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  1. I can see the wage cap being something that could be implemented and help out a lot of clubs, whether it would get in for next season I doubt. Especially as next season is what only a matter of weeks away.
  2. Thought about Reina but he is as error prone for me, and at Anfield for him it could go either way brilliant or utter tripe
  3. First shift back in the cab tomorrow for 13 weeks (shielding for Aston, not being lazy!!) so whatever it is later I hope it's strong.... probably some tramp juice, followed by gin
  4. Gonna be tough, moreso after last night. They owe us for beating their kids too, could get really ugly. Personally am expecting to get beat by 2 or 3 at least and anything else will be a surprise. A point would be absolutely brilliant and 3 as likely as them actually getting a points deduction for their fans behaviour OR the media even acknowledging they were wrong. Anyway as it is I would start: Nyland Konsa Mings Hause Elmo Drinkwater Taylor Luiz McGinn Jack Samatta based on stopping their wide supply line with those 6 around the middle we might, just might, get some ball retention. I'd start Samatta because Plop do seem to struggle more with smaller mobile players.
  5. Yeah Napoli got 94 in 16/17, incidentally the only other team to get 90 in modern times is Roma with 90 the very same season. Juve's best is 86 despite their total dominance.
  6. Pretty much agree, but would like to see them play together.
  7. Agreed and despite winning it a couple of times I think it would help those of us who don't have the knowledge of exactly who is going to be good or not. The rankings themselves help but aren't perfect either AND it might mean that the playoffs aren't skewed massively by having players on 'winning' teams
  8. Nice sentiment but to me it just taints it fro who does win it now. Imagine if Juve did that in Serie A
  9. @Enda and @Rolta didn't say it didn't happen and that for a keeper it wasn't poor. All I was saying was is it wouldn't have been a goal had Davis not been there, therefore it was not calamitous.
  10. Calamitous! If Davis doesn't hit him nothing happens he has caught the ball and is moving towards but in front of the post.
  11. Fair enough. The 'goal' may have been the spur we needed to really get on with it..... you never know and it's exactly why a decision in the 41st minute cannot be said to have 100% determined the outcome.
  12. I rate him as a squad player I rate him as a dead ball taker I don't rate him higher than any of the four more obvious selections - JM, JG, DL, MN. Thought last night he was included to see if we could get back that relationship he had with Jack n John, unfortunately as decent as it was it didn't hit the necessary level. That said I would try it again as he does allow SJM to get forwards which does seem to be me arguing with myself! What I mean is it is only fair to start them all again v Chelsea
  13. Anyone else think that the 'goal' not standing had some impact in nothing from VAR for the Mings shirt pull? I personally don't think he was anywhere near the ball BUT we have seen penalties given for less this season. Those two instances sort of equal themselves out
  14. Think that as with a couple of others he looks to be gym fit but not quite match fit, there is quite a difference. It will come
  15. People keep mentioning that 5-5 but the only one he was at any real fault for was Lolley's, had that been Conor at the other end we wouldn't say it was poor keeping would we??? Yes he got beat near post for the equaliser but it takes a big deflection off Axel
  16. Exactly how I saw it last night and watching it again pretty much frame by frame today my opinion hasn't changed. He had the ball cleanly and was in control until Davis bumped him. He isn't the only keeper to get caught on crosses like that, in fact I think every keeper I've ever seen has had an issue like that at some point (Ronaldinho v Seaman in WC for one). Had he pushed it over like I believe he should do for 100% safety, no doubt he would get slated for not catching it. I differ from you in that I firmly believe he will turn out to be a very good keeper.
  17. I think a few of our players migh, especially with the position we are in. Up til now we have been supportive but if we were not winning by 20mins then every misplaced pass, iff tackle etc would get an audible reaction. We are one of the worst sets of fans for that
  18. Hmm, how can the first selection for 100 days mean chopping n changing???
  19. Aren't the replacement balls all being placed around the pitch, including them being cleaned whenever one goes off the pitch?
  20. Sit down, grab a shandy and be pleasantly surprised. The one thing CH does give is a decent working relationship with SJM and Jack.
  21. as expected 35mins til we kick off and Sky Main Event is all City v Arse......
  22. Little bump for this as the football is actually back
  23. Oh well 3.5hrs to the utter carnage that is the teams being announced! Why is he in.....? Why isn't he in ....? What formation is that ....? Then another 2 hrs until the options Great team selection ... said it was What a shocking team ... said it was We were lucky .... Smith must go We were unlucky ... Smith must stay The players won/lost that The manager won/lost that Oh football and especially Villa I've missed you :)
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