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  1. I think we can beat them. We need to play our full strength squad
  2. Sivert Mannsverk plays like the new Frankie De Jong. What a signing that would be
  3. With 3 games against spurs, everton and Man city all in the space on 8 days. I would just play the kids and reserves in this game Score prediction: No one cares
  4. Well played Hause! He just keeps his head down and keeps on improving, when his chance comes he's taken it. Beast in the air
  5. Play like we did against Burnley and WBA, this will be an easy win
  6. yeah he come on for Bamford against West ham the other day
  7. Leeds commentators are annoying. they go on like they're the Harlem Globetrotters and are shocked if Villa attack
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