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  1. Long day when I go to the match, Telford to Cannock, see daughter and grand kids for an hour, then to moms another hour, then to my lads and see other grand kids another hour then to VP, a burger and a pint, sit in traffic trying to get home, back to sons to swap cars and finally back home. So I leave home at 10am and get back around 7:30, I am honestly beginning to find it tiring at my age. Me and the lad sat in the Trinity so had great view but lacks the atmosphere of the Holte This may sound daft but playing against ten men amazingly did look harder than I thought, It only really seems to make a difference on attack when we have every one in their half. Then we out numbered them. But leaves us totally open at the back when they countered and they were bloody quick. If we left players at the back then we were out numbered on the attack as they defended so well. I was screaming get in the box get in the box Thankfully Jack was the one trying to do this Have to give Brighton credit they are a well organised fast side. As for V.A.R, it is not a technical wizard, it is just some one else's opinion after the fact. It took away the excitement of scoring as when Jack scored we had to shrug our shoulders and stand with our arms open for a few seconds saying does it count, is it a goal this time ??????. I know this is not a V.A.R thread but I would rather do with out it and moan that a decision was wrong after the fact it evens out over the season. All in all had a fantastic time and got back to Telford Knackered with a bloody head ache and in bed by 10pm, I have followed and attended for 50 years traveling all over the country but I am starting to wonder how long I can keep going for I am feeling my age lads. I may only give it another 10 years
  2. I was shopping with Mrs T on Saturday , we came out of Tesco and saw a lady crying her eyes out. She had just lost all her holiday money. I gave her £50. I dont normally do this sort of thing But I had just found a grand in the car park
  3. Really pissing me off lately. I hold a team brief every day before start of the shift. I explain to any newbies, that my Cannock accent may be a bit posh for them. So please listen carefully and if dont understand, dont just nod your head, ask me to repeat what I said before you start They all nod their heads and then Fck off in the opposite direction
  4. Me and the lad actually got tickets for this one. Cant wait
  5. looking forward to match of the day. happy days, great for the lads who went there. we can go to work with a smile too and if the Dingles get hammered we dont even have to say anything. Just be smug
  7. we are winning 4 Fing nil. Happy days, great for the lads that are there. Singing only come to see the Villa Bloody happy days
  8. wait until you see Hermine with her kit off. ooh No that's another film
  9. Just hope now that Norwich dont go stupid and get one sent off
  10. Not going to bottle it today I am holding out for 4:1
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