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  1. He is a bit hot and cold, a couple of weeks ago he had a great game. Lets bet on the right Horse
  2. So I made comment that we should expect to beat Brighton a team a couple of points above us in the league and I got quite a slating for it. I went the other week against Man City I didn’t expect us to win that one but went any way. I don’t expect us to beat Watford they play with passion, but I will go anyway, I certainly do not expect us to beat Leicester but will go anyway. Passion : I reminisce to the days standing on Witton bank before the stand was built and clearing the snow away so my feet didn’t get cold, walking 10 miles to go and watch a night match as I couldn’t get a lift all the way. I recall the team of 81/82 who did not have a single international player in the side They expected to win everything and ran their legs off chasing every second ball. It’s called passion If ALL this team, coaches and manager had half the passion that I and the team of 82 had for Aston Villa they would expect to beat Brighton too. Expect to beat Brighton too bloody right I do
  3. Got a point against Brighton (not Man City). It is a game we expect to win and it doesn't change my thoughts of Dean and his tactics. He has to go. Fickle as I am another couple of wins in the next three games and I may love him again. And yes I have no loyalty for the manager, I am Loyal to Aston Villa only. Win or lose for over 50 years, many years of traveling home and away . Players and managers come and go. I have seen a hell of a lot of managers at VP. and some amazing players over the years. and the time is nigh to change again
  4. Dont like him, wouldn't go for a pint with him. But you know he is on the pitch. he gets involved.
  5. more passion in that squabble than in most of the game
  6. Played better second half, not good enough over 90. still not happy Smith out
  7. thank god for Jack. pretty good when he is in middle isn't he
  8. Come on Indi, show them some passion. may be it will rub off
  9. Same crap week after week, FFS Dean its not working. If we win this it will still be lucky and not by tactical master plan by Dean OUT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE
  10. I'm confused, We are playing our best attacking midfielder as a winger, we are playing without a striker (cant say we dont have one there are young strikers at this club deserving of a chance).The midfield and defence are not tackling, the defence dont know how to boot the ball up the field, although no one is there to try and hold it if they do Its as if somebody doesn't care, or somebody is defiant in their attitude, team selection and tactics even if proven every week it doesn't Fkin work Smith has to go. Bring in some one else. The king is dead - long live the king
  11. Same O, these players were good before they came to the villa and the coaches drained all the life out of them
  12. I think the coaching part is Key. Surely they are being told kick it out of the stadium and the player too
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