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  1. WTF?! What kind shame are you bestowing on your Welsh heritage here? A Welsh breakfast is defined by the cockles and laverbread...not a vegetarian sausage!!!!!
  2. As far as I know the answer to the first question is no. As for the second, as the game is being shown live in several other countries...almost certainly yes.
  3. The only way I can think that they’d let you off the fine is if you can demonstrate that HMRC were aware of her current address whilst they were still sending letters to the old address. Has she had any dealings with them at her new address; self assessment, pension credits…that sort of thing?
  4. Quickest way to stop her worry… get your hand in your pocket and pay it off for her!
  5. For my liking not enough discussion in this thread about his shirt on the weekend. Perfect for when you've got to manage the Villa at 5 but have got line dancing at 8.
  6. Thank goodness Lee Ridley is on hand to explain the joke to the world!
  7. Don’t do it to yourself, it’s the hope that kills you!
  8. Is the co-commentator Tom Kerridge? I keep expecting him to give me the recipe for a pie.
  9. Of course the UK only has widespread state sponsored “marginal gains”
  10. Levy’s web of horsesh*t finally beginning to unravel. He’s already scaring off the top managerial talent in Europe and his treatment of Kane in this saga will surely mean that playing talent won’t be queuing up to join too quickly either…but hey…at least he’s got some NFL games booked.
  11. Hang on a sec, are we talking about tea or xhamster here?!
  12. I’ve never really thought about it before looking at this map...but I guess the Midwest is really more of a Mideast!
  13. I’m purely speculating but I would guess there was a time when all the Hamptons were just called Hampton. Then the differentiator was added later. ’”Which Hampton are you talking about?” ”The Hampton up north” “Oh yeah North-Hampton” ...type thing.
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