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  1. Of course there is precedent for refusing to wear other symbols that the PL deem to be worthy causes though.
  2. Dublin, Benteke, Carew and then play hoofball 2.0
  3. Nice little tee-up there in preparation for his next crowd fleecing campaign. He must be running low on baseball bats!
  4. I knew the song...and I couldn't have named the artist in a million years, so your theory could be sound. It is also one of the songs where nobody really know the words, so singing it in the car consists of "uh uuh uh uuuuh uh uh uh, uh huh uh uuuuuh uh uh uh, uh uh uuh uh uh in the arms of Mary"
  5. I've always read your name as in the car manufacturer and assumed you were some sort of enthusiast!
  6. Wouldn't make the team at any other Premier League club, which I think says it all.
  7. Couple this with people who ring their bell expecting to you to move is a complete trigger for me. If you choose to ride on the pavement and I happen to be walking in front of you and I don't hear you coming, a simple "excuse me" or a "could I get past please"...I can roll with. But just ring your bell at me then don't be surprised if one day I snap, boot you off your bike and shove your bell where the sun don't shine!
  8. Exactly! You should be able to produce the effect with a large enough (scientific) set up however. Even though the earth is traveling in one direction, it is travelling faster at the equator than at the poles. The way I was taught was to imagine that if you were stood at the North Pole and me at the South facing each other with a stick on the equator. If we both could throw a ball straight at the stick (theoretically obvs), because the earth is traveling faster at the equator, by the time the ball got there we would both miss, your ball curving to the right hand side as you look at it, me on my left...hence the start of the respective clockwise (you) anticlockwise (me) movements.
  9. This just highlights the absurdity of it all. You think that the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype hasn’t been around for 100+ years? You think women haven’t been dehumanised (I’ll be checking your pornhub history to check ) You think women haven’t been treated as inferior in every way to men, bought, sold and treated as property? So why is it on a different level again? History has been pretty shit to most people for most of the time. We shouldn’t be trying to give one group the monopoly on historical suffering.
  10. You may have reached the correct conclusion regarding plug holes in the house, but the science behind your reasoning is more than questionable. Coriolis would be spinning (clockwise) in his grave just reading it!
  11. I think Aston Villa “Football” Club, definitely works!
  12. Thanks. The first post is interesting, although I hope they flesh out what they are going to replace the police department with before they dismantle it! It would be nice to see some ideas framed in a positive way instead of basing everything on revenge and destruction. No doubt this will put me in the VT pariah group but I don’t really like the second story so much! The AG shouldn’t be basing his charges on people protesting but on the law and the evidence in front of him, imo of course.
  13. So whilst we are all arguing about things that happened 100s of years ago. Have any of these protester put forward any concrete policy ideas that can be implemented in the here and now to improve lives? All I've heard is vague statements about 'justice' and 'ending racism'. If the best solutions on offer to these issues are mob rule and tearing down statues, stop the world... I wanna get off!
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