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  1. Three conspiracy theorists walked into a bar.---- Now that's no a coincidence OMG walked into a bar, that sounds good
  2. every one of them is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad, so bad so very very very bad
  3. Donald Trump interviews, what an absolute Moron. You need to watch some of them on the red button Sky Q especially as to why he is not wearing a mask. Also that his Covid test was so negative, the doctors had never seen a more negative test He really really winds me up
  4. My Uncle was actually Chief Inspector of Cannock police force in the 80s, He was also Worshipful of the Uttoxeter Free Masons (no surprises there) My dad and mom went to two or three of their does. My dad used to tell a story of how my Uncle was so pissed he would be driving with his feet on the steering wheel (my old chap did exaggerate) But he got my old chap off with a couple of speeding tickets too.
  5. I dont think he does. Wishing him well in his mansion in Cornwall though. Hope he is well
  6. Most neutral fans are not in the bottom 3 or top 4, So it makes no difference to them or the fate of their football club
  7. He is sorry. That he got caught ? or that he went out ? Every one is very very sorry when that have been caught. I guess it will be forgotten by us. But by commentators I doubt it. By someone who's relative has died. I doubt it.
  8. Get rid I for one have stood in the Holte and at Wembley chanting Super Jack and know how important he is to the club. I now hope we sell him as soon as possible, if some one is willing to take him on. He has lost all the respect I had for him. As a football fan of course I am fickle but not when he is out there potentially spreading a virus that kills people. It threatens my family and friends. I have fell out with friends posting pictures on the beach in Wales last week. I cant forgive him. Be gone
  9. My mom is 91 and doing so well self isolating. I went to see her yesterday. Took some shopping, I didn't go in. I am so proud of her. I see everyone flaunting the stay at home rules as a threat to my mom, my friends and my family. He should have stayed the **** at home. Like every other sensible caring adult
  10. What would be saying if this was Wheelan or Wes. Would we be thinking differently
  11. According to latest news. He was pissed, smashed into 20 cars, had white powder a over the seats a shotgun in the back with 2kg of weed. Joking apart if this is true. What a moron. Super Jack to idiot and potential virus spreader
  12. The Invisible man - good take on the old ones
  13. If this is already a thread please take it down Pause your sky sports - stop paying until sport returns - Can be done on my sky app - saved £32 yesterday If you pay your council tax over ten months - call them and ask for this years free months to be moved to April May or when best suits you - saved £240
  14. I only found out yesterday that I can pause sky sports and stop paying until the sports returns If you didn't know, Do it on my sky app
  15. Interview with the first Russian to get the virus, Ivor Chesticoff is doing fine
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