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  1. Mrs T had put me some tracky bottoms in the car. in case I wanted to change . But I steamed instead happily
  2. It was a day to treasure Out at 10am Telford to Cannock, pop in to moms and dads in Hednesford for an hour, then to my daughters spent an hour with the grandkids, then to my sons in Heath Hayes for an hour with other grand kids. My turn to drive me and son to the match . Park in electric avenue, Bacon and cheese burger from outside the social club, pint of Guinness in the Holte . Brilliant brilliant display from all players fantastic result. Soaked on way back to the car. Nearly an hour to get back to main road, dropped off son in Cannock, arrive back in Telford ten past seven. Mrs T had dinner ready. Fell asleep twice watching TV. Told to go to bed at 9:20. Dreamt of a return to Wembley beating Baggies in the final. will actually have a smile at work tomorrow until I bump into the Wolves fans
  3. We are the Fulham of last season on a roll, climbing the league and I cant see us being stopped for next 6 games IF we keep doing what we're doing - We will all be at Wembley again this year and coming home in a better mood - It was a long way back from London last year
  4. Its almost as if Dean does know what his doing The lad is dragging me out of my armchair for this one - atmosphere should be buzzing
  5. " weeks ago we thought the season was over and Dean's head to roll Now the garden is coming up Roses Get in
  6. Bet I do child " are we really going to Australia mom" mom "shut up and keep digging" now that's funny
  7. Blue nose family Child eating his breakfast -"Mom this eggs off" Mom "shut up and eat it" Child "Do I have to eat the beak as well" Child "Mom Granddads gone out again------Mom "well throw some more petrol on him" Child "Can I lick the bowl when you've finished mom" -- Mom "No I will be flushing it this time"
  8. Bloody late shift tonight - so following it by txts from friends As normal My heart says 4:1 Villa. But I expect a draw
  9. Umbrella academy - really enjoyed it The curse of Oak Island - There has to be something there, searching for over 200 years But right at this moment it Carl Kirwoods Breakfast baps
  10. Hya. No I haven't done that, as @Davkaus it seems that the TV does not have blue tooth. But thank you for the response
  11. So after all the hype of the attack by a mindless idiot--Yesterday I wanted the ground shut down and make it a stopping off point for Gypsies Today, I want the guy fined and a period in custody , But also the Football club must be hit hard by point deduction. This is not because I hate the scum, its because the only way to stop idiots like this being made into celebs, is for the rest of their chums to see that his actions hurt their club. Then maybe he wont be cheered on and have celeb status in the future. He will go down as the idiot he is and all he achieved by his actions is to have hurt his club
  12. Thank god we dont have to do that for another year. I have watched Villa for over 50 years and still that match makes me emotional I thought changing my shirt at half time was the key factor. But the team did well The city is ours again on cloud nine. You blue nose scum
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