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  1. Hi folks, I'm not sure if you're aware but the Government has tabled plans to cap Local Housing Allowance (LHA) which would mean a cut in the housing benefit for people living in specialist housing. Sadly this threatens to affect thousands of the most vulnerable people in our society. Some of the groups impacted would be:- the elderly, disabled, domestic violence victims, young adults leaving care and young families. I work for a Midlands-based housing association and our analysis of these changes is that certain tenants would be forced to find an extra £584 each month which I'm sure
  2. The whole thing was massively overblown by the media. 99.9% of the Villa fans on the pitch before and after the game were in no way a "danger" to player safety - it was pure joy and relief, nothing more and nothing less. Yes, the main pitch invasion before the end was unfortunate, but it also happened after 93 minutes and 30 seconds and was clearly because fans lined up alongside the edge of the pitch ready to run on at the end, had mistakenly thought the whistle had gone. The only evidence of violence I have seen inside the ground was Albion players deliberately barging into and tripping
  3. Nothing fills me with greater satisfaction than to see the liberal left crying, swearing, abusing and acting like complete children (so no different to pre-election then) after the conclusion to this latest general election. On VillaTalk, on Facebook, on Twitter, and in colleges, universities and workplaces across the UK. "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! THE NHS WILL BE DESTROYED! THE POOR PEOPLE WILL BE BEHEADED! WE ALL NEED TO MOVE ABROAD! WHY DIDN'T RUSSELL BRAND SAVE US?" (repeat ad nauseum) Until the liberal left add more than a dash of realism to their arguments, the silent majority will
  4. I don't know about others but how I feel is that the likelihood of it happening is increasing to a level that worries me a lot. No, we're not favourites to be the third team to go down, and we're probably gonna get 6-7 more points and that's enough, but at this point all we need is one howler on Saturday and Sunderland winning, and then we're in real pressure while Sunderland get their miracle confidence boost (like Leicester and Hull). In this situation one bad game, one mistake, one unlucky bounce is staring to become too important for my liking. I think we'll stay up, but it's not really t
  5. If tonight has taught us anything it's that every team down at the bottom is fighting now and it doesn't matter if "on paper" it looks like a hard game; the 3 points are there for the taking. I think we've got to stay above Sunderland. My predicted run-in for them (being as generous as possible seeing as they will surely be as fired up now as us): - Southampton (H) - Win - Everton (A) - Draw - Leicester (H) - Win - Arsenal (A) - Draw - Chelsea (A) - Loss Many will slate me for predicting they could pick up another 8 points but I honestly think it's possible. Mor
  6. I think it's almost impossible to predict these end of season relegation run-ins that we've become so used to. Reason being, a team with what looks like a hard run-in (Hull) on paper, could actually be playing these so-called top sides when there's nothing left to play for. Chelsea, for example, will probably wrap the title up with 2/3 games to spare. Quite a few of the top 7 have been dropping plenty of points of late. So because it's so unpredictable (I mean, who thought we would win at Spurs) we really do just have to focus on our own games and get behind the lads 100%. I actually think
  7. Grealish looks like he hasn't got the confidence!? Huh!? He's been gliding past, and dictating the game against, some of the best midfielders in the Premier League for the past 3 games. If he had any more confidence his head would explode...
  8. David? ...and what exactly should the moderators be doing about people expressing their opinion? Where have I said anything about people not being allowed to express an opinion? edited by mods - please read the guidelines re commenting on moderation. The motives behind this post are driven by politics, not Aston Villa, and politics has no place in football.
  9. I guess it has only taken until page 2 of this thread to reveal the REAL agenda behind this post starting in the first place: "You are right that in "the grand scale of things" it is of little significance but anything negative against the Tories suits me." Political point scoring on the main Villa Talk forum? Really!?!? [edited by mods] in reality this latest drama the media has latched onto has nothing to do with Aston Villa Football Club. The only people who are 'bothered' about this are those who wish to exploit it for their own political gains. As is evident in this thread. It was
  10. We did it!!! The players and crowd were magnificent tonight and we really stuck by the lads when our backs were against the wall. This changes everything now! One more win on Saturday and we've turned our season around Love to you all - more of the same at the weekend! UTV.
  11. This is a call to arms for all Villa fans - young and old, big and small, rich and poor, negative and positive: WE NEED YOU! Everybody is hurting right now. Nobody wanted to see us slide this far and things undoubtedly look grim. But what are our options? Run away and die? Accept defeat and relegation with 11 games of football still to be played? Or do we, the fans, the lifeblood of this grand old football club, come together as one? Do we become resilient and unmoving in the face of this increasingly desperate situation? As Aston Villa fans, we've always done the latter - through the good d
  12. That post makes zero sense as, if Fulham win both their games, we'd need to win at least one of ours. One point will not be enough.
  13. You've got more chance of Tonev scoring a hat-trick than that ever happening...
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