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  1. Imagine a couple of months ago some one saying "You will be OK, you only have to win 10 out of the next 12" They may have had a bop on the nose for taking the urine
  2. I am disapointed that VP is not showing it on the big screen. I am sure several thousand of us without a ticket would gladly pay and would turn up.
  3. Robtaylor200


    we were only 3215 in the queue but didn't get one, Hey ho as long as we win. I will celebrate in a Villa pub somewhere UTV
  4. Robtaylor200


    me and the lad had the same plus Swansea FA cup game. I'm going to buy a club card start of next season, gutted but at least the majority of die hards got a ticket.
  5. Robtaylor200


    Me and the lad lost out. Gutted Hope they put it on big screen at VP
  6. Robtaylor200


    Bloody coach from VP last time, we had to get off and walk when we saw the arch or would never have parked in time. Bit of panic finding where it had parked. But didn't really care about anything after the game. Me and the lad booked train from Tamworth to Euston three weeks ago. £22 return each. But dont have a ticket yet. Praying to get one tonight (4 games, semi and FA cup match, was not enough this time ) both on afternoon shift, so taking both phones, I pad and works PC
  7. Robtaylor200


    May be question has been sked and I have missed it. Does any one know if VP are putting it on a big screen, cant remember the game. But I have attended one before
  8. Robtaylor200


    I dont care if my seat is on the roof, as long as I get a ticket tonight
  9. Robtaylor200


    That's that then hoping we can get them Monday. Me and the lad both work at the same place. He is maintenance so should be able to disappear for hours. I am a team Leader. so I can tell every one to F off for a while. Fingers crossed there are some left
  10. Robtaylor200


    yep me and the lad are two of them,
  11. Robtaylor200


    10 minutes before I get kicked out as dont have enough history, but bloody waiting any way
  12. Robtaylor200


    my number is 9552, but the lad is 4522, either way we only have 4 games, the semi and a cup match. so expect to get booted off when its our turn On bloody lates at work tomorrow, so will be taking my lap top in and a lot of disappearing
  13. Robtaylor200


    Yes I'm thick. It only counts in the last criteria
  14. Robtaylor200


    I am a bit thick (possibly) but isn't this the 2018/2019 season ?
  15. Robtaylor200


    Im hoping it does too cant find any official confirmation, will know soon enough when I try to order on line
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