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The Gravy Feud® and Other Gastronomic Delights


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5 minutes ago, WhatAboutTheFinish said:

No problem with the gravy...but eating out of the paper with a knife and fork? Now that's messed up!. Pick a side, paper with fingers or plate with knife and fork!

You're right of course. I was getting a plate, and then thought **** it, I was desperate, weak, salivating, trembling uncontrollably, Pavlov's moderator.

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19 minutes ago, Seat68 said:

Somethings been spilled on your chips. 

Yeah looks like Blandmeister dropped a bottle of tamarind sauce on 'em

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58 minutes ago, blandy said:

Oops, I did it again. 8 weeks without. So so good.



Chips and gravy. Again ! You legend !

I think i might've just found my second man crush*, after Sir Dennis Mortimer. 

*not in a ghey way of course 😁

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I'm going to defend, blandy here, love a bit of chips and gravy action, although chips, cheese and gravy is better. All the chippy toppings are good. Chips and curry sauce, chips, beans and cheese. 

The chippy down the road from me is run by Jason Koumas' family if anyone remembers him. I've yet to see him behind the fryer but it's not my go to chippy to be fair.

My go to is run by little old ladies and some younger ones learning the ropes. Their menu is streamlined compared to most but they just seem to do everything better. You can tell they're proper because they store up all the scratchings for people who want them, free on their chips. 

You may also know scratchings by their alternative wrong names of scraps, gribbles, bits or dubs, so wiki tells me. 

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