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  1. Couldn't get on for some reason, hopefully I did it before my hols Check in a bit
  2. 10 points from off, soon as the concede points it goes. Guess who got a shutout
  3. See not happy now as I lined up Bateman and never bothered to carry on and he has gone....
  4. Yep agree on the not expanding bench, even if I am online and was looking at the IR thing
  5. Weirdly his being out is why I went for Marquise!
  6. Speaking French again LOL how do you even see injured players and do they have to be IR / PUP
  7. Wow - not had a projecting winning season in a few years, no planning might have worked....
  8. Nice and quick .... hmm ... a little too quick made 2 mistakes having to rush. Awaiting a C- and 2-11 prediction
  9. I loved a longshot too.... remeber you lot asking why i selected some players
  10. Oh. I thought they were valuable enough already
  11. If only I knew what this means, same as PPR, Does it balance out WR/RB?
  12. Agreed especially for those of us who actually guess our way through
  13. Will admit GW1 was a little tactical selection, didn't realise they are doing auto subs if someone doesn't get a game this year
  14. He is in for GW2 so will be available for your draft next week
  15. @BOFhow do you show the upcoming games, not seen that before
  16. We did a league at work one year where when set the only changes you could make were if a player was identified as being out for 4 or more weeks. It wasn't enjoyable but it was interesting to watch throughout the year.
  17. Made changes this morning..... Heard Buendia is fit made changes.... Heard Cavani is out - Made changes..... Roll on Wildcard in GW2.... And I seem to have a .... problem....
  18. Nicely done everyone, nice and quick. Was looking to do a pic of the teams but can't do it..... oh well here's my mob
  19. Ok then VT1 Auction is tonight at 8pm @chappy @HanoiVillan, @Rds1983,@lp_villa830, @Hornso, @AndyM3000, @Eak94 lets have a good season, which for me will anything but bottom.
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