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  1. We need at least 16 first team quality players in the squad. 3 wingers, 4 central midfielders, 3 centre backs, 2 strikers, and 2 goalkeepers, and two full backs. Then you basically rotate these players, with another 6 or 7 to come in for when we pick up a number of injuries and cup games. That is the ideal make up of a squad. With Sanson coming in, the midfield and goalkeeping positions should have the required depth. For me the winger position still need improving. I haven't seen enough from any of our wideman bar Jack to say they are good enough to demand a first team place. Up front c
  2. If Wesley can come back and get up to speed he will be a really good option. Against a smaller centre back pairing he'll create havoc. Against any team that will look to sit deep against us his combination of strength, good link up play, good pressing, and composure in the opposition box could really make a difference. Next season he could make a good partner for Barry in Cup games. Plus Watkins is bound to get injured. I'm looking forward to his return. I reckon he will come hungrier, and ready to really fight with Watkins to get into the first team.
  3. Personally I think he is closer to Mcginn if we are comparing him to our existing players. Him and Mcginn in front of Luiz is a very hard working tough tackling midfield unit, that can carry the ball, (all three of them), play in tight spaces with good short passing and lots of one two.
  4. Looks like the Sanson deal is happening. Reported on BBC sport. From what I have seen looks a similar type of player to Mcginn only quicker feet.
  5. Eze is 21, Traore is nearly 26, so Eze definitely has the higher ceiling for me. He was bossing games in the no10 position for QPR at 18 -19 years old. Eze is a huge talent. Plays off the left or in the middle. Would have been a decent replacement for Jack if we sold him. Skillful, intelligent, excellent balance, good weight of pass. He is just getting going in the Premier League.
  6. I tend to lean toward this perspective. Only a world class striker will improve us. So it's almost impossible to improve us in that area in a Jan window. We have 4 players in the squad all capable of doing a job upfront in Watkins absence. We aren't really that reliant on a striker to score our goals. I see this window as an opportunity to fill up holes in the squad. We don't have anyone capable of coming in and offering the team what McGinn does so Sanson makes makes sense. We will only have one specialist left back come the end of the season and Taylor is at best a championship player
  7. It's like I said we are very reliant on that Luiz McGinn axis. When one of them are tired or off their game we lack drive. They're the engine of the team. They have to work very hard so a player of similar qualities and ability is necessary for what is a very packed schedule for the reminder of the season. In attack El Ghazi, Traore, and Trezguet have all shown they can fill in on the right and when Barkley is out. We also have Ramsey in the CAM position. Jack is virtually impossible to cover without spending 100m. Left back is the next area of concern, we have loaned out Rowe so w
  8. This. I also think as they both have problems with muscle injuries number 8 is the worst position for them particularly if your talking box to box. As I see Barkley as the better number 10, I definitely favour him.
  9. It's why I'd like a quality playmaking defensive midfielder, a left back, and another creative type winger. Could also do with another fast striker, but we have Louie B coming through, so I'd be OK with him filling in as 3rd or 4th choice striker.
  10. Yeah I agree. I think the transfer fee won't be more than 30m with probably 10m of that performance related add ons. Probably less if he gets injured a couple more times. The problem with a Barkley deal is the player himself. He wants to be in the champs league. He will want to bide his time as if things go well any move will become more lucrative and if things go badly he still has a fat Chelsea deal. He can't really lose out. Also Everton are on the rise and he may be hoping to go back there.
  11. If this is about Rob Mckenzie then he was signed up before Shakespeare.
  12. To me a defensive midfielder these days needs to be more than a defender in midfield. They are either a postionally disciplined sitter with excellent passing range, or a hard working, tenacious tackler that can carry the ball with good short passing. Or a combination of the two. Let's agree we are mostly lining up with two defensive midfielders. We can only do this, and play the way we do because at least one of them is adept with the ball at their feet. Obviously this works better if that is the case for both.
  13. I would really love us to buy a quality defensive midfielder (for me, we look thinnest at left back, and then central midfield). Then some of similar quality to Jack for our right hand side in the summer. Left back at any time, but that Lowe kid looks promising, needs a couple of seasons though. An injury to Doug or Mcginn and we have Nakamba becoming a regular, not ideal! A lot of people are righting off Big Wes, but I see a player there. He is a really composed finisher, once he is sharp and fully adapted, he will be a very good option particularly if teams decide to park the bus.
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