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  1. In all fairness to the Germans I think they are just getting on with the things. When VW announced last week 7000 job losses and that they were shifting significant production volumes to China and the US, I don’t think Brexit was mentioned as a factor by management, media outlets...or this forum.
  2. I love how the ref gobs on the floor before bringing out the red card. Gangster!
  3. Two through the card Super Heinz placed for me today on this annual festival of spunking money up the wall just to enter the spirit of it all. One straight win, one each way. Win. 1:30 Al Dancer, 2:10 Hardline, 2:50 Mister Whittaker, 3:30 Apples Jade, 4:10 Benie Des Dieux, 4:50 A Plus Tard, 5:30 OK Corral E/W 1:30 Fakir D'Oudairies, 2:10 Ornua, 2:50 Magic of Light, 3:30 Verdana Blue, 4:10 Limini, 4:50 Highway One O One, 5:30 Atlanta Ablaze
  4. Of course Hourihane might have his hands up but we can't see them 'cause he's gone missing again.
  5. Trying to explain to a non native English speaker why you can’t call somebody ‘coloured’ but can refer to ‘people of colour’ does make you feel like you are in a bad sitcom.
  6. I had the misfortune to watch the Melbourne derby on the weekend and see De Laet in action. Absolute garbage! No wonder he’s not had a recall. It was like he was auditioning for that ‘walking football’ they used to mention in the Barclays adverts aimed at pensioners.
  7. So the plan is; Take what already is quite a complicated game. Make it more complicated. Hope that makes it more popular.
  8. I think that working off estimates is fine so long as you appear to have some logic behind it and have had a good stab at cost price averaging your holding. If memory serves me right I think there may be a box that you tick on the return form to show it isn't 100% accurate.
  9. I can understand the argument but am not wholly convinced. As an example, if I had started to watch Sco v Ire yesterday at around the 15 minute mark and seen the score 3-12 (2T), any assumptions I may draw about the balance of play so far would have probably been pretty wide of the mark. Even if it was the case, how big is the coming in late market that TV graphics have to be designed with them in mind?
  10. Not sure why this upsets as much as it does but I have a real hatred of the little tags they put now put over the top of rugby scores on TV to tell you how many tries have been scored by a team. I mean who are they for? People who can't count to 4? People who aren't really watching? People who suffer short term memory loss? Or is it some device to try to engage the "Me watch rugby. Me want number 4. Me know 4 good" audience?
  11. I wouldn't so he's famous but it's Ryan Giggs' brother. The same brother whose wife had an affair with Ryan.
  12. The remain camp encapsulated right there...I’ll try to make my analogies more one sided in future!
  13. In 1980 we go in to business. You own a 30% stake. We make £20 profit so your share is £6.50 By 2014 the business has expanded. But now you only own 15% of the business. We make £80, your share is £12. Good news story, you get more than you used to and have demonstrated yourself to be a good businessman!
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