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  1. A joke I remember fondly from back in the 80’s, retold today with love given the circumstances... Cher decided that her labia had grown too large with age and given the skimpy outfits she was prone to wearing decided to have surgery to have them removed. Obviously the hospital was under strict instructions to keep the operation a secret and prevent any leaks to the press, nobody must find out. So as she comes round from a successful operation she notices three cards on the side of the bed. ’What!’ She exclaims to the nurse, ‘Nobody is supposed to know I’m here!’ ’Open them and see’ the nurse says politely. She opens the the first card, ‘Get well soon, your Surgeon’. ‘Oh that’s nice’ she thinks. She opens the second card ‘Speedy recovery, all the best, the nurses on your ward. ‘Lovely thought’ she says. ‘But who could this third card be from?’ She opens it up and it reads ‘Thanks for the ears, love Niki Lauda’
  2. When I moved to Spain, there was a legal requirement to register my address with the government. When I moved Poland, there was a legal requirement to register my address with the government. When I moved to Finland, there was a legal requirement to register my address with the government AND they made me attend an interview at the immigration office. This faux outrage about the UK introducing a system that appears to have been standard practice across other EU countries for many years seems somewhat overblown (and slightly ironic).
  3. HBO will turn it into a travel documentary where Arya discovers that west of Westeros is the east coast of Essos and then undertakes a road trip back home. Meanwhile, Sky have lined up Drogon to replace James Corden as host of A League of Their Own.
  4. Surely a clerk of the House of Commons for over 30 years would know that the party members elect the Leader of the Conservative Party, not the prime minister?
  5. Wow...The Israeli Alan Parsons Project! Bring back the contestants, all is forgiven.
  6. Weirdly enough I could also tell this story almost word for word! The only difference being it didn’t put me off playing rugby for good...just in England!
  7. Sounds like poor old Alastair isn’t pulling the strings at the BBC anymore, I almost feel sorry for him. This from a man who regularly gets airtime because...well, for what exactly?
  8. Why did the hamster quit his office job? He wasn't happy with the celery. But yeah, Feddie Starr, I always found him about as funny as that joke. Remember others in my family thinking he was hilarious though.
  9. If Danny Baker and Roseanne Barr had children.... Too soon?
  10. How long do the batteries hold out before a recharge?
  11. As an aside to this, I think I remember reading once that during that same period Russia has not engaged in any war in a foreign country without a request for assistance from its official government.
  12. I think Gareth Bale has got that covered!
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