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  1. An utterly pathetic signing. Was terrible at Burnley, yet we took him on for no real reason at all.
  2. I respect your opinion, but for me the absolute LAST thing that we need is an immobile midfielder that’s about 100 yards off the pace. I think the penny has finally dropped about his fitness, and barring some bizarre twist, we won’t be seeing him again this season.
  3. I honestly would put konsa below both Engels and Hause in the pecking order.
  4. It hurts to think that add on another 7-8m and we could have had any one of benrahma/Bowen/Lolley. bit the truth of the matter is that none of those have 20m+ followers on social media.. and the commercial advantages that these players bring
  5. I didn’t think Man City were dirty at all to be honest. a couple of tactical fouls Yh, but that’s just what it is..
  6. Love this guy. finally we have a striker that I’m confident that if he gets a sniff, he’ll put it away.
  7. Were you disappointed with Elmo today for backing into their left back and falling over like he’d been shot, winning us the free kick which led to a rare chance to get the ball into the area? No you weren’t. Like I said before, I don’t think AEG went off because of the knock he took to his head, but rather the reaction of our own players towards him pretty much left him with little choice (in his own mind) Was his reaction idiotic? Yes. Did he deserve the abuse he got in here after it? no. is he (by some distance) the best winger we have? Yes.
  8. Thug

    Tyrone Mings

    Played really well. well done ty.
  9. Thug

    Kortney Hause

    He can’t pass. but he can defend.
  10. Problem is, if we go down we lose the biggest reason why there was actually any joy in the championship in the first place. Jack Grealish.
  11. Odd thing to say about someone who has 6 goals and 4 assists this season.
  12. Thug

    Tyrone Mings

    wtf are you on about? Benefit of the team? How was that in ANY way for the benefit of the team? that was for no-ones benefit except their own egos. go over and encourage him up by all means. Remonstrate with each other is fine. ‘You should have passed’ or ‘you’re not pulling your weight’ To tell the physio to stay off the **** pitch because he’s a faking bastard? I have NEVER seen that before. trying to pick him up to push him off the field? I have NEVER seen that before. And time out? Who said time out? let him get his treatment then at half time you tell him to grow a pair. What was the urgency? Was it the 90th minute? It was a corner, game had stopped. And here were two grown assed men humiliating their own team mate. i suggest you watch it again and try not to cringe at any one of the three. Appalling behaviour all round.
  13. Thug

    Tyrone Mings

    Then same rule applies to all. next time jack falls over at the slightest touch (foul or no foul), I expect all our players to walk over and wave their arms around. Because like you said, just cuz Ronaldo/drogba/robben did it, doesn’t mean it’s ok for jack.
  14. The left one. Hogans left one.
  15. Grealish and Maddison. easily the best 2 there. Easily.
  16. Oooh thanks for that link Never knew that existed
  17. Thug

    Tyrone Mings

    I just posted in the AEG thread, and I came to post something similar to this here. Dont get me wrong, I think AEG was acting like an idiot for rolling around on the floor after what looked like minimal contact. I’ve expressed my displeasure at Wesleys feigning injury many a time, and this was worse than most of his efforts. I also want to point out that I love the energy Mings brings to the side, and I think he’s been worth every penny spent on him , and more. However, what he ( & Jack ) did to AEG quite frankly was nothing short of disgusting, bullying behaviour, and they both showed an extreme immaturity that should never be allowed to be repeated again. Whether they think that he was exaggerating or not, does not excuse a public display of disapproval like that. Deal with your shit in house. Especially coming from the man who decided to play on when clearly injured costing us a goal, and Jack - who seems to fall over at the slightest touch himself. You show me a premier league footballer who doesn’t exaggerate their injury.. There is an appropriate time, and an appropriate way to deal with things.. and REAL leaders know this. Way to improve team morale Jack & Ty
  18. Just caught up with this thread, and and there’s much more to it than people are giving credit for here. Here’s my take on the situation. 1) the ‘injury’ itself was a fairly feeble affair. Did it deserve the length of treatment, the rolling onto the pitch, and the eventual substitution? In my opinion - no. HOWEVER 2) Mings’ reaction to this, quite frankly, I found disgusting. I absolutely love what Mings has brought to the club - but clearly there is an issue between the two of them hanging over from before. There was nothing to be achieved by him running the length of the pitch, and basically accusing AEG of faking it in front of millions of people around the world. NOTHING. What did he think would happen? AEG would suddenly say ‘oh dear, I’m busted. I best get up.’?? No. What was the point of it? When Mings ‘stamped’ on that Wednesday players face, did one of our players go running up to him waving accusations around? No. We’re a team. You don’t like what you see, you deal with it behind closed doors. Completely out of order in my opinion. You see bullshit fake injuries all the time, you NEVER see team mates turning on their own. He may wear his heart on his sleeve, but he best start putting his brain back in his head because that won’t help team morale in the slightest. 3) Jack Grealish’s reaction - even worse. Most of point 2 applies here also, but If AEG was to go over to Jack and accuse him of exaggerating a foul or pain, he wouldn’t like it one bit - and let’s be honest - Jack falls over A LOT. Can you imagine Mings going up to Jack and saying ‘**** get up you diver??’ To stand over him visibly frustrated at him and waving his arms around once again did nothing for the team. If you’re going to be captain, act like one, not a like a spoilt child waving your arms like your mom isn’t letting you have a new xbox game. Get down to his level, talk to him, and say it nicely. I get he wanted to get on with things - but this was unnecessary. Half time dressing room is where these discussions need to happen. once the above 2 had so visibly expressed their displeasure, AEG had no choice but to go off to keep any kind of pride at all. Your team mates have just accused you of lying, when any other team would have been supporting their team mate. It’s part of psychological tactics of the game. Make the ref think there’s an injustice happening, so he’s more likely to award a foul the next time. 99% of players exaggerate their injuries or contact - Jack is a master at this for gods sake! 4) AEG rolled ONTO the pitch for FFS. We were getting trashed, with 11.. but Mings and Grealish in their infinite wisdom wanted to rush on with the game with 10 players?? IF AEG wanted to bottle it, he’d have stayed off the field. Not stop the game! Tyrone and Jack either have some kind of issue with AEG, or are just naive or stupid. It’s THEIR actions that got AEG subbed, and more than likely caused a rift in the dressing room. AEG WAS JUST DOING WHAT 90% OF PREMIERSHIP FOOTBALLERS DO.
  19. Thug

    John McGinn

    I wish he'd never got injured
  20. I don’t think he was subbed because he was injured...
  21. Thug

    Kortney Hause

    His passing is awful, but like some others on here have already said.. at least he can defend. Wins every header, and he’s no slouch either. just tell him to give the damn thing to someone else, or just smack it into the left corner for jack to chase. No more attempts at mid range passes.
  22. I’m really struggling to see the positives that others are mentioning here. I truly believe he’s been nothing short of awful. I don’t recall any great passes, or tackles, or shots, or anything. All I can remember is being late to the ball, poor touches and people running past him like he’s not there. This is a total tragedy, not just in my opinion, but also in the opinion of WhoScored - who make him the 14th WORST player in the WORLD currently (out of 2500+ players). All the other players with statistical ratings as bad as his have played one or 2 games max. Infact, you have to get to the 180th worst ranked player to find someone who has started 4 games or more! Not only has he been poor, he’s been consistently poor. I honestly don’t know what games his ‘defenders’ have been watching.
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