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  1. I really don't care what you think..lol it's just negative bile. Enjoy! I'm going tomorrow to support them & I've been really poorly with this awful bug that's going around.
  2. Apologies I should have said start it was FA Cup but I do say that underneath Ipsiwch - my bad. He looked like a young Collymore - & considering CFC fans said he was gash I for one was suprised. He was supposedly Bambi on Ice, Like Heskey but worse. I should be aiming more at Ireland a player on reported £3M a year - whose performance was so bad that he was booed off. Disgrace
  3. Bennett was MOTM for Ipswich game though & got the assist for AW's head with a great cross......but that's OK only remember the bad ones eh? He was humble enough to apologise on his tweet to everyone & this is lad who didn't think his cross for AWs goal was good.
  4. The FA. It was on the OS a while ago. We have gained the highest possible status and overall the best Academy In the UK No one mentions that though. Are you lot really suggesting that PF/RL aren't going to back Lambert so we stay up??!! We all know what we need in that team - A CB & A CM as a priority. Lambert has said that too so he concurs, I'll say it again..... If the coaching staff choose Jordan Bowery signed from Chesterfield - who gets a standing ovation on his first premier league start, then perhaps they know what they are doing Fans who went to the Ipswich mat
  5. He's on 48 appearances and won't be playing tomorrow, not even in squad as he's injured.
  6. Accept that's official - we have just been awarded the top status. I never lie and there were quite a few tweets about Bent trying to arrange a loan deal to Reading - Ian Abrahams also amongst others. No way would Villa allow that if true in anycase. it hasn't happened. Like the media you are twisting what I said I said if it was true. He's now injured so immaterial
  7. I've told him that is a lie - can't you see the media are whipping everyone up with this media crap. Aston Villa is the No 1 Academy in the country Aston Villa is the No 1 Footballing hospitality Aston Villa has one of the best stadiums Aston Villa has one of the top training facilities Aston Villa has the best pitch in this country Aston Villa has the best groundsman Aston Villa just won award for it's community work Paul Faulkner has just been appointed onto the FA Board Aston Villa has THE BEST fans anywhere. Standing for 10mins when we're 4-0 down at Spuds game singing PL C &a
  8. Just lets get down to Villa Park and sing loud and proud. AVFC do not do their dealings in public, the press prefer Harry titbits, leaning out of car door windows they don't get it so they write tripe Petrov so Mat Kendrick tweeted has been in BMH & walked in with a big smile on his face and so he'll be giving them all a big cheer on for tomorrow. Someone who knows PF said he got an email off him - was just as gutted as all of us & doing their best to get a CM/CB sorted as priority.
  9. Let's read James Nursey twitter account instead @stuav90 the #AVFC transfer news is mainly for tomorrow's papers. PL confirmed what I've been saying that wants new centre back & centre mid That's for tomorrow!! Just wait & see what happens on the pitch. Lambert drives em crazy cos he's so tightlipped.
  10. He's a liar that's NOT what Lambert said at all!! He said we'd look at one or two lads and positons
  11. Maybe Lambert is looking for the next Martin Laursen and Olof Mellburg or an Ian Taylor Not the kind of players who get a phone call from an agent & to say X club are interested in signing you & the first thing out of their mouth is - "how much they offering?" Maybe he's looking for the ones who get on their ipad if they don't know us & google Aston Villa, Lambert, Norwich, Borussia Dortmund & think - do you know what I'd love to work under this coach - his record to date is amazing. Does it matter whose on the pitch tomorrow - if we've loaned 2 of Bradford's lads fo
  12. cheers for the update - £9M bid turned down according to a few tweets - but maybe we'll go back I used to come on VT for ITK. Now I come on to either read abuse or gestapo like interrogations of any ITK that's posted!! "How do u know this" - "You're mad conspiracy theories" "burn her" This is not the 100% Guaranteed, Without Fail, Source provided thread - Perhaps the mods can oblige??!! Guys like I said - it's a speculation thread on a message board...Chill!! Someat's bin going on a BMH I would think because a player we've signed has been training with his old club until it's a
  13. ITK__NewsAgent ‏@IKFA__Agent Reading are to sign Aston Villa's Darren Bent on loan. Bent wants out after a training ground row with boss Paul Lambert. #readingfc First time he blabbed to papers about Clauses - the crac is Lambert sent him to train with kids. Second time he's blabbed to papers about Relegation clauses - I wouldnt' be surprised if he's barred him from BMH So it Darren Bent is trying to get himself a loan deal to Reading our rivals & we have to sub his wages I think that tells us all we needed to know. Surely Villa can choose where a player goes & say NO?
  14. But then arguing with JulieB & calling her a attention seeking whore seems more important to some than a tight, united, happy dressing room in a relegation battle. We are the 5th highest spending club in the PL. We've had 3 managers and we're gash One of the managers had a heart attack. Something was wrong with that football club perhaps now it's been sorted. UTV The Future is bright!!
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