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  1. Getting rid of Singletary when Moss was out was poor timing too My whole bench is OUT
  2. What is with the Post on VT name thing too? Who did that
  3. Last season's massive reach by me has just been signed again It could be this Devonian cider
  4. Wonderful match one and Fulham don't start their No.1 striker....
  5. Done first two weeks's picks as we were supposed to be in Portugal - but now could be in middle of nowhere camping
  6. TBF and I know players can still swap players around these projection make it look like being a close league. I got a D+ for a report card, that Gibson reach in round two being the big reason.
  7. So bloody quick that one, here's hoping those reaches aren't another Scotty Miller from last year. Who had we had another Bench place I would have taken
  8. Nice. One win, 2 2nds and a 3rd for me. 2nd when I was predicted to go 2-14 and nr bottom was my favourite result
  9. Either fine for me but any chance of earlier got to be out for work at 0530
  10. If it's straight promotion relegation then I will do it this season but that will probably be it. I liked one division and the variety of teams doing well over years
  11. I was 451 points better off than if I'd left it. Decent, if weird season. Back to mid 50s mediocrity next year
  12. I can see the wage cap being something that could be implemented and help out a lot of clubs, whether it would get in for next season I doubt. Especially as next season is what only a matter of weeks away.
  13. Thought about Reina but he is as error prone for me, and at Anfield for him it could go either way brilliant or utter tripe
  14. First shift back in the cab tomorrow for 13 weeks (shielding for Aston, not being lazy!!) so whatever it is later I hope it's strong.... probably some tramp juice, followed by gin
  15. Gonna be tough, moreso after last night. They owe us for beating their kids too, could get really ugly. Personally am expecting to get beat by 2 or 3 at least and anything else will be a surprise. A point would be absolutely brilliant and 3 as likely as them actually getting a points deduction for their fans behaviour OR the media even acknowledging they were wrong. Anyway as it is I would start: Nyland Konsa Mings Hause Elmo
  16. Yeah Napoli got 94 in 16/17, incidentally the only other team to get 90 in modern times is Roma with 90 the very same season. Juve's best is 86 despite their total dominance.
  17. Pretty much agree, but would like to see them play together.
  18. Agreed and despite winning it a couple of times I think it would help those of us who don't have the knowledge of exactly who is going to be good or not. The rankings themselves help but aren't perfect either AND it might mean that the playoffs aren't skewed massively by having players on 'winning' teams
  19. Nice sentiment but to me it just taints it fro who does win it now. Imagine if Juve did that in Serie A
  20. @Enda and @Rolta didn't say it didn't happen and that for a keeper it wasn't poor. All I was saying was is it wouldn't have been a goal had Davis not been there, therefore it was not calamitous.
  21. Calamitous! If Davis doesn't hit him nothing happens he has caught the ball and is moving towards but in front of the post.
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