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Pre Match Thread: Let’s Finish Strongly


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16 minutes ago, Bizzzle said:

I keep seeing on Twitter that Watkins and Bailey haven't travelled with the team. Not sure if true though 

luckily we have a lot of available wingers we kept last summer

oh wait ffs

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2 minutes ago, WallisFrizz said:

But so typical of our luck this year, just as he starts hitting form. 


to be fair if it is a knock, he's got plenty of time after today to recover. And it'll be another chance for replacements to show what they've got. 

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Without Bailey and Watkins we lose so much of our pace - you'd expect Ings to start, with four at the back and the two in front of them, so how we make up for that pace becomes the issue.

I'd think Buendia and Ramsey would be definites you'd have thought and then with our lack of options up top I think it comes down to a choice between adding a third CB and trying to hold-and-hit, adding another midfielder and trying to dominate the ball (difficult against Brighton) or bringing in Archer and hoping he's up to it.

It's going to be tricky without those two and that perhaps exposes a weakness in the squad.

Hopefully we have at least one of them available.

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