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  1. Clearly waiting for it to be officially announced.
  2. This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous to be honest.
  3. Mods clearly doing the morning thread sweep. Page numbers going down as well - I’m sure it’s been moved accidentally. Calm down all
  4. Strange pic - looks like it’s next to a canal?
  5. Agreed. Terrible preparation for the new season all round to be honest.
  6. I was fairly sure yesterday after the two posts. I’ve missed all of the hysteria of today - what has actually changed?!
  7. Maybe wishful thinking but I can’t imagine a Villa fan posting the image Jack has and McGinn getting involved if he is likely to leave to Man City.
  8. I guess saying the ‘deal should be done’ is presuming that everybody would jump at the chance of playing for city and cannot even consider that Jack may choose to say at little old Villa.
  9. Two quick things - called the Dias transfer and the Covid cancellation of Everton City last season.
  10. So perhaps don’t just flippantly dismiss a possible ITK. Most are bullshit, this one has got a lot right.
  11. They’re convinced over on Bluemoon. Quoting some legendary ITK source. If he goes after buying into the vision last summer and the clear evidence of progress then Villa fans have a right to feel let down.
  12. Very concerning if true. Shows he is definitely open to the move.
  13. Back up GK, RW/AM, CM and back up striker. Hopefully we get all 4. I agree regarding Bogarde but an experienced loan CB happy to be back up would be ideal.
  14. Time is ticking a bit now. We need 3-4 new players for me.
  15. I’d go 433 as well Sanson Nakamba McGinn Buendia Watkins Grealish If we add Bailey then that’s a different point!
  16. Why is it so outlandish saying that Emi is the best keeper in the league? I get the point about top 4, but Martinez being the best keeper in the league is not deluded it is worthy of genuine discussion. clearings in the woods.
  17. Buendia is going to be an absolute beast. It isn’t just his two worldy passes but it’s his movement and little flicks. Unbelievable - he must have done the same flick 4 times in a tight space. Love Ollie. Ash looks solid and steady. Always really rated Nakamba - I’m really not sure we need a DM…
  18. I’m finding it laughable that there is a selection of fans and media genuinely criticising Grealish for not taking one of the 5 pens. Southgate picked the takers… what is Grealish to do, overrule the manager and take one given the amount of clear support Southgate has given him this tournament.
  19. This is **** shite all round after such a promising first half.
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