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  1. Everton was poor against Burnley in the overall play, They really pushing above their weight, they have a worse starting 11 than us, Should be a Villa win. 3-0
  2. Was solid today in goal. Made some good saves
  3. He was in such great form, feel bad for him. Hopefully its not as bad as it looks
  4. Josh Feeney & Travis Patterson both in Poland to take part in the Syrenka Cup for England U17. First game vs. Romania on the 3rd
  5. Patterson is with the england team in Poland
  6. UPDATE: I hate my mom. She only bloody got me Claret Membership for West ham, Anyone want to buy some West ham Vs Man united tickets off me?
  7. My mom surprised me today for my birthday by getting me claret membership and tickets to see a game, Best day of my life
  8. I am so sorry for beating you at cod today Douglas Luiz. forgive me
  9. We must win the Papa Johns Trophy. Its been 25 years of hurts since we last won a trophy. The Papa Johns cup tops the 1982 European cup.
  10. From WBA, was a trialist but looks like we've signed him. Very impressive tonight and the last few games
  11. Welcome back to Villa next year old Frederic
  12. Oh, ho, ho / He's magic you know Raisky Punjabi Pirlo Oh, ho, ho / He's magic you know Raisky Punjabi Pirlo
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