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  1. Helping my mates to do some D.I.Y. They were shocked to find out I am not a good electrician
  2. In the mean time on Cannock Chase. Two Chavs were stopped by the police. One was sniffing battery acid and the other sniffing Fireworks The police charged one of them and let the other off Oh dear
  3. I haven't posted for a while so may have missed this already being said Around this time last year we were days away from administration - We have now spent nearly £100 million on payers and I can see a top 12 finish for next season UTV
  4. IMO they are asking big money for him. Mings was practically unheard off until we gave him the chance, our training and style of play developed him in to a great Villa player. We are not going to pay them for the improvement we made. As said above, I would love to see him back in a Villa shirt and what a welcome he would have, but he is not the only CD out there and I am sure Deano and his scouts have eyes on similar players. How much are we prepared to pay ?
  5. This is a lovely story thank you and it makes me chuckle at a memory. Last time I took my Dad he was about 84 and he kept saying, I wouldn't have come this way, this is a long way round, I wouldn't park here its too far away. I said Dad this is the only way I know how to get to VP, this is the way you have always taken me for the past 50 years. Its the only way I know and we have always parked in the same place. (as you with your Dad) When its my sons (now 30) turn to drive he goes the same way and parks in the same place we follow the same routine as my Dad.
  6. Sadly the most famous Villa fan passed away yesterday. He will be sat with Doug Ellis watching the first home game and still kicking every ball.
  7. Most famous Villa fan is my old man Alan Taylor Sadly as I write this he is in Stoke hospital with only a few days at most left in this life. He is 91 years old and has kicked every ball, headed every cross and saved every shot for over 80 years. As a youth he would cycle to Villa park and some away games as far as Coventry from Cannock to watch his team. He has been there at every cup final from early 1930s. He has Villa scarfs draped across the bottom of his hospital bed. No one on here is more famous than my dad
  8. Similar to predictive text is the way blokes hear things - for instance My wife says She is weaving me for a mother plan because I dont listen last week she said " Your not even listening are you" I thought what a strange way to start a conversation
  9. Nigel Kenedy, well he was famous when I was younger
  10. He gave his heart. I will follow the rest of his career with interest. Hope Rangers come in for him
  11. My mate was selling a 65 inch TV for only £50, he said it was a second because the volume button was broken But I thought at £50 you cant turn that down

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