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  1. I’d 100% rather let Adama have a 1 v 1 than neves have a freekick even from 50 yards.
  2. All this crap again. I’m getting tired of people complaining about not being kept in the know about something that doesn’t affect their lives. yes it’s very frustrating with regards to him being out, but what gives some of you the god given right to be in the know? Will it help You decide what colour socks you wear for the game? He’s out. End of story. I don’t see why it’s anyone else’s business except for the people involved. It was the same problem with the whole Grealish scenario. People crying about the divine right to know - putting it above what is most beneficial for the club. From now on the club should just announce the team sheet for that week and make no further comment about how long someone is out for. I can live with that, and so should the rest of you.
  3. Really? I thought that he was the only one of the midfielders that actually managed to pass the ball in the direction of one of our players. Problem is when you’re the only one in the team trying to play a passing game, you’re not gonna have much success.
  4. When your midfield can’t pass a ball to your own players that’s what happens. Son beat us.
  5. I think we need to sacrifice one of the front two for Buendia. and at the moment that has to be Watkins
  6. McGinn back to his giving the ball away, miscontrolling at the worst possible moments Watkins had been poor. we need a better second half.
  7. Call the next one a name starting with a ‘k’ then we can have J A C K back in midfield
  8. You’ve all got a screw loose.
  9. We’re 4 points off top, we’re better than last year, and our two most expensive signings aren’t even starting. ’Nuff said.
  10. I’ve always thought his actual finishing is below average. However, his energy and work rate are so important to the way we play. It’s no coincidence we’ve gone from being dogshit against Watford and average against Brentford, to being the better team against Chelsea, Everton and Man Utd since he returned. It was absolutely the right decision to leave him on and take Ings off because of his energy.
  11. To be fair, on DAZN the commentator said it exactly like you said it. They also said that Maguire was lucky not to be sent off when McGinn headed it past him.
  12. 1. I thought the odds were disrespectful 2. the way we’ve been playing, I was very confident. Should’ve beaten Chelsea twice and we steamrollered Everton. 7-1 was a no brainier.
  13. I tried to cash out when we scored but I couldn’t log in… because I was using a vpn at the time!
  14. Honestly, EMI Martinez what a legend he was telling Ronaldo to take it put bruno off that’s as good as a safe in my opinion
  15. I was being sarcastic. I’m fed up of people saying he shouldn’t have gone.
  16. Once again, what is he supposed to do when he’s called up for his country? Every players aspiration is to play for their country in a World Cup, and he’s not going to turn that opportunity down. If we don’t like our players **** off on international duty, we should be more selective what nationalities we buy.
  17. This post is better. Your previous post said that he probably cost us the win Someone correctly pointed out that Archer had two better chances to score. The problem in this thread is that when El Ghazi chooses the wrong option, he ‘costs us a win’ If it’s someone else - there’s usually mitigating circumstances. Should he have squared it? Yes he should. Did he play well? No He didn’t. But are there about 4 other better reasons why we didn’t win? Yes there are. So in response to your first post - no he didn’t ‘probably cost us the win’
  18. Everything else to one side..…. I’m loving the way we played in the last 3 matches.
  19. Well it’s live on DAZN so should be streams aplenty
  20. Should he have had a conversation with Smith before the Everton game and asked if he was going to play? And if not, stayed at home? if he didn’t take his place in the squad, someone else would’ve. And he’d probably never get called up again. He’s not Messi that he can call the shots. There’s probably another 30 players like him out there willing to give their left nut to get a chance of being called up. He’d likely never recover from turning down a call up. He made the right call.
  21. That game against Chelsea was the best I’ve seen us play for a while. I can see why he’s stuck with it.
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