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  1. If Grealish passes to him on that run he made. Its goal number 4. and we would be topping the table right now
  2. Leicester have a lot of players out for this game. We have to go there and take the game to them. Prediction- 7-2 Villa
  3. Its happening guys. Millgazete have reported it. https://www.milligazete.com.tr/haber/5596592/aston-villa-da-benrahma-icin-devreye-girdi
  4. This game could actually finish 4-4. James Justin one of the worst defenders i've seen in the prem. Vardy one of the best strikers.
  5. didn't want him anyways, hes crap
  6. Still 5.5hrs to go for us to get him signed...... We can SIGN HIM
  7. Him and watkins have a great connection. The assist to him against Man United pre season. Assist against Bristol, Assist against Liverpool and should of had more.
  8. Last push for Rashica. Its going to happen
  9. I thought he looked good when he come on. He got a lot of the ball. we was playing the english champions
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