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  1. Well what better way to allow Bess to play his way back in to form than to pick him on a lifeless pitch where he can return figures of 0-100...that’s got to be the plan right?!
  2. Can you though? I ask this from a genuine place of ignorance on the subject. If I can't even reference the fact that he used to be called Ellen (dead naming?) can I just say their biological sex is female without fear of social reprisal? Similarly, if defining or categorising by sex is fine, why don't we do that? XX chromosome sport, XY sport, XX prisons, XY prisons etc. It takes gender out of the equation.
  3. I don't find it much simpler, not if you are not allowed to define or categorise things by sex.
  4. Have you removed the seat from the fixings?
  5. I'm sure Indians would say that the pitch couldn't have been that bad if they managed to score 600+ runs on it...and that's pretty hard to argue with!
  6. He found a formation and team that can win games?
  7. I’ve never read a Harry Potter book or seen one of the movies. What’s more, I have no desire to!
  8. The game I also quote as my favourite ever at VP. So in loving memory...
  9. To this day my go to seduction track
  10. I think nonsense is a little harsh on the OP. Yes we COULD have done it, whether we WOULD or even SHOULD have done it had we remained in the EU is a matter of debate.
  11. So we've established the UK could have gone solo even if still in the EU (even though not one of the other members did). Is anyone actually arguing that the UK would have been better off adopting the same strategy as those other member states, or that the EU has handled vaccine approval, procurement and distribution better than the UK?
  12. Looking at the dot seems like this is more L’Hospitalet than Barcelona itself. Having attended a few house parties there when I was living in BCN...I’m happy to confirm...what a sh*thole! Every bit as bad as you imagine the most densely populated part of the world to be!
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