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  1. Absolutely, the Catalan flag itself being drawn from some legend about some dude getting shot (with an arrow), who after clutching his wound proceeded to make a grab for a yellow flag being held by the guy next to him before falling off his horse and dying! Only to leave the trace of his bloodied fingers on said flag. Tensions are obviously running pretty high around Catalan independence at the moment and if rumours are to be believed, this shirt has been released with the sole intention of wearing it at the Bernebeu for El Classico as a show of solidarity with those who have been jailed for sedition.
  2. I haven't seen the show but this quote from one of said reviews did make me chuckle.
  3. Thought for a second this was Jeremy Corbyn at a PLO memorial service!
  4. If Tony had walked into your house to take the sarnie and blankets to give to the homeless man...then you could accuse him of being socialist.
  5. Or maybe they are just confident enough in their own decision making abilities without feeling the need to get all preachy or sanctimonious it? It may surprise you but the majority of people actually try to avoid conflict, not create it. Whilst some are busy shouting about how amazing it is that a hundred thousand turn out for some or other protest march...there are still 60+ million others in the country at home just minding their own business. A case maybe of ‘empty vessels make the most noise’?
  6. I wouldn’t worry too much about where you stand on a list that lists Kensington as being a more deprived than Pontypridd!
  7. I love rugby and even though I'm Welsh (where obviously we can't afford posh nobbers), I think you are being a little bit oversensitive in your stance. 13 of the England starters on Saturday have attended a fee paying private school. 1 of the other two went to a selective Grammar School. Now you can protest with the experiences of you and your mates, but those stats ARE pretty telling about the requirements of success in the English game and leave it open, quite rightly, to a certain level of criticism.
  8. This may sound like a stupid question but don't the government own the Royal Mint...who I assume are producing these 50p's? So is the story that the government have to pay themselves a cancellation fee?
  9. I absolutely love Topics!! My only complaint..too bloody small!
  10. As a kid I would happily chomp through the orange Viscount biscuits in order to sooner bring about the pinnacle... the mint Viscount biscuits (strict one pack open at a time policy in force). And I still would!
  11. Except of course in Poland, that doesn't recognise dual-nationality.
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