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  1. Of those above...the Russian method would definitely be closest to producing the best gherkin. Any recipe involving vinegar should be summarily dismissed!
  2. I would say it is more of a surprise that 50% of the population live outside the circle!
  3. Didn’t see any of it back then and not sure I’ve even seen any of it since (if any footage exists?), but Graham Hick’s 405 not out was the stuff of legend when I was heavily into cricket as youngster around that time.
  4. Don’t know what state it is in but doesn’t Cape Cod stick out a fair bit to the east?
  5. I may be wrong, but isn’t it the party centrals that select who they want to be their representative on Question Time every week? Maybe he should ask JC why he doesn’t want a member of the Labour Movement for Europe representing them on the show instead of trying to make some faux political point about the BBC?
  6. Woah! Live text of someone else watching a documentary. Is this a format that is common on the internet or have you just invented it? If you have, monetise it quickly, it’s brilliant! (Try to give me some warning before the next one though because I have a feeling being high is going to heighten the experience!)
  7. Yeah that’s the one...The Crying Game.
  8. A lot of love for the afore mentioned The Wickerman, a film I have probably watched a hundred times and could still watch again with just as much pleasure. Honourable mention for this hottie too for producing one of the most iconic/memorable scenes in British cinema history. Also a great film.
  9. "former business partner of" sounds suitably vague.
  10. Regardless of public or private I think the error, which I admitted to, was in my understanding of the term ‘a prosecutor’. I repeat that I made a mistake. If you are are genuinely interested in why? Wiki Cambridge OED I’m sure a smart guy like you can understand why I could get confused. I’ll give Mr Ball the benefit of the doubt in that I hope he wasn’t trying to deliberately confuse and conflate by describing himself as ‘a prosecutor’ and not as ‘someone bringing a prosecution’. Having read a little more about Mr Ball (that he hasn’t had removed from the Google search listings) I’m happy to replace my ‘second rate lawyer’ with ‘shameless self publicist’ Thanks for the notes though, I’ll take them on board. D-, must try harder.
  11. That is my bad! I was only going off him saying ‘I am a private prosecutor’, with me taking the term ‘prosecutor’ to mean that of a legal professional. I mean, if I ever happen to be in court, I hope the public prosecutor is a software specialist, should give me a fighting chance! I guess my take away is; if someone is making bold claims in public, I have a personal responsibility to go away and check their veracity.

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