuanzube and Young are solid squad players that improve our ability to get results amid injuries and packed scheduling. Bailey seemed unfit despite the effective cameo v Watford. Has not made the last two squads. A little concerned, but should be up there with Ings and Buendia. On the flip side: Still need a specialist 6. Luiz will tire come January or February. Hasn't has a proper break, played Copa America then Olympics. Nakamba is not first team quality imo, and has AFCON in January. I would have liked a pacy young left back capable of snatching Targett's place. We loaned out both Kessler and Guilbert so now have Young as cover for both fullback positions and then it's CB's at right back and left back. Tuanzebe is only a loan. Would have preferred a permanent option. Grealish gone. The team should be marginally better with the players we brought in. But Jack was the one true world class player in our squad and now he is gone. If we had kept him and still brought in Buendia, Young and Tuanzebe we'd be even better, add one of Bailey or Ings and champions league qualification becomes possible. Now 7th is our best possible outcome. 10th to 12th place is most likely, as we have to rebuild our attack amongst an injury crisis, disrupted preseason, and an all new attacking line up. Not spending more and giving the youngsters a chance could save us money and means we have room to spend more in future windows, this is a smart choice, although a little safe.
  2. I agree he should stay at Swindon, especially as he has started so well. However I think we should keep Hi. At the club next season if he does well, and shows good consistency.
  3. Don't forget Konsa and Tuanzube can both play right back. Also Hayden-Kessler can be recalled from his loan as well.
  4. I can definitely see Levy only willing to pay the absolute minimum necessary to sign a player, definitely not more!
  5. I was taking the piss a bit. He took his goals well, and was very effective. But he isn't worth a lot in my eyes. In my opinion he is a flat track bully. Good against inferior opposition. But when we have to battle, and fight, or when the chips are down, he becomes invisible. Anwar is a talented player. But he goes missing too often. If we can make a profit on him I'd take it.
  6. See we're being linked with McNeill again. I don’t particularly rate him. He's decent, but that's about it! Would rather give the game time to JPB.
  7. I rate this lad. Great feet, gets his head up, good mentality. Has a bright future.
  8. I'd take anything over 10m for him. Take his penalty and tap in away and he was poor yesterday. Bidace and Carney were far superior yesterday.
  9. If you don't like my posts don't read them. I'm just expressing my views like everyone else. Yes I'm long winded but I don’t give a .....
  10. Definitely. I like Nakamba, but I haven't seen anything to suggest he is anything more than solid back up. Douglas Luiz I rate but to me he needs a safety net, rather than being the safety net. McGinn has no business as a number 6 for me. If you have 2 Combative 8's you can have Luiz as your 6. But for me Luiz is a no 6 regista (dynamic deep lying playmaker), McGinn is a no 8 box to box. The only way those two work is if your fullbacks are kept back and told to hold their position, but then you have 5 and a half defenders and lack support for your attack particularly if opponents do what Watford did today and sit back. The only way this works is if we play counter attack. To beat team like Watford we need a dedicated, high class 6, pace in both fullback positions and lots of movement from your front 3. Today we lacked all these things. The problem wasn't simply midfield. It was also the wide positions. If we were dangerous going forward, kept the ball well and pushed Watford back, they would have struggled to counter us as they would find themselves too deep. Nakamba and McGinn don't allow us to apply the pressure as they're prone to a wayward pass. El-Ghazi's movement off the right is nonexistent, Young was coming inside playing in front of their midfield, rather than getting between the lines. So as a result their defense could easily read us. Buendia doesn't suit being played high up. He does his best work from deeper in the RCM / RM position rather than CAM. It was a very poor team selection today. Watkins with Ings with gives us some nasty movement up top, and Buendia in RM is the perfect partner for Cash on the right, with lots of dangerous balls being played to the forwards. Then Bailey LW directly running at defenders and also targeting that inside left channel. Then Targett or Young staying deep and narrow and joining in with the midfield gives us a much better Balance. I expected a tough game as we are a work in progress in attack. Away to a newly promoted Club on the first game of the season is always a battle. But we weren't even ready for a battle and got trounced.
  11. Defensively Cash didn't do much wrong. Targett got rinsed, but he didn't get enough protection. Targett is not good enough to go one on one with most wingers, especially someone like sarr. Last season he received lots of protection and was very conservative in his attacks.
  12. Targett is limited. Lacks pace and agility. Sarr's attributes are his bane. He wasn't helped by how easily they got through our midfield. We should have been prepared for the onslaught. Ashley Young clearly hasn't remembered the defensive duties of a left winger. McGinn was often caught up the field when they countered us. The pace and power Watford had on the break was impressive. A dangerous counter attacking team. No excuse for that first half, it was atrocious and Smith has to take the blame.
  13. Just play McGinn alongside Buendia as two 8's and put Nakamba or Luiz behind them. A left footer on the LCM and right footer on the RCM. One all hustle and bustle the other carving the opposition up with incisive passing. They'd be more effective with a dominatant 6, but a nice balance. Then Ramsey and Sanson as back up. At 10 Buendia will struggle to get enough time on the ball. Jack made time for himself thanks to his imperious dribbling ability, Buendia doesn't have that. Playing slightly deeper or the right side of a 442 / 442 diamond is best for him I think.
  14. So this one game doesn't mean Targett is shite. He is a solid player. But as I have always maintained he is limited by a lack of pace and agility. Sarr was the perfect guy to expose his limitations. Quick, direct, strong, with a quick change of direction. This will happen again against similar players. Young wasn't a good enough left winger for a Man U in decline while in his prime. Hasn't played left wing for god knows how many years. He should not be starting for us at left wing. Everyone on this site knows El-Ghazi is alway rubbish when played on the right wing. We had Bailey and Traore available, both right wingers by trade, but played El-Ghazi there. Nakamba and McGinn is not a quality double pivot pairing. Neither are reliable enough with their passing. Buendia looks like a playmaking 8, rather than a 10. Which when you consider his back up Chukwuemeka is probably also the same is good. The intensity wasn't good enough particularly in the first half. Cash's crossing was poor, and he crossed from deep far too often. We need a top class 6. If I'm playing two 6's Luiz is the first pick currently. Meaning if we get a top class 6 McGinn gets benched. McGinn scored a good goal today, but for me he is the man for when we set up to counter. Unless we play 2 8's Nakamba was out muscled by Kuco and Dennis. They jumped on him and bullied him. Kuco should have seen red BTW. Konsa and Mings were overrun at times. Every time they countered our fullbacks (not so much Cash) and DM's were bypassed with ease. Ings movement is different from Ollie. Need Ollie back.
  15. This game reminds me of the Leeds game last season.
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