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  1. How thick am I. Been looking at this for a couple of days and didn't get it. I needed the punch line. derr
  2. We have showed commitment and gone for everything, another night and it may come off
  3. Watching the game in Benalmadena with Mrs T. Me and 6 Chelsea fans . Obviously I have the most to shout about. How have we not scored. Their goalie is on fire.
  4. That's it then. I'm doing my cash out now
  5. I remember the days when Paul McGrath wouldn't be in the team, because he was still on a bender somewhere. Loved him just the same
  6. Ye I remember the Baggies fans saying Snow White couldn't even compete with us
  7. I remember them beating us 8:0 and we were lucky to get nil. Seven different players scored
  8. Well at least you can't forget to do it and cause an issue later
  9. A lighter thread Football supporters and players are probably the most superstitious people walking the earth. Some of us feel that we can change the course of the game by wearing the wrong socks on a Saturday, We know deep inside that its all b*****s but just maybe ! I need to bet 4:1, I wear my 1981/82 shirt for home games, my 1957 FA cup shirt for cup games. When watching on TV I may even change to my Euro final shirt at half time if we are struggling. My son was brought a Villa mug for fathers day, he will not use it on a Saturday because its Orange. I wont wear the League cup shirt I was brought for Christmas because its the one when we lost to Spurs. My son-in-law (a spurs fan) will not wear a watch when they are playing. One of mates was watching us on TV and stood up for something and we scored, so he stood up for the rest of the game. What are your must do preparations?
  10. £1 a match for 20 years, maybe missed a few so about £600 spent, came in 4 times that I have done it , won around £80 or more each time. They owe me a big one
  11. 4 times in 20 odd years Wigan, Norwich, Newcastle (remember the Carew penalty in last seconds for his hattrick) , Wolves at VP a few years ago was the last time Its become one of those superstations we all do hoping to change the course of the game or not to put bad karma on the game, lucky shirts, lucky seat etc. That would be a good thread actually
  12. I know I said I wouldn't do this bet again But ! Money for nothing
  13. LOL That's why I needed help, I dint know that, I wasn't aware of that, not very often I log in to google
  14. I wont be watching the Chelsea game from here after all. They closed down today after a torrid 18 months of covid restrictions. I wish them all the best
  15. mmmm. Thank you. I did have a couple of Samsung apps running, not re instated them and I wont now. I know I shouldn't need help transferring my stuff but less stressful when some els does it for me
  16. Thank you. I did check this and call forwarding etc. Whenever I re booted it, it would work as a phone for a few time but would then pack up again
  17. The guys at O2 couldn't have been nicer, gave me a new phone and even transferred all my stuff over. The manager laughed and said my Villa app had probably gave it a virus. Big thumbs up to O2
  18. Just read terms and conditions. I can take it back and demand like for like replacement within 28 days. I'm off to O2 again when they open, wish me luck
  19. Any help please before I have a breakdown I brought a Galaxy A12 two weeks ago, about 4 days ago It stopped making outward calls and kept saying missed calls when I didn't know I had one. Everything else is working OK so I did drop it in the toilet half submerged for about 2 seconds it was in the wallety case thing over a week ago. I dried it off and it worked fine straight away I have done re sets, taken sim out and put sim back (sometimes it works a couple of times straight away and then doesn't again) I have been to O2 shop (I didn't tell them about the toilet issue) and they told me there is a problem with new update at the moment with some phones (Mrs T brought same phone at same time and is having no issues in same places) I have copied all her settings to mine but still the same, 3 times I have been to O2 shop and it bloody works there (may be after they have done re boot as I said earlier) They tried a sim swap hey presto it worked until I tried again later Left it off all night, rebooted this morning, brilliant about 4 times then no good again Mrs T will kill me if I ask her one more time time to try ringing me or let me ring her Can I make them give me a new phone, threaten to smash up their shop or any other fixes ( I have tried self diagnostic) going on hols in two weeks and cant be without HELP
  20. Two weeks to get fit. I have us to beat Chelski 2:0 at 66/1 and just to make you all jealous I will be watching from The Holte Bar in Benalmadena
  21. manged to get nearly to the end before mentioning Jack ex Villa player come on 8 minutes is enough to get the job jobbed
  22. good job we have two week break or we would struggle to get a team for next week
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