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  1. They need to watch the Championship if they like craziness, they’d be hooked.
  2. He is playing well and doesn’t look out of place but RB look like a mid table prem side. I want to see him against one of the top top teams in the CL, he’ll be great then also imo but much bigger test.
  3. I’ll be watching him tonight, hope he does well but RB Leipzig not the most exciting of CL fixtures. PSG however, including Messi, Neymar etc…I’ll be v proud if our Solihull born Acdemy boy shines on that stage.
  4. He only signed a new contract with us recently. Until 2026 with an option for us to extend for one year. He’s going nowhere unless it’s for v big bucks.
  5. I stand corrected, he’s just been spotted!
  6. Er…Konsa doesn’t appear to be at Stamford Bridge according to the journos…
  7. It’s on Sky so maybe they don’t have full rights. However be thankful you can’t see how bad our defending just was for the West Ham goal.
  8. The saddest thing about that tweet were the football fans, including Villa, invading the thread to insult JG and each other. Did they not look at what that thread is about and think, actually I’ll just leave the insults and tribalism out for this one. No, they did not…pathetic.
  9. Lukaku posting training pics, he’ll be fine.
  10. I thought I would but I still enjoy watching him play for England. It’s the idea that he’s suddenly improved and now worthy of a starting spot when he wasn’t when he played for us that annoys me. He’s brilliant to watch, just as he was for us.
  11. Jack’s due an England goal, tonight could be it. Poland starting well but no way are they keeping this up.
  12. Apparently Richard Masters of PL is sorting it with fifa that those other players from PL clubs will be allowed to play at the weekend after all and everyone’s pissed off with us and Spurs for breaking ranks. Im quite happy for us to look after ourselves, I haven’t forgotten the Super League and I also remember in lockdown when it was being mooted that we would be relegated on ppg.
  13. It isn’t great but, Tuanzebe should be able to do a job for us with Mings who is now fit. We still have Danny Ings so shouldn’t miss Watkins too much. Steer will definitely have some work to do, fingers crossed he does well. We need the midfield to be strong, McGinn is in great form, Luiz looked good against Brentford. I don’t know the situation with Jacob Ramsey, might end up playing Ashley Young in midfield again (he was signed as back up, he’s going to be an ever present at this rate!) God knows who we’re going to play on the right, considering it’s a position we’re stacked, none of them are fit/available. It’s going to be a tough one but I wouldn’t write us off completely.
  14. It’s not the truth and you are wrong.
  15. This might have already been posted but confirmed released.
  16. Fwiw the Spurs fans seem to think we’ve dealt with it better.
  17. Emi has said we didn’t know about Brazilian quarantine rules. Not sure whether he’s trying to defend us or say we’re stupid.
  18. He’s left the ground in a protective boot apparently.
  19. Do you think Purslow, whilst mainly annoyed, is just a tiny tiny bit pleased with himself that we’re so massive we’ve managed to bring to a halt one of the biggest fixtures in international football and cause a diplomatic crisis?
  20. Exactly and Villa have had absolutely no power in this once it became clear that the players were going to exercise their right to play international football. They could have had a massive fall out with two key players and still lost them to international duty so they tried to make the best of a bad situation.
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