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  1. Okey. I'm still not jealous that they'll be dancing in Malaysia today. And I realize there'd be people dancing there if we had won all that Manu has lately. I might even make a joke about it then too though, if I wasn't too busy getting wasted myself. It's not so serious! I'm from Malaysia and it's full of gloryhunters!!!Pisses me off that people laugh when I tell them I support villa. Manure has made so much money from southeast asia. They have their own chain of stores, a bar, and a huge fan club in malaysia. No wonder they love coming to asia for preseason. Asia is a cash cow and clubs
  2. Whats all that racket going on in the background of Tom Ross's show on BRMB?Sounds like people are tearing something apart!!!
  3. Sloth - one of the 7 deadly sins! you're God will not be pleased! :winkold: Noone follows those sins guidelines or the ten commandments.
  4. Seasonal Christian Anglican :only goes to church during special occasions like easter,christmas,palm sunday,etc...Im a lazy fecker.
  5. surely we want a striker that scores goals for fun ? not a playmaker type that will chip in with 10 or so we need a proper, out and out, goalscorer Luke Moore? Luke Moore and also Gabby so long as he isn't played as a winger. Problem solved then.Then its settled,we sign gudjohnsen for the next striking position. :winkold:
  6. surely we want a striker that scores goals for fun ? not a playmaker type that will chip in with 10 or so we need a proper, out and out, goalscorer Luke Moore?
  7. Whatever it is,Bent was never expected to come to VP anyway.We weren't even linked with him.The shammers don't even deserve to stay up.Karma will get them back next season and they will be shit.Defoe might still come here if spurs sign another striker.I don't think Jol might stop searching for a striker if bent goes to whu.
  8. Wouldn't want Smith.Does anyone still think we will be getting Bellend or defoe?Now after hearing rumours of eidur i would prefer eidur to either of them.
  9. Gabby and Moore are out and out goalscorers.I really hope moore stays and fix his alleged attitude problem.Gabby can score goals regularly when playing in the striker position and not on the wing.Gabby reminds me of thierry henry and playing of the last defender, will score about 15 goals if played regularly.Moore is the most natural finisher at the club.He has the ability or luck? to turn up at the right place at the right time and is a poacher.Add Gudjohnsen and we will have brilliant options.And if carew gets injured,touch wood,eidur can takeover even though they don't have similar playing
  10. :bonk: :winkold: oops :oops: i meant realistic and not out of our reach.
  11. eidur is pure class and at 28,he's at the peak period of his career.Has always been impressed with him ever since he played for chelsea.Him coming is realistic and not out of our reach.He knows the language and had a good time in england so he might wanna return.However, he hasn't been a prolific scorer though.Would still love him at VP.Imagine Carew,gudjohnsen,gabby,moore as our strikers.yumm.......
  12. Fernando Torres is a huge talent, a huge name and he is like 22. Always played in the same team, which have never been in title contention, can probably pick the club he wants to join, except Real Madrid of course who wants no business with Atl. Madrid. John Carew on the other hand has no proven goalscoring record, he has a history of injuries and his career is on the downer as he stepped down from a Champions League team to a mid-table Premiership club, it also didn't seem like many clubs, if any, were interested. I know you are not saying these are similar types of deals but in my eyes they
  13. Hilarious website.They also claim Nugent might come.Not sure I'd like him tbh especially after his england U-21performaces.
  14. Of course he has his sights higher.He has his eyes on Sneijder :wink:
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