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World Cup : Group D (Arg, Ice, Cro, Nga)


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16/06 @ 14:00 - Argentina v Iceland
16/06 @ 20:00 - Croatia v Nigeria
21/06 @ 19:00 - Argentina v Croatia
22/06 @ 16:00 - Nigeria v Iceland
26/06 @ 19:00 - Iceland v Croatia
26/06 @ 19:00 - Nigeria v Argentina

Winner faces runner up from group C (France, Australia, Peru, Denmark)
Runner up faces winner from group C

All times in BST

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Shock of the group stage for me, Croatia and NIgeria to progress. Messi cant carry Argentina all the time

Would like Iceland to advace will be my neutral team but cant see it

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Argentina will get through but this is a tough group as the three opposition are all different e.g. Iceland will park the bus and their long throws will unsettle the short Argie back line, Croatia midfielders are on same technical level as Argentina and Nigeria have lots of pace on counter attack.

Don't think Argentina will come close to 9 points, Croatia could well beat them and finish top.

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Argentina manager Sampaoli accused of sexually assaulting a female cook at the hotel they were staying at in Buenos Aires before heading over to Russia.

Argentinian FA are denying it happened and at the same time there are reports of them trying to bribe the woman to not press charges or speak to the press.

Interesting build up for the WC.


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This is nearest to Messi in Stoke you're ever going to get....

Argentina defence is pretty small, they've left their tallest CB Fazio on the bench. Playing a winger Salvio at RB and he's 5ft 7 in.

Iceland won't get much of the ball but they didn't v England or Portugal and still scored off throw ins off against those two.

Of the others I think Peru-Denmark has potential to be really good game. Think Peru have been underrated coming into this tournament, they've had excellent results in the last year.

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