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  1. and here's another My mate asked me this morning, what's the difference between the people from Dabi and the people from Abadabi . It seems that the people from Dabi do not like the Flintstones. But the people from Abadabi do
  2. Ahh come on RJ, you dont have the sole right to bad jokes
  3. Two chaps in a pub "Do you want to hear my Batman impression" "Go on" " Oh noooooooooo Kryptonite" "That's Super man"" "Thank you I have been practising a lot"
  4. Seem to have gone back to watching the other team come at us. Woeful tonight, Had forgotten how much it hurts. Still second and still best start ever.
  5. He should never have been allowed to get a shot in. Showing them far too much respect
  6. Standing off and giving too much respect, come on time to get at em
  7. I didn't think we needed a new goalie, but what a difference a top goalie makes now we see why he cost so much
  8. Leeds at their best and we are at about 75%, turn it on second half and its our game. I think we have seen the best Leeds have to offer and its not good enough.
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