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  1. Hang on. If you are the one teaching, how come it knows when you've got it wrong?
  2. Unfortunately I wasn't listening to TMS at the time but having seen it, if Geoffrey didn't say that his aunt could have caught it in her pinny, I'd be very disappointed.
  3. Do you think that unfettered freedom of movement from anywhere in the globe to the UK is sustainable?
  4. Not that I'm a great promoter of 'inter-generational guilt' but I would certainly think there is a strong moral argument for the UK to focus its immigration policy on the former colonies. I've yet to hear a convincing argument from the pro-EU'ers as to why an unskilled labourer from Bulgaria should have the right to to bring his family here to improve their lot, but an unskilled worker from Zimbabwe (for example) shouldn't. Is it solely they they believe the former carries greater economic advantages to the latter?
  5. The figures seem pretty accurate but used with some slippery wording. There are no such things as WTO tariffs, these are EU tariffs that would apply to the UK under WTO rules. Similarly, they are import tariffs that would apply to British exporters, export tariffs would be a completely different kettle of fish. I do love a free trade argument paired with protectionist stats though.
  6. The Greek goddess Athena stopped things getting worse after the Roman god Hercules killed his children?
  7. What?! I came here looking for a bit of your optimism and can do spirit of previous tests.
  8. Cowardly, weak and vindictive. Whilst of course being snarky on Twitter is the very embodiment of courage, strength and benevolence? Let’s be honest, the level of political discourse all round is pretty dire!
  9. There is no legal requirement to do so and headlines of just this week suggesting that there were more than 100,000 voter registrations in 48 hours, suggests that not every person does. Could it become compulsory, yes. Is that a good idea...?
  10. The point being that every German also has to register their address with the government. I agree there is nothing stopping us doing it, but history shows that Britain holds civil liberties pretty high and if thought through, isn’t (for many) a desirable solution.
  11. It can reclaim the charges but the stats show that they don’t. And probably rightly so, do we really want hospitals asking people to show ID before receiving treatment? Again you are right that the UK could adopt methods of tracking where people are and what they are doing, but they are not able to single out EU citizens so it would have to apply to everyone. Remember the Blair government trying to introduce ID cards? How did that work out? Correct again that we could solve the issues as they stand but a non-point seems a little dismissive. It becomes a non-point if we want to become a nation of card carriers, under government surveillance that is refusing medical treatment to those without orderly paperwork and rounding up and deporting the unemployed.
  12. I like the way, just as you thought he'd nailed the spelling, he retweets himself to get it wrong again.
  13. In the next sitting of parliament will the Tories have to play with some of their benches closed after Boris’ No surrender chants?

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