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  1. Hang on a sec, are we talking about tea or xhamster here?!
  2. I’ve never really thought about it before looking at this map...but I guess the Midwest is really more of a Mideast!
  3. I’m purely speculating but I would guess there was a time when all the Hamptons were just called Hampton. Then the differentiator was added later. ’”Which Hampton are you talking about?” ”The Hampton up north” “Oh yeah North-Hampton” ...type thing.
  4. I’m sorry, there are a probably a million reasons to get behind the cause but pretending that it isn’t politics is not one of them. People should accept that it is hugely political and back it anyway. Sure we hope that the topic is above party politics, but to say that human rights and racial equality is beyond the scope of politics is potentially dangerous, grossly inaccurate and is a huge disservice to some of the greatest politicians and statesmen that the world has ever known.
  5. Well rumour has it that Jimmy Anderson is facing a 3 game ban after it has emerged that he wilfully squashed several money spiders AND incinerated a fly with his magnifying glass back in 1986. Statement with full apology due shortly!
  6. Is 'tutting' in disappointment/frustration/anger peculiar to English speakers or does everybody do it?
  7. You got the job! For the next GE I see the slogan "Vermin ****, Vote for us this time" being a winner.
  8. Have you considered getting a job as a strategist for the Labour Party? Sounds like you'd fit right in.
  9. Today's bet: 1:20 - Metier, Blue Lord 1:55 - Franco de Port, Captain Guinness 2:30 - Happygolucky, Alnadam 3:05 - Silver Streak, James du Berlais 3:40 - Dame de Compaigne, Roksana Full cover Each Way Canadian - 464 bets @ 5p (the big man's in town!)
  10. Phew, a letter to dump the husband, a letter to the father, a letter to plead to protect husband and now a letter that got Piers fired. Basildon Bond sponsorship incoming.
  11. You may think that I'm being obtuse and you probably think that I've got a wooden head. But I was at home a few weeks ago and this movie came on, it was called Pinocchio. Now I wouldn't usually watch something like that but I was on my own so I thought, hey why not? And in the movie there was a boy who had a wooden head...and in the end....he turned into a real human!
  12. Fortunately we can all empathise now with what it's like to be a royal princess...a bit like being in lockdown.
  13. So she said she wasn't bothered but then went on to explain about that it did bother her? Different for him from who? Who is the other royal who has "stepped back" from royal duties, decided to move abroad and still receive security? From Harry "there's an unwritten contract between the press and the royal family that if you wine and dine them you get more favourable coverage". Obviously entirely different from "how about we give you a show you can charge CBS 7mil for and we get 2 hours of self promotion" right? We can agree on that! However I think you are taking this whole spectacle a little more seriously than me. Personally, I particularly enjoyed the moment that Harry almost goes full Kevin the teenager when it was explained to him his status had been downgraded... "I NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN!"
  14. I want my son to have as normal childhood as possible. Of course in order for that to happen I need him to be called prince and have a 24hr global security detail paid for by the taxpayer. I also hate publicity and the media so I'm going to move the epicentre of global celebrity, get Elton John on my new podcast and give an interview to the most famous woman in America.
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