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  1. Green - Paid fare, left tip, gave driver blowjob. Amber - Paid fare, complained that Uber was cheaper, no tip Red - Spewed on the seat, did a runner ?
  2. None of us know the full details of his conviction but people seem to be very quick to downplay it. Let’s remember that he wasn’t convicted of theft or burglary, but robbery. By legal definition that involves the use of (or threat of) force or violence against another person and carries a maximum of a life sentence. It is not back pocketing a pack of Love Hearts from the corner shop!
  3. The article says he served 2 months, that isn’t the same as being sentenced to 2 months. He also doesn’t mention if he served any time on remand before his conviction. You are right that the home office are not going to respond with details of his case...but there is nothing stopping Mr Davis being more forthcoming with the details of his conviction.
  4. The latest forecasts from, proffers of doom, the IMF, have UK economic growth outperforming Japan, Germany, France and the Eurozone as whole, over the next two years. The only major developed nations we are lagging behind are Canada and the US. I guess we can all use that in the overriding narrative of this thread as we see fit.
  5. Here's a piece of trivia I'd love to know...who was the last player to play top flight football (or for the Villa) whilst being on YTS? Pretty sure half the kids today couldn't even imagine playing for 20 odd quid a week and then having to clean the rest of the teams boots afterwards! Any suggestions? (Somewhere in the back of my head I want to say that I remember Steve Froggatt being on YTS when he made his debut, but I couldn't really be sure of that!)
  6. Sitting back and enjoying some of the usual clam, reasoned and rational comments I guess?
  7. In her defence, I've been watching for over five minutes and that m**********r still hasn't finished using the self service checkout!
  8. Hause busy working on his ball skills and playing it out from the back...
  9. Well it is like taking a photograph of Villa park on a match day and then claiming that the picture shows which team the majority of football fans support.
  10. So just to clarify, you spent this Sunday pulling your own pork?
  11. Worse how? Seriously, think about this a sec, what could he possibly being doing worse than the current option?
  12. One of my favourite lines from comedian Steve Hughes: 'People say "Don't give the homeless money. They are only going to spend it on drink and drugs". Well yeah, what the f*** did you think I was going to spend it on.'
  13. Seeing as it’s Christmas! “That’s why the work that Billy and I do, is so important”
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