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  1. so the only Source so far is: Trust me bro
  2. Come on Villa. WAKE UP! Bring Daichi Kamada to the club
  3. Did not rate him one bit. Would be a good championship defender. Wish him the best tho
  4. we have to see if hes 30 mil player or a 10 mil player next season. looking forward to it
  5. There is nothing concrete that we are signing him. was only the 1 link from some random french journalist which now seems ages ago now. Dont think this will happen
  6. Sarrs agent was spotted in Dixy chickens. Its happening
  7. Hes won the lottery after playing 22 games Grealish 2nd top earner in the club now
  8. Hairy hands, Transfer Josh and Villamole all breaking the news! its HAPPENING.
  9. Thats a done deal then. Highest earner at 18 years old
  10. Why would he randomly start liking Aston Villas IG photos?
  11. So he can take free kicks! JWP WHO?
  12. Can we start a Papa Sarr thread please. Looks like this will be a done deal very soon
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