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  1. WhatAboutTheFinish

    World Cup : Group A (Rus, KSA, Egy, Uru)

    One of the kids has just asked me if the guy playing in midfield for Saudi, Al-Faraj, was the same guy that ‘did brexit’.
  2. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Time for a takeover

    Oh yeah...that self made billionaire, terrible at business
  3. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Tony Xia

    Whereas the people who have full access to his financial position instead of just reading stuff in the papers seem to have been prepared to purportedly advance him 50 million quid. Seems at odds.
  4. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Tony Xia

    A Chinese man with an estimated worth of around a billion dollars was meant to have 3/4 of his wealth in cash, in the UK. Let’s just take a step back and consider how likely that is in ANY scenario...regardless of what has been read.
  5. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Going Under ?

  6. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Championship is a good league to be in

    I enjoy the championship, the reason, it’s competitive. Which, for me, is what makes football exciting. Whilst I see the attraction of the premier league it is little more than a West End musical with a few teams playing the lead roles and everyone else nothing more than a chorus girl. I don’t really believe all the talk (hype?) about how the quality of the PL is so much better than the championship is either. If you were to cut the top 6 of the pl loose and replace them with the top 6 of the championship who wins that league next season? Over half, if not all, would think they’ve at least got a chance.
  7. WhatAboutTheFinish

    What Class Are You?

    Team Pheasant vs Team Peasant sounds like it has the hallmarks of an epic playground rumble!
  8. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Smelly Stuff

    All this talk of youth and smelly things can only mean one thing... A staple of every Christmas from my grandmother, preferably in a box set with accompanying talcum powder. Come to think of it, does anyone over 6 months old still use talc?
  9. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Tony Xia

    IIRC Doesn’t he have to pay Randy £30 mil if we go up? That’s gotta sting!
  10. WhatAboutTheFinish

    WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    That must be quite an undertaking!
  11. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Best British TV comedies of all time

    The first sitcom really to tap in to the ‘anything is funny if you just repeat it often enough’ train of thought was Allo Allo. Every character just had a catchphrase they said every week. The typical episode; You are probably wondering, Good moaning, Listen very carefully, Rrrreeene, You stupid woman, It is I LeClerc, Bring zem in here, You may kiss me, My little tank, Ze flashing knobs etc There were so many but somehow it worked.I loved it but even if you didn’t it had a way of ingraining itself into the psyche. Fast show then took the same principles and elevated it to new levels. I mean in’t the fast show brilliant, it was like a comedy show that had jokes and stuff but then like had catchphrases and stuff too. Brilliant! (Oh, and if anyone asks...you ain’t seen me...right?!)
  12. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Questions for the seniors

  13. WhatAboutTheFinish

    Best British TV comedies of all time

    Feel compelled to stand up for Ronnie Corbett, an absolute legend. His monologue always the highlight of the Two Ronnies and a dream in the combination. For every dig at Sorry I’m happy to raise a Clarence although things shouldn’t descend into a competition between what must have been the greatest comedy double act of all time. (I really love The Two Ronnies!!)
  14. WhatAboutTheFinish

    U.S. Politics

    Got a feeling that anyone using the market fall as a stick to try and beat Trump with are barking up the completely wrong tree. The Dow is still 20% higher than when he took over just over a year ago and fell on news that unemployment was unexpectedly down! I'm sure that's the type of bad news that any politician would want to be talking about...