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  1. When my daughter heard the rumour that blokes with big shoes have big cocks You should have seen some of the clowns she came home with
  2. I left the pub the other night, so pissed I don't remember a thing. Woke up next to a an old fat bird, smelt of wee, with skid marks up her nightie. At least I had got home safely
  3. Just heard Chicho Hamilhas passed away. One of the first players names my mom knit into my scarf RIP
  4. Enjoy the game lads, Im off to sit in the sun with a beer and Radio Brum Its been an amazing season, best for many many years. See you all again soon and who knows, we may actually win a game 4:1
  5. Well for a match that doesn't matter, playing with the bare bones of the team, after winning a place in Europe Why are so many posts so pessimistic. Come on sod the result, the only result we want is for Ollie to score
  6. OOh they have never had a hattrick this season, thanks commentator 3 coming
  7. commentators curse, they just need one more goal blah blah kin blah
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